It is the most wonderful time of the year … Oh yeh! HALLOWEEN is just around the corner. The week before Halloween, there is a gathering at Brianne’s place. Well, in advance, Benjamin gave me the rundown of what will happen. There will be those that I have been introduced to in the past and a few new faces added to the crowd. This was as he put it an annual event that was always held at there place.

This being their 7th anniversary of holding a Halloween haunted barn, was the highlight of the year. Not only was I looking forward to this, everyone that had in the past started the count down the days until we get to put on our masks! It is a time when old friends get together along with new individuals and celebrate. Feeling kind of out of place, everyone was doing this and that, chit chatting about the year before. It was obvious, who was used to these surroundings and not!
Why was I there? Well, I have always loved Halloween, the next thing Benjamin just wanted someone there that he could have a conversation with for once. His job was simple, anything over five foot five he was to deal with! My job was to make sure he did everything Brianne said! Poor Benjamin, he was always stuck with females, never a male insight. Then again, the other man probably thought ahead finding a way out of their wife’s grasps!

A few individuals there had been interested in me and how I became to be there. I found a few to be interesting as well. There was this one lady that was a Reiki master. She described her work. Basically, it is using energy to heal the body, mind, and soul. By tapping into the universe, to help her with her life work. Everyone else was the general Wiccan, Christian or Medium. This was in my book, an interesting group. I was booting it around, just having fun, bringing Brianne’s idea to life. We were laughing and just joking around, just having a lot of fun.

Than stuck up, Sally got involved with the discussion that was going on nearby me. To explain the distaste I have for her, I have to go to our first meeting, which for me is unpleasant. She has identified herself as a Christian witch, good for her, I do not care! I found her to be very close-minded. She may state that she is open to other ideas, but if it is of an uncommon belief, she closes down.

When she is asked a question like what is the definition of good and evil and why. She becomes very irate. I point out that her reasoning for why is her own opinion, criteria, and are not placed for others. Laws that are placed out for the citizens are a guideline of expectations. It is the individual that dictate what is good and bad for them. It is by standards like Sally’s that place their objection on others when it is not required nor desired!

Needless to say, I had fun messing around with Sally. It had been a while since I had someone so angry at me. When Sally pointed out I was making her mad, I informed her only dogs go mad, humans get angry! She then pointed out that I am a cynical, angry, spiteful individual. All three, I did not dispute. I can display an ugly side of myself, no different than anyone else. Some show this more than others. This obviously did not help Sally’s disposition towards me. She also condemned how I took away subtitles and generalizing everything. Sally did not understand how I could see things the way I do.

For example, as always I do not see angels or demons, they are the same. It is the individual that I judge not the group. It is no different than humans … you take away clothing, colour, everything that defines us into groups we are all the same. Sally so desperately wanted to put me into a category so her mind could comprehend who and what I am, can you guess where she placed me … oh yeah I am on the naughty list! Because my mind frame is unique and does not follow a regiment of her understanding, I am bad. Shhhh … do not let my mother know!

To add to my enjoyment, Sally would make a statement, I would ask why? The more times this happened, Sally grew frustrated. Frankly, there are not enough humans, in this world asking why!

Let us jump back to the now …

With Sally being a long time childhood friend of Brianne’s, I guess many did not speak their minds on the topic of Sally and her perceived rudeness. They just tolerated Sally’s presence in wordlessly. I suppose in a sense, I understand why they did not want to often Brianne. Brianne was the main reason that everyone gathered together, and she was the host. Annndddd then you have me!

I am not scared to voice my opinion or ask questions. If I think you are a crackpot, I will call you that. We all have opinions, so if you believe me to be the crackpot, that is fine as well. What I do not tolerate is someone attacking me or someone else. I will fight back! And this is what Sally was doing at this gathering. Not only was Sally being disrespectful of how I view things she was being disrespectful to others and the host.

Sally was conversing back and forth with two individuals. Here is Sally telling these two people how they are wrong. Do you foresee a problem? I do! In a location, that is diverse! Telling people they are wrong and your right! You can not tell someone how to clean their house because that is the way you do it. You can not tell someone how to spend their money because that is how you do it. There is no right way nor a wrong way to do something. It is a personal choice on what to believe and act. I think the thing that shocked me the most is that the two individuals said nothing and just let Sally belittle them in front of everyone. No one said a word nor did anything to stop her.

