I recalled that we were like a week and a bit away from the Christmas holidays. Most of the time I do not buy anyone anything for Christmas. I see it as a way for big businesses trying to get as much money out of customers as possible. Just to find out that what you buy for someone is broken in a matter of weeks or does not even last a year. Items are not made to last, so why spend money on poorly made merchandise. This year was different, there was a little one. And that small pea size heart of my melted for Rabecca. Here I am walking in the mall with Benjamin looking at everything, trying to find a good reason to buy it.
It is funny now, but Benjamin said I was way too critical on items that I was judging. Other the price tag was too high for a useless piece of crap. Or I did not think Rabbeca would get any good use out of the item. Somethings she already had or was getting, it was by far the worst experience I had. I looked at the clothing and knew that Rabbeca had way too much in that department. Then I remembered Janet mentioning how Peter and Crystal should start up an RSP for Rabbeca.
Finally, I found something I could give her. Something that would benefit her greatly. It would not be thrown into the landfill. So that is what Benjamin and I were going to do, give money to be put towards Rabbeca’s future.
We told Brianne what we planned on doing, and she added cash to the pot that was started. By the time Christmas morning would get here, Rabecca would have 500 dollars to go towards her future. All thanks to Brianne’s household and myself.

Planning for the big day! Every year I would stay at my place alone, having a microwavable meal. While families and friends got together on this holiday. I would think about how things were when I was a child. The traditions that would be celebrated. After eating, I would go back to my work or reading a book.
This year, Christmas morning, I was going to be with Peter and the family, in the afternoon, I was going over to Benjamin’s to meet his children. We had brunch and sang songs and just enjoyed our time together. Albert and Janet even told stories of the good old days.
Benjamin and I gave our present before we headed over to his and Brianne’s place.
When Crystal and Peter received the money from us, they were speechless. I kind of expected that! That is when Peters grandfather told me I should do fundraisers, I have a talent for gathering money for a good cause. Everyone laughed except me, I tried hard not to smile, but I was shaking my head no! Not a chance, fundraising meant I would have to talk to people. Which meant I would have to be nice … I know me being nice, a foreign concept to my mind. To add to things, I can only repeat myself so many times. I do not care if it is a different person each time, I just can not bring myself to do the same thing over again. Though, on the other side, if I did fundraising, I would probably do an outstanding job of it!

I have to rewind a bit to the last day of school before the Christmas holidays. This year it was Benjamin’s turn to have the children for the first week of the school holidays. He was at the children’s school before dismissal, just to make sure nothing would happen. He was not going to allow his ex-wife to ruin anything for him. He brought his lawyer friend with him as back up. And Brianne was there ready to call the cops if a scene was about to happen. For the first time, he wanted me to meet his children. I have to say, I was not on board with this idea. Actually, I thought it was a bad idea! His time should have been with his family. Well as Vera put it, I became part of the family the day I told Sally off. So, of course, I excepted the invitation.

The story goes like this as I was told, the ex-wife did come fully loaded. She had no intent on letting Benjamin take the children for the holiday. She had the van packed and everything ready to go. His ex-wife had four plane tickets, one for each of the children, herself and the new boyfriend. She had planned on skipping out of the country and going to Florida.
Funny thing is, that is where her new boyfriend is from, fancy that. The court order was placed in her face, she ripped it up and said she did not have to follow it. Brianne called the cops as her nephew and niece got into her car. By this time, the principal had gotten involved in the children’s welfare. As you can imagine, both the kids were upset when they are watching their mother call their father and aunt every name under the universe.
Before the officers arrived, Brianne said she was going to take the children out for a treat. The children did not need to see what is going on, it was best to avoid such drama. So the cops arrive, and the lawyer is explaining everything to the police. He pointed out to the police the date in which Benjamin was to have the children. And then he pointed out that she was not allowed to take the children out of Ontario without notifying Benjamin in writing, the date of departure and time of arrival.
BAM! She was in trouble, she did not follow that part other. So the officer asked to see the plane tickets. There was a date of departure but for one reason or another, no return date. She claimed she was going to pay for the tickets there … Benjamin and his lawyer did not buy it, and from the sounds of it, nor did the officers. She did have a court order with her, but it was the old one that stated that she had full custody of the children. The new one said it was joint custody with rules that needed to be followed.
In the end, everything worked out for Benjamin. There was a lot that happened, the ex-wife is in a lot of trouble with the law, and there will most likely be more court dates in the future. The only thing that matters as of now is the children are happy and get to see their father.

