Walking around, I had seen Zeragill from a distance, in random buildings, that I had been in. What I had not done though, was wandering around, among the entities homeland, to observe the culture, traditions and general their everyday life. It might be possible that my dislike for the few, due to past experience, has impacted my opinions on the whole as a group.

My expectations were not high, I actually was looking for more validation to back up my opinions and beliefs of the Zeragillain’s. There was no validation to back up everything! If anything it kind of gave more light to how rebirth is dealt with.

Many different groups of children played games, no different than here. Soccer, baseball, hockey you know games like that! They were going to be the next generation, to be superstars. What I was seeing was the next generation in the making. A group of older males sat around talking politics, children of all ages and gender, listened. The conversation was intense, at one point, a child asked a question. One adult was like, “you need to listen to what is being taught to you.” While another adult was all too willing to answer the curiosity of the child.

The location that I was at was pleasant for the most part, it just lacked plant life. The surface had large flat slabs of rock, in the center of this area a water fountain is where a lot of the ladies gathered. A plain style kind of water fountain, the water shot up from the middle. I would say this is something you would view where a pond would be. Around the water fountain, the woman were laughing, just enjoying their time together. In all honesty, this scene made me smile. If I had to picture a country setting and how the people of that location would behave, this is what I would envision. It appeared as if everyone was living in harmonious existence. Okay, country setting on Earth would be dirt roads, pavement, and sidewalks! While here at Zeragill, slabs of rocks here and there, buildings same idea.

Colour was not a thing, pretty much it was shaded only! The style of clothing was very everyday, very generic! Though at least some had pale blue, brown, green and yellow! Small children had what I would say a long T-shirt with a belt around their waste. Everyone else had a T-shirt and pants like I said very dull and generic. Before anyone had noticed that I did not belong here, I continued on my quest to the center of Zeragill.

I came to this point where I looked way up, there were about a hundred stairs. One by one, I climbed the stairs, this was an amazing exercise, at least at the beginning.

Halfway up, that is when I wished this was an elevator. Similar to the location I had departed, slabs of rock everywhere. This section had miles and miles of open space. A wall ran forever to my left, door opening, ran forever to my right. Walking through the doorway, this section ran maybe thirty feet! So I guess I would have to call this now a tunnel. This time I could see doors, several doors to my left, right, and in front of me. I gathered this would have been living quarters for the general individuals. It kind of reminded me of long rows of townhouses.

I could have gone left or right. Instead, I went straight! It was a repeat, same style!

There was no creativity in this design, no warmth nor love! This screamed at me no individuality! At some point, this section ended, having two choices, right or go back! I went right! The thing I found interesting about all of this, there was no one around!

I finished with this stretch of walking finally another tunnel for me to walk through. A large open space filled with nothing! It seemed to me that there were six different ways that I could choose to get out of this location, not including the opening that I was at.

Inny Minny Miny Moe, I went for entrance two from my right! For a short bit, I dragged my feet past entrance one, got to the preference of choice, right I went. Once again, back to the continuous wall and doors. Walking straight for a bit turned left, walked even more. Made a few more lefts … I am sure somewhere in all this walking there was a right!

Finally, after a lot of walking … I had three choices left, right or go backward. I know what is backward… since I seemed to favour left a lot, I went left! With a left and another one, I was given a choice again to other go left, right or back. Left was getting me nowhere, so I try a right! That right turn ended up with one more left corner, and finally, I was out of that one section.

If I ever felt like a rat trapped in a maze, that was what I just went through. Knowing from studying this Zeragill from a long distance, I realized it was huge. If I had to compare this to any place from Earth, Australia would be a great comparison. What was I thinking again when I decided to venture to this place from the outer skirts. Myobservation would have been better if I went from the center of Zeragill and travel out.

What have I accomplished, a lot of walking, that is what I have done! Here I am! AAA AGAIN! Left, right or stairs that go up! That maze I used my mind to make the choices, this time I am going to go by my gut or intuition! I want to get to the center of this place … Looking straight, that is the direction I have to go, OH GOODY! Could you believe this … a repeat of what I just went through! The only difference this time, I could see what the maze looked like from somewhat of a bird’s eye view. From what I could see, it was a lot bigger then what I pictured in my mind. Still puzzling, I do not see anyone wondering around!

Thinking while I was walking, I came up with three reasons to why I am not seeing any Zeragillains wondering around …

One, someone reported me!

