The first snowfall had hit on November 8th. This usually is when I would get myself ready to hibernate for the cold weather. That was not about to happen this season. The animals needed to still be cared for, and this was paying for a good portion of my rent. Since the other bills have barely gone up, there was just food; frankly, I did not eat a lot, and they hated to throughout good food, so I ate the leftovers. When there was something that was needed, I just handed over my bank card and said ‘here go get what you need.’ If there was a great deal on a product like cleaning products, toilet paper so on and so forth. I assisted in adding to the stockpile. For the most part, no one knew I was around, I kept to myself.

This first snowfall will be rememberable, little Rabecca made her entrance at 7:08 in the morning November 13th, which by the way was a Friday. I am telling you this baby is going to rock the world when she is older! Sadly, since the day Rabecca was brought home, she cried, now two weeks old and she still cries all the time. She screamed in the morning, evening and night! I now know why I did not have children, this would be it. No one seemed to be able to get her to be comfortable.
Crystal told us today that Rabbeca is a colicky baby. At least, that is what the doctor said at the checkup. That makes sense now why she is always crying … now what to do to get her to stop was the question. Crystal went through the list of things the doctor suggested, from rock and roll her to reducing outside stimulation.
One night I could hear Rabbeca crying again, I went inside the house and up to her room. There was Crystal sobbing trying to get her daughter to calm down. I told Crystal to let me hold Rabecca while she took a breather. I may not have children, but I know when a friend needs a break. And Crystal needed a break. I held Rabecca in my arms, and she stopped crying. I was patting her back, and 1, 2, 3 little burps came out of her mouth. It smelled like rotten eggs!

I sat on the rocking chair that was in the living room while Crystal finished up making a bottle for the baby. By this time it was so late that I told Crystal to go get a couple of hours of sleep, I will feed Rabecca. I made myself comfortable and did everything that was needed. Feed the baby, burp the baby, cuddle the baby, the baby falls asleep right!

Not what happened. Fed the baby, the baby cried and cried, finally burped, puked on me, cried more, burped the baby, baby puked on me again, burped the baby, she eventually fell asleep in my arms.

I did not move out of that chair. The chair and I had a pack, as long as Rabbeca did not cry, I was not going to budge. Even if my bladder was floating in my throat … I was moving for nothing. I started to doze off when I heard a whisper in my ear ‘put Rabbeca to bed; she will be perfectly fine.’ It was the spirit of the lady I saw when I first was introduced to this place. I was like I can not move, my ass is numb!

That is right, my butt fell asleep too, and I was scared what little I had would fall off with the flow of blood returning to the butt cheek muscles.

I heard footsteps slowly coming down the starts, Peter was waking up for Rabbeca’s morning feeding. He was shocked that Rabbeca did not cry earlier to wake him up. Not knowing what was going on, he was in panic mode. Can not blame him for that first reaction.

Considering all Rabbeca has done for two weeks is cry! I told him what I did, and he was grateful for it. I asked him if it was possible if it could be the brand of formula that is making her sick?

Peter explained that it was the brand that was well known and recommended to them. I told him that I think the formula based milk that might be the cause of their problems and may want to consult a professional. The recommendation came from friends of friends and other parents of their church. That did not make them doctors, just experienced parents.

When Peter took baby Rabecca, I slowly got up from the rocking chair to my delight my butt did not fall off my body. And man did I have to go pee so bloody badly.

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