Now it could be that everyone had their conversation going on and did not overhear nor see what Sally was doing, but I did! I was not going to be like everyone else and stand there while these two individuals were being cut down into small pieces. I joined that little group, piping up, I asked Sally why did they have to give thanks to god? What made it so wrong that they, could not give thanks to their gods and goddess for the fruitful year they had? She did not answer me, so I asked her if someone came into her home and told her she was not cleaning her place right and said to her that she was wrong, how would she feel?

Sally had spouted words, that comes out of the hole in her face, that she would not converse with evil. I got in her face, and I downsize her to the size of an ant. I chastised her the same as she had done to the two individuals and probably many others. I pointed out that she was disrespectful, bigot, and verbally abusive individual that needed to be re-schooled. Perhaps a new makeover of her whole persona was required. I could not believe it when Sally asked me what does my church do for the people?

At this point I clued in she was trying to be smart, not going to happen. I was like, nothing! I, on the other hand, walk down the street. A beggar will ask if I have any change so he can buy something to eat. I then turn to the individual and say I will buy you a meal. After that, I ask if they would like a haircut and a possible job. If that individual replies yes, I pay for the haircut and tell them to look for my friend Peter. He is a priest and helps the public find possible employment. So what have you done for humanity lately?

This time it was not I, who left the location, but it was her who stomped off the property. I found my original spot beside Benjamin. Vera strolled over to me, told me it was about time someone put Sally in her place, yet no one there wanted to upset Brianne, with their dislike for Sally. No one would have come if it was not for Brianne and Benjamin’s hospitality.

Sally always ruined the parties, and no one could understand why Sally was always invited. For an answer, I brought my attention to Benjamin, waiting for an answer. Even he could not give an explanation except he has told Brianne many times not to invite her, yet Sally will show up without an invite. Brianne has on many occasions told Sally, that she has been rude and offended others, nothing is ever done about it.
Laughing while I asked my next question, I wanted to know if that was why I was invited to attend the Halloween preparation gathering? Benjamin and Vera, at the same time, said that was most likely the reason. I was like “yessssss … I am good for something besides being dead weight.’”

Many more individuals came to assist in the decorations for the Halloween haunted barn. I had the chance to meet everyone before the gathering was done and learn how they practice their art of magic. I found each brush stroke to be intriguing; this was a network of individuals that have taken the foundations of something that was passed down from one generation to another. They learned from their elders, listened to others like themselves. Found out what they liked and did not like and formulated what works for them. When I was asked what I did for rituals, the majority of them were shocked to find out I do not practice any type of ritual. That is when someone suggested that I research Chaos magic. What I understand about Chaos magic, is it is all natural and raw energy that you use to bind to your will. This form of magick is very new in style, and not many are familiar with it, nor have they heard of this type of magick, at least this is what I was told.

The next day, after all, was said and done, Brianne had to deal for the second time again with Sally and my mess. Brianne told me she was not pleased with my behaviour and the scene I caused. I did not apologize for what I said to Sally. I explained my points. I did understand that Sally and she are longtime friends, so is everyone else. I will not stand there and watch someone, in my opinion, be disrespectful to anyone on the streets or in a home. Yes, this was Brianne’s place, not my house but nor should anyone have to stand in a spot while another person is belittling someone else. In my opinion, just looking pretty and doing nothing was just as wrong as Sally attacking two of Brianne’s other friends. We were all Brianne’s guest, and we all should have shown nothing but respect for her choice of friends, Sally should have behaved in the same accordance. Brianne took that as my apology. The next time, if there was a next time, I witness Sally in action disrespecting one of Brianne’s friends, I was to go to her, and she would deal with Sally.

On that note, Sally was the next person for Brianne to deal with over the phone. Sally threatens their friendship. Oh, how hard it was not to say anything while I sat in the same room as Brianne, while she had her conversation. Brianne having her phone on speakerphone meant I could hear the whole discussion. I managed to sit there biting my tongue, literally chomping down on my tongue. At one time, Sally tried to correct Brianne on how she was doing things. I am not sure how Brianne managed to hold everything together, but she did. Calmly Brianne pointed out that everything that Sally knows is what she taught her. The only thing that Sally did was in cooperated the bible into her practices. Then Sally started to mock one by one, all of Brianne’s friends, co-workers and family.
Ouch right! Usually, someone would attack back, not Brianne. Brianne calmly told Sally that she was not going to tolerate her temperament, and when Sally was willing to show kindness and respect for everyone to give Brianne a call. Brianne got off the phone and after I was like ‘what the …’
Rate there Brianne stopped me! Maybe it is just me, and no one puts up with that kind of behaviour, except for Brianne of course. She once again defended Sally, and I was utterly blown away, and I honestly did not understand why! I received an unwelcoming education, the History of Sally’s past.