Two, something terrible is going to happen, what I do not know!

Three, it is everyone’s bedtime!

I was hoping for number three, but every time I seem to hope, I am always wrong. I was going to make an educated guess at this point, this section that I am in, it will be the same as the one maze I just finished. Choices, choices, choices! I had to decide the sameroute, or change things up! Getting to the center was the top priority, at the same time, my boredom alarm was going off, and it was not stopping! My gut told me, the same route as before! My eyes started to tear up! This felt like being in school all over again. Day after day having to sit, listen, partake in discussions, home. Just to do it again the next day. The only plus side, I was able to move a lot faster! You remember that wide open space with six entrances if you did not, no worries, it was boring there, so keep on reading!

This time there was someone of authority searching the grounds. She and her group were not happy to see me wandering around! There was still a watch out for the Bayair! There was a “why are you not listening to the warning?” I told them that “I thought I forgot something at my place, by the time I came back the door was locked. I figured it would be safer for me to continue wandering aimlessly verses staying in one spot!” One of the group members was like “stupid humans!”

I followed two guards to the third entrance with three other guards behind me. Roughly there were seven lefts and rights altogether. At the end of this venture, I saw stairs leading downwards. Like a good girl that I am, I followed the lady down the stairs. She wrapped on the door, mentioning to the person on the other side that “a cattle was walking around!” I am going to take a lucky guess, the one cattle was to be me! I had to remind myself over and over again to bite my tongue! I was here to observe, gather information, not to start a fight! I did not say a word as I entered this new location.

There were mothers, fathers and blah blah blah, in this section! Thankfully there was no one here that recognized me.

Though, there were many thousands of individuals just in this one location! The strongest emotion that I picked up on was fear, it stood out above all other feelings. Weaving here and there, I was searching for a way out of this compact, elbow to elbow, infernal hell hole! I had to change my plan of action, at each entryway, there was authority blocking my way out of here. There were too many people for these guards to watch just me!

Finding the closest corner, sitting there, I kept an eye on my surroundings! Great! No one was suspicious of little old me! For tonight, my observation would have to come to an end. Patiently I waited until it felt like the guard was not looking my way. Closing my eyes, envisioned the balls of energy that living humans make not too far from Zeragill, puff and I was there.

Among the many energy balls, I was frantically hunting for the Bayair’s. Everywhere I looked they were all around, why were they not attacking? In my mind, I hear a little voice saying ‘safety first, adventure later!’ With my encounters with the Bayair’s, if they are not attacking, they are plotting! It was of my opinion that this was a plot type manoeuvre! My gut told me to get the hell out of here, my mind wanted to know what the Bayair’s were up to! ‘Safety first,’ that is the most and top priority for me! So I sat there, just looking around, for anything and everything that seemed to be out of the norm! You know that book ‘Find Waldo?’ I was not looking for Waldo, but you get the drift at what I was doing! Shivers ran down my spine as it felt like many different entities staring me down. Do you know how it feels, when it feels like someone is watching you through the window, yet you do not see anyone there?

I could feel them, sense them, but I only had an inkling of their location. A spark of warning lit in my belly, anyone would be a fool not to be cautious when it comes to confronting these mules! I should have put one and one together, long before now!

Thread-like energy had been shimmering above, below, all over this location. Remember, my eyes are not like everyone else, I see energy like you see that chocolate bar, in the line-up, at the grocery store. I should have noticed that the string had a beginning and an end. Above, below all around Zeragill, strands were going to the location. It was like the Bayairs were spinning a web, what I was curious about was why?

It was very fast, torpedo fast, I observed the mules darting back and forth along the threads! The picture of the attack was starting to form in my mind, this is something that they had been planning for some time. The big question was, did the Zeragillian’s have any insight of this plan or not? And what about the Akkadian’s, did they have any idea of what is going on? The next question is to find out or not?

