It has been reported that Climate Extinction Rebellion is planning to block important traffic locations across Canada to protest climate change.
I could be wrong; I do believe that other countries are doing the same. It was Monday, October 7th, morning protest on Walterdale Bridge, Edmonton, that caught my attention. To this point, there are no arrests, just a lot of irate individuals. Reading a lot of the comments from the article, I am kind of have conflicting emotions. I do not agree with the method in which they executed the protest though I do agree that they have the right to protest.

The main point of the protest was well done. The extinction activists wanted to be noticed and that they have achieved. Did the activists accomplish to get their message out properly? Just because you are forced to stop, does not mean they are receiving the message. Anger and disconnection are the only thing that were secured!
Too many times, the little people are the ones that create change. The government is governed by the rich that have funded them. If something does not fit into the rich individual/ corporation agenda, the government will only place an issue on the back burner.

I would also like to bring to light a “what if” scenario!
If I had been one of the people on the bridge that was not able to move, I would have had a panic attack. A panic attack mimics a heart attack. My attacks are triggers, I can not be late for anything, I can not be in a location with a large amount of people, and I can not be in an enclosed situation. I had to learn these triggers after having a heart attack, which I thought was just a nasty panic attack that had sent me to the hospital.
If I had been on that bridge, no ambulance could have gotten to my aid.
I am by far from the only one that has a medical issue. What if someone had an asthma attack, which required medical care. Someone going to the hospital because of their actions that is the worst thing you want to be attached to your protest. Even worse is if someone had died!
These protesters need to think a lot harder before doing a demonstration like this. This time nothing happened, next time could be different.
I would also like to add to the safety of the protesters. A male was shot in the head for giving another driver the finger. The shooting happened in broad daylight with plenty of witnesses. You get in the way of anyone like this type of personality; they do not care if they go to jail. What they do care about is that they have been disrespected.

I give them kudos for what they are doing, though! More and more individuals are starting to wake up now, thanks to their efforts.

Some of the comments I had read:
“I’m done helping others. I wouldn’t have stopped short.”
“Let’s block a bridge and have hundreds of cars idle while we hold them up … Great idea.”
“You can not hold someone from going through, I would just keep driving and they better hope they get out of my way.”
“The irony in this is mind boggling … lets block a major roadway filled with traffic in the name of climate activism … end result … cars idling unnecessarily and subsequently adding to the air pollution in a specific area! Brilliant (emoji thumb down)”
“Their protests are in vain though. Nothing we can do will stop the natural process the earth is going through and has gone through thousands of times. Yes … we have accelerated it 50yrs, maybe 100yrs, but it is inevitable. I just wish people would wake up and look at the real science behind what’s happening to this planet”
“”Public nuisance! Tell them to protest on the sidewalk, if they continue to blockade traffic, arrest them!”
“I wonder if they realize asphalt has petroleum in it? Do you think they know the bikes, they ride have petroleum in the tires? I hope they straighten up and do no stand in front of cars. It is dangerous.”
“Take it out on the public, that should get the support they need.”
“Blok a road, to convince politicians, to change climate policy> All this does is piss off folk who have zero control over it. Why wouldn’t you make this blockade in front of parliament building prevent them from getting in. or at the end of politicians driveways. I just fail to see how this will have any effect whatsoever on politicians climate policies. Also, if you care about the climate go save the ocean. Its dying, And no, not from co2.”
“What is the message they are trying to get across?”

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