Sally had a rough childhood that continued into adulthood. She was the only child for her father and the youngest of three for her mother. As a child, Sally’s father walked out. Her mother was very abusive, not only towards Sally and her two brothers but her father. Her father tried to go for full custody of her and the two boys, but the judge denied the father. By the time Sally was fifteen, her father had killed himself. By the time Sally was sixteen, she had left her mothers attacks, to move in with a guy that was just as bad as her mother. During the time Sally was attending high school, Sally had few friends and those who were her friends, she clings on to like crazy glue. Just graduating high school, Sally had her first child at the age of eighteen, and her next three children were born before Sally was twenty-five. When she was twenty-seven, her husband got into a car accident and died at the scene. Shortly after that, Sally had her fifth child, her only son.

Just when she thought that things were going to get better, she found out that she had a brain tumour. After dealing with that, her only son took to drinking and crime. Just like his father, her son became violent when he had been drinking. From the time he was ten, he was in and out of juvenile detention. Last time she spent time with him, she sent him to jail for assaulting her. Five years ago, the last thing that she heard of him, he was in prison again, after beating up his wife and shaking his son. Her daughters have little contact with their mother. Pretty much the whole family has nothing to do with Sally because of her toxic behaviour.

I get it, that is a lot to deal with; still, it does not excuse her behaviour towards others. Being abused, then the health issues that has to suck! That has nothing to do with respect for others. If anything, I would think that you would have more respect for others and be inspired to have more self-confidence and respect for yourself. Brianne did reluctantly agree with me, and she has been trying to help Sally for many years, nothing seems to change. Then I asked Brianne how long Sally has been like this?

After she dealt with cancer, things seemed to be getting better. Just in the last couple of years has Sally been getting out of hand. Sally’s religion is her passion, so there were times that she got out of hand, but she was always willing to apologize for getting out of hand. She wholeheartedly believes that it was her beliefs that saved her and helped her to get through all the rough times in life. Once again, I understand that it gave her the strength to move forward. It is how she is treating others that are the problem. Brianne did add in that when her business started to gain popularity, Sally became more of an activist for her belief. When Brianne had others over, Sally would point out what she would have done. Doing this would bother Brianne’s other friends. It was not the fact she pointed out how she would do things, the tone and actions would get to them, Sally would change things as she would be speaking. Things only gradually got worse with Sally’s behaviour. If she had come back the next day and saw that things were not her way, she would throw a temper tantrum, saying derogatory comments and making Brianne and others feel guilty.

I was going out on a limb, call it my hunch, I was starting to believe that Sally was jealous of Brianne’s friends. Brianne herself saw this, and it took a bit to see what was going on. Brianne just did not want to see what Sally was doing, and now is having a hard time cutting the ties with Sally. Sally seems to always sneak up into the picture unannounced, even after months of not talking. Acting as if nothing had happened! It took about a year for Brianne to put the dots together, as Brianne put things … Sally’s jealousy, Toxic relationship or also known as a possessive personality disorder. After Brianne had come back to Canada, Sally had a big-time support system. She had someone that was not going to hurt her but help her get over life hurdles. For a while, Sally did not have to share anyone with her. In Sally’s mind, Brianne was something she did not have to share. She had become dependant on their relationship and everything that Brianne had given to Sally. As Brianne’s social circle continued to grow, Sally was getting a smaller chunk each time someone joined the group. One aspect of Sally’s temperament, she found sharing Brianne’s time hard to handle. Sally would have challenged everyone that associates with Brianne. It was not proven, and Sally still denies it, she might even have sabotage an event on purpose. Sally went as far as to try to isolate every situation as possible, which only happened twice. That is when Benjamin stepped in and started to point out everything that Sally had been doing, not only to Brianne but everyone that associated with her. After several times Brianne had mentioned this behaviour to Sally, she becomes agitated and very defensive, this would be due to her low self-esteem and insecurity. When it comes to the group that Brianne associates with, the only thing that makes her different is her belief. She does not have a gift like the others. Sally wants to stand out from the rest, and take center stage. She practices the art in the name of her god but is not as unique in her mind like the rest of Brianne’s friends. Regardless of rationalizing the whole situation, this still does not excuse her behaviour. I told Brianne that she needs to cut all ties with Sally completely. With this Brianne did agree, without a restraining order, she had no idea of how to cut ties with her. I told her she has a phone, give me a call. I am by far the sharpest tool in the shed, but even a hammer is useful! Not only am I outspoken, but she also leaves when I got in her face and told her the way it is. I do not mind being an unpaid bodyguard! Brianne did laugh at the last part of what I had to say. In all honesty, I would not have to say a word, Sally already views me negatively. Just being around her is enough to case her to do one of two things, leave the area because she is unable to deal with the stress of rejection. Alternatively, she will lash out at me, causing harm, which means a restraining order that can be obtained.