Trying to hide in the darkness, just like a reptile changing its colour to match its surroundings, I wanted to blend in! The first thing that I noticed about the Akkadian location, they had the same issues as the Zeragillian’s, strands of energy all aroundthem. The next thing that caught my eye was the fact there was a large sum of energy surrounding the edge of the location that I could see. There was movement, but it was not from the Bayair, I could only assume that it was an Akkadian authority. I do not know why, but I felt compelled to give them the heads up, bring to their attention the strands of string that was leading to their homeland. I had no obligation to do so, I could just pop out of here, go back to my body, no one would know that I was here. A spark of me wanted to prove to the individual that was way to vocal earlier, he was wrong about me. That he knew nothing about me and his observation had been compromised by his past encounters with humanoids. But that was not the reason why I wanted to warn them of my sightings! If there was any group that could do anything about the Bayair’s, I knew it was going to be the Akkadian’s. They just needed help, they would not get it from the Zeragillain’s nor by the Fastriel’s. They would have to go hunting and digging to get the assistance they require. At the same time, they will have to plead their case. That in itself was going to be the hardest of it all.

It only took me moving my body for my location to be jeopardized! The Bayairs caught sight of me at the same time as the authorities that was standing watch at the doorway to Akkadian. I made sure that my hands were in front of my body so that the authorities could see that I had no weapon. I was told at one point to stop moving, did not listen, just kept on walking! I pointed to a strand of energy that was dangling just above their heads and at their feet. I told them that they were going to be attacked, they needed to bubble up.

Puff! I brought myself to the source of energy that I saw beforehand. She was just like me, a big ball of energy, I am going to suspect that the other source of energy is just like her. Informing her of my sightings, she needed to bubble up! Not tomorrow, not in a couple of minutes, like this time last year!

Even if she wanted to, she was not allowed to do anything without the order to do so! This I found very frustrating, she knew there was a problem, knowing what is coming, yet she did nothing about it. Everything in my body ached, they were going to hit, and when they do, it was going to be fast and nasty! She brought me to a location that was a bit more private. She informed me “that she knew that I was not from this location, it was in my best interest to get out before anyone found out of my activity.” I told her that “I had just one more stop to make, and I would be getting out of this location fast, just like a torpedo!” She gave me her last warning, which I took to heart, “that what I was doing was highly dangerous.” Of course, I agreed and said, “everything I am thinking and feeling is highly stupid. But then when did humanoids actually do anything with common sense?”

It was the commander that I was hunting for! From the last meeting, I still had his energy signature in my mind. I was hoping that he would pick up on my unannounced nor unschedules presents. He did not get the little heads up that I was coming, probably because he was already in a conversation with a guard. On the plus side, he was not shocked to see me other. The news of an alien body in the area had gotten to the commander’s attention. I heard the guard said, “General Xisnos, do you want me to get rid of this irritant?” The first thing that came out of General Xisnos’s mouth was something along the lines of “what an undesirable surprise, why are you here?”

As fast as I could, I gave General Xisnos the rundown of everything I saw outside. I told him that I believe that the Bayair’s are going to follow the strands of string, they will move fast like a torpedo, one after another they will attack. I think that they will start off with the individuals that have outstanding energy. With their means of protection down, they will continue to invade the space here.

General Xisnos pretty much told me that everything that I just told him, he already knew. I had wasted his time, which could have been spent on something more productive. I held down this abundance of energy, I did apologize for wasting his time. Just before I left, I added in one more timbit of information that I did not think he had. “When the Bayairs attack, they will start at this point. I motioned my arm to the two o’clock position. From there, they will systematically attack each section one on each side. So that means at the same time, they will attack one and three o’clock, and they will continue until the protection system has been knocked down. Once that is done, they will attack from above, below and from all sides.” I told him, “the Akkadian’s are strong, and well formulated!

Long-term overview of the whole situation, without an alliance, they will not win the war. Winning battles here and there is going to be meaningless in the end. The Bayair’s are testing everyone, they are formulating a plan to win the last and final battle.” I actually had Genera Xisnos’s attention now. I told him, “he needs to find the fallen, I knew, and I think he knew, the outcome was not looking favourable for anyone.”

This is all I had to say, now I had to get out of this location. I was not even out of the area, and I could hear the whispers that I was a spy, I was not to be trusted, I am the enemy! The rage inside of me build up, I pushed it down with logic and reasoning. ‘They do not know me nor who I am.’

To my disapproval, that time was coming, sooner then I had wanted! You remember my position being noticed outside of Akkadian, I was recognized, and I was reported to the queen.

