“A penny for a thought a quarter for a call.”

It is a saying that was told to me many times as I was growing up. In my early twenties, a friend of mine told me how she would find random pennies around her place. At first, she thought nothing of it. Until she started to find them on the rug just after she finished vacuuming, or in the washroom counter, where she knew for sure she would not drop off any change. Being myself, I mentioned something on the lines of “maybe it is your Gran asking you what is on your mind?”

This event had been pushed back into my memory bank and forgotten.

It was about five years ago, a different friend of mine was having a bad year. It seemed like every two or three months; she would lose great grandparents, a great aunt or Uncle. Her favourite great-grandmother died at the age of 96. And even though she knew in her heart that she was going to die it still hurt a great deal. My friend told me that she was in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies. She was thinking of her great-grandmother and a few seconds later she heard a noise behind her. Once you turned there was nothing she continue to bake the cookies. When she was making the gingerbread cookies she heard what sounded like money falling on the floor. Of course she goes to look around to find where the sound was coming from. Frustrated and starting to believe she was losing her mind she went back to baking. Besides the the bowl of dough was a penny she was convinced that it was her grandmother speaking to her.

I was asked if anything like this happened. In a joking manner I said “my family line is born poor and dies poor, we have no money to waste and throw around!” This conversation was once again placed in my memory bank and never brought it up again.

Just the other day, I was thinking about those that had losed and my family during this lifetime. I have this old wind-up clock that was my grandmother’s. I know it was made in Canada I just do not know the time.. I’m guessing 1950s! Every so often the clock will start ticking I do not want it up I just look at it every day to remember.
My boy caught my attention and I had to stop what I was doing. I knew that someone was around in my house but my son comes first. He insisted that he was to have a bath so it took me away from the task at hand. After his bath I want to finish writing up “Canadian hauntings – Halifax” but before I could do this I wanted a coffee. My clock was ticking and there were three pennies one for each person I lost that is always in my thoughts. My grandpa wobble Grandma McMillan Pauline MacMillan who is my mom.

It is funny how one event can bring back memories that were thought to be lost. Have you or any one you know of had money show up in random spots? If so I would love to hear your story!

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