Anyway, the situation is being handled. Brianne sat in the chair for a moment longer and asked me if I wanted to help with the last finishing touches to the Hallowe’en decoration. I was up and ready to go! Halloween has always been and always will be my favourite time of the year. Not only is there the decorating, but once a year we get to dress up as anything we want. The only time an adult came legally get away with dressing up and jumping out of their routine without being judged. What made this more exciting for me was the fact that I have not had the chance to decorate since my living situation did not allow it. So this year I get to go all out and have a blast!

The stage is set, and everything is ready to go! The small little-haunted house is prepared to go. Or I should say barn! It took two weeks to get everything prepared for this day, but it is finally done, and everything is looking great. We peeled the grapes to make slimy eyeballs. The waiting pool was filled with water for the bobbing of apples also the path that all participants would walk is ready to go, and each of us had our costumes for the role we would be playing.

I was the scarecrow placed at the exit of the haunted barn. My target was not the wee ones but the adults. I did not have the heart to make the little ones pee themselves. Now scaring an adult and making them pee themselves, that was my goal.

Everyone in the area knew of this small event. This was once again the 7th year in a row for Brianne and Benjamin holding this for the community. However, this year was different. For the very very young kiddos, they advertised to the surrounding families that they would open their doors to the infants and toddlers so they would have the chance to partake in the walk and games. It would be open from 10 am to 3 pm, all were invited to come to join in on the fun. Along with letting the families know, Brianne posted on her media sites of the activities going on.

First, before writing the article, I asked Brianne if I could write a piece on what she does for the community. I had one thumb up from her. Next, I needed to bring this by Thorissa. Yes, Thorissa may focus a lot on the environment. However, there is more to life than just only focusing on the environment. It is what the people do in the community for others. The environment is very much relevant, so are the people as well. So once in a while when something like this happens, it is great to tell the stories that make the majority of the people smile. Thorissa did not think about it long. She was on board for my idea. As she puts it … “a filler from time to time would not hurt.” So that is what my project was this time, a filler.

I did a small write up of the history and everything that was going on. Sending out an invite to all of Thorissas followers. It was read by enough people, that the outcome had been doubled versus the year last. There was close to fifty little ones that had a blast. The parents had so much fun with their children. They had asked Brianne if she would be doing this again next year. Though I told Brianne that the reason the children had a blast was that she gave the kiddos a bag of goodies. If someone gave me a bag of goodies, I would jump around too! That night, the turn out for visitors was good, not as many children, a wee bit less, in the end, it still was a great day. I had taken a lot more pictures during the day than I had done that night. With the permission of the individuals first, so that Brianne might add them to her social media sites. Of course, I made plans on adding one to my soon to be article. The picture of everyone that decorated and dressed up for the event was, in my view, the best way to tell this story.

It might not have meant anything to some of the readers, but I thought it was a fantastic way to get everyone together and enjoy our time for a moment or two. When the blog site says the world we live in, I believe this is just one piece of the whole. A small humble farm opened its barn doors to the young and old this Halloween! With traditional games to the walk of fright! No one was disappointed at this event! Even a stray black cat joined us to see what the fuss was about!

A three-year-old told me that this was her best day ever. I had asked her why she replied to me because she got a bag of candy after the walk of fright. A mother told me that this was a great event. Her children are on the young side. Also, one of her children is scared of the dark. Having this during the day was great for both of her children. With both of them getting to collect candy during the day, this was great for safety reasons as well. I had asked her if she planned on taking the children out later on tonight to join the older children? She told me that her oldest would go out, but only around the block.

Not everyone was thrilled. A four-year-old had informed me that the walk of fright was not scary! I asked him what would make this more spooky for him? That is when he told me in a sombre tone, “his mother, when she is mad at him!” I then asked him what the next scariest thing is to him? Having to wake up and go to work is what he exclaimed to me. I have to say, trying to scare him is not going to be an easy task that is for sure. I am up for the challenge, though!

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