It happened so fast, I did not have the chance to react, hell even the Akkadian’s had no idea. The queen had dropped in. Just like I have done so many times, bounce in and out of different locations. Thankfully the place that I had been at was not too far from the main entrance to the Akkadains. The traffic here was low, and there was not much on the line of objects. Still did not help me get back to my body. There was not much of a choice here, I had to confront her once again, trust me there was no enthusiasm here at all. All I could think of is ‘F***! Now, what do I do? If I use my energy to repel her, will

I have control enough not to hurt anyone but her? Scratch that idea, I am not willing to find out! I could run for my life! She is super fast, she would catch up to me with a snap of a finger. I could bounce out of here to my body! Nah, can not do that, she might have my energy signature, she will just do what I do, bounce to my location. This was not the time nor place to play the game ‘who is the strongest?’

I had just enough information on her to know what she is capable of doing, I had to play the card that she had little to no information on me. The next thing I was hoping she would pick up on was how shifty my eyes were. I needed her to think that I would make a different move of action and not think of what I actually was doing. I am above average on protection.

She has at this point no one to back her up, as far as I am concerned, she made this move with little thought at all. This is a move that she did not plan. Bonus for me, not a smart move on her behalf! She picks up energy, just like her pets, which means they have in their nose the smell of Akkadia, not me! So what am I going to do?

A new soul would find it difficult to split the thoughts of their mind and have them working at the same time, I am far from a new soul, though! One side of my mind will be protecting the Akkadians, while the other is defending my essence from this crazy she-devil! How will I do this under the queen’s nose, I have to keep her busy, she needs to attack me over and over again. I just have to make sure I do not get hurt. The first attack she made on me, I went flying backwards, close to falling on my rump. It was only one attack, and she picked up just one of my lives. I knew that she had psychometry, in return, she found out that I was one of the Fallen. I congratulated her on her findings, but that is just one life I had lived.

She seemed so excited, like a child drooling at the window of a candy store. What she was not prepared for were my abilities to protect myself. Tia Chi is not only relaxing, but it is also a form of fighting, I used those skill to my advantage. Over and over, she came after me, and I just protected myself. The more I showed my abilities, the more she got excited, this alone was creeping the hell out of me. When the troops finally arrived, I made the biggest mistake, I diverted my attention to them.

Lesson one, look with your ears, not your eyes.

Lesson two, the queen’s nails are like a porcupine quill, it can be thrown and puncture my skin.

I was on the ground and holding my left shoulder, the pain that was shooting through my arm and neck was incredibly painful.

Bellowing “attack,” the queen, was anticipating her back up. I felt like I was holding my breath, I had never attempted anything like this before, in this lifetime. Was the idea I had going to work, I was about to find out! The queen scanned her surroundings, no one was coming! She pointed at me and screamed and hissed, saying she would have me one way or another. Screeching like a banshee she lounged for me “FALLEN ONE!” With a lot of colourful words, I defined myself again, with assistance I have to add. Like a black mamba, she slithered away. I am going to make the assumption, she bounced back to her location. Blood was trickling down from my nose, I could also taste it at the back of my throat.

The pain running up and down my left side was making it incredibly hard to focus. So at this point, the chain of events may be slightly off. I was told not to pull out the nail from my spiritual body, I told General Xisnos “I could not die here, the only way that could happen is if my physical body shut down.” General Xisnos said, “there are consequents for your actions!” I pointed to my ticket out of this place. I told General Xisnos the white mist will stay here for a week, give and take! I was just about to bounce out when he said two words “fallen one!” I looked at General Xisnos “find the other Fallen and plead your case! We will fight, we will not allow the Bayair’s nor the Zeragillian’s to win any more grounds then they have.” General Xisnos was like, “what makes the fallen so much better than an Akkadian ?” I laughed and said, “with little practice or discipline … you and the Akkadians had a bubble of protection, by yours truly! At the same time, able to swat off the black widow! Now answer that question yourself?”

What was my punishment for that night actions … my left arm is in a sling … I have eaten half a bottle of ibuprofen, or at least that is what it feels like I have done. My clothing, I have to wash out the dried up blood, which is also in my hair. I can also still taste blood in my mouth. Why did I do, what I did? I will never know!

With my arm in a sling, morning chores were a wee bit difficult, yet was completed. After that I made a call to Brianne, this is where technology is a blessing, I did not show up unannounced! Telling Brianne everything that had happened, she went to find a healing crystal for my personal use. It was like we bother were on the same wavelength, the first thought was to get a hold of Julian to confirm what I had seen. I know, the shoulder should be more than enough, yet validation is something that we seem to all want. It gives the feeling of ‘Ah I knew it!’ type of attitude.

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