Let us jump to Christmas day! I said my goodbye to Peter, the family and some of their friends that had dropped by. Benjamin and I were off to his place. It was now time for me to visit Benjamin and the family plus many several friends. People would drop in, stay for a coffee, chit chat and on their way. Some of the guests that showed up stayed for dinner as well. And then there was me, I was introduced to the children as a friend of the family, as I had requested. Maddie and Drew were so sweet! Maddie gave me a hug rate away. Drew looked me over several times and said ‘I like you, you can be my dad’s girlfriend!’
Yep, there is no way at all Drew is not related to Brianne, not one bit at all. If my memory is correct, I do believe I said that out loud too, even I had to laugh along with everyone else.

There were several times I had to step outside. It was not for the fact I loved the cold and snow. I needed a breather, it was very much overwhelming for me to be in the house. It was like when I was a child all over again. And it reminded me of my mom and how she went all out on the whole holiday.
Christmas was her favourite, she loves the fresh white snow, she loved the songs. The house would smell sweet, and there would be treats for the little ones. Us kids would be running around the house pumped up with sugar. There were times we were sent outside to blow off some energy. My mom just brought everyone together, this was the only time all of us would get along. It was sad; actually, my uncles and aunts all lived in the same location, yet this was the only time they would visit. Even though mom took the time to visit them throughout the year.
Christmas … it is the hardest time of the year for me to get through. It does not matter how long she has been gone, it still bothers me. At one point in time, Vera came outside to see if I was doing all right. I had started a small fire, yes; I know it is winter time, I am trying to be a real Canadian.
I told her it was hard for me to be around a lot of people in a small location. Going from nothing in energy to the extream … it is a lot to take in. She asked me if it was okay for her to be at the fire with me. I was like, “sure this will only toughen up our skin for the real winter that is to come.” Vera told me a bit about her family and what their traditions were for the holiday season.
It was very similar to what was going on here. As the children and herself got older, there was more travelling. They saved the family gathering for the summertime when it was hot and able to do more. Even after her, Grandma died five years ago, they still have the meeting in the summertime. So that her Grandma is involved in the fun, they go and visit her grave. They will have a picnic there and talk about the good old days. After that, they will all drive to the beach and spend the remainder of the time there. Going to the beach was Grandma’s favourite thing to do during the summer. Some of the relatives would stop by the grave one more time before they head out and go home, promising to see her again next year with more funny stories and jokes for her.

I do not know how long we had been outside, I knew one thing though, my feet were starting to freeze. We both headed back indoors as the last little bit of the wood burning. Taking off our stuff, I sat next to the fire to warm up my feet.
The meal was finally ready, everyone was getting food while I sat on the floor. Brianne yelled at me to get something to eat before all the good stuff was gone. I told her I would wait until the line up was down to only a few people. Over everyone talking Brianne was like, do you like this and that, to me. I was like yes please, and no thank you. With a smile, Brianne had a plate of food for me. It was like going to the buffet, the dish was filled and starting to go up into a pile. And I did not know if I was going to be able to eat all of this food, but I was going to try.

The children were in bed by the time the last person went home. Maddie

was in the enclosed porch area, and Drew had Benjamin’s bed. Everyone was getting ready, even Benjamin and I were. We were just going to place blankets down on the living room floor and camp out there. Out of nowhere, Maddie and Drew came running into the living room like there was something after them. Maddie was saying there is something scary looking through the window at them and it was calling my name. Benjamin and Brianne calmed down the children as I went to see what had upset the children. Long behold, the children did indeed see something, the protector! That is what scared the children. I nodded my head to let the entity know that I know I acknowledge their presence. Then I went back to the children. By this time Brianne had convinced the children, they were not going to burn in hell.
Pretty much-counteracting everything that their mother had told them to scare them of their aunt and father. The children’s mother said to them that seeing things and doing things is magic, and you will burn in hell for it. Of all the times I have seen people try to get under Brianne’s skin and egging her on, it never worked. She was level-headed cool and calm in all situations. Her tone of voice my said she was calm and serene. The energy that was flaring off of her, not one bit at all. There is only one way to describe the type of power that was flying off of this woman. Make a vast bonfire, tall and wide! Now place Brianne in the middle of this bonfire, that was what I was seeing. I do not blame her one bit at all. The ex-wife is something that no one should have to deal with.

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