Writing small articles for Thorissa helped preoccupy my mind as well. The agreement was the basic, I do the write-up, my name was not placed on the article, she took credit for the work. The information that I find would be credible and, Thorissa had the right to rephrase my job if she wanted to. All work was based on contract work only, meaning I got only paid per article that I wrote. The work was to be given to Thorissa each Friday, and she would post it. As a bonus, if she got X amount in likes, she would give me extra cash. I told her that I would just be happy with free coffee while I was working in her coffee shop!

The first article that I worked on was the land that the government was buying to expand the Canadian Military. With the research that I did on this topic, I found out a few things that I already knew and some new things!

The first thing that people need to understand, you do not own land. You are renting it from the government. That computer you bought, you own that, you do not pay any more taxes after the original purchase. If you ever move off the plot of land, you can take the house, you own the house. But you can not take the plot of land with you. You do not own the property, the government does.

The fifth amendment states ‘Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.’

‘Eminent domain’ allows the government to take private land, for public purposes, only if the government provides fair compensation to the property owner. This is known as condemnation, this I knew about! While this may seem unfair to landowners, there is legislation that does protect the landowner. Ontario Expropriations Act (S.O. 1968-69 c.36)

This information I had learned! You may be a landlord of the plot of land, but if there is any mineral value in the ground below your home and around, you do not have any rights to the minerals. Many do not know this either! To have ownership of the minerals on your land, you have to get a document that is called mineral and mining rights! If you are going to go for that, you should also go for the surface of the land as well. This will cover oil to clay and plus some. On the other side of the coin, you would not have to worry much about this if you live in a populated location. The mineral and mining rights would be best for farmers, especially if you have many hectares of land.

After researching the laws, I got a hold of Harold. As I had suggested, he pleaded for the public support. His story was being heard all over. The information that I had found out, he also had known, except for the mineral and mining rights. I told him what I was planning, and he was thankfully for any help that I could give him. And as promised I handed in my information to Thorissa on Friday as scheduled.

I told Harold’s story to Thorissa, and she then sent it to the readers. It had received at last count of 352 views. This is Harold’s story …

Harold O’Hara, like many other had known about the government’s plans of expanding the military base. For some, like Mr. O’Hara, this brought on concerns when the information was released to the public. July 2009, one by one farmers were receiving a letter of notification of the exploration. It had outlined all the steps that were being taken by the government in the process. And if you wanted to challenge the exploration, this was your rights. The letter listed off the rights of the landowner. Mr. O’Hara has decided to challenge the exploration.

Mr. O’Hara told me that ten of his neighbours upon receiving this letter felt hopeless and ecided to take the compensation offer. Mr. O’Hara did admit that his farm may be small, but it holds a lot of memories. Memories that he is unwilling to place a price on.

When his family came to Canada, they dreamed of a better life for the next generation. Mr. O’Hara has held on to this dream as well. As Mr. O’Hara had put it ‘pavement cannot feed the hungry’ take away the farmland and people will start to go hungry.

Mr. O’Hara firmly believes that the government does not need all the land that they have claimed they needed. He wanted to know why the government required so much land? How was this going to benefit the public? Mr. O’Hara declared to me that he was never going to stop fighting for the property that has been in his family name for so many years.

As a bonus piece for Thorissa, I did a quick little write up of all the information I had come across. It did not get as many views, and that I had figured. The point is that the information was given, that is what mattered to me. Thorissa’s oldest son took great interest in wanting to do more to protect farmland for the future. I told him of all the places to go to gather information. Past that, he would have to follow the advice of his mother on what to do next.

First was of Thorissa, what she had asked me to do. It started off with one article about the government buying up farmland. That was not an issue, she was straightforward, I knew what was going on! That article was done close to a month ago. Thorissa situation has once again changed. She now wants more articles to be done by me. Problem? Not really, what Thorissa is asking takes very little time! To be honest, there is more time spent on researching then typing up the article.

What I saw though was a bigger problem. It really did not affect me a great deal, it did have a significant impact on Thorissa! Everyone has a rough patch in their life, it just depends on the length of time to get over the issue. Thorissa is going through a difficult time in her life. This will not be a clean cut but something that Thorissa can deal with, time is the only thing that she needs.

First off, Thorissa is thinking about the quality of work that she has produced in the past when it comes to her blogging. Thorissa wants that to remain untarnished. With the response that she received from my article, she knows that her work will not degrade. Her image will be preserved!

The next thing Thorissa has on her mind is her coffee shop … this is where she is going to have to bite the bullet and give some of the workloads to someone else. I know that Thorissa is a workaholic, just like many others. There is a time in some individuals lives that they have to slow things down. Yet once again, Thorissa is worried about her livelihood, she wants a guarantee that her reputation for being the best will not degrade!

Needless to say, her plate is full of figuring things out and taking care of her family!

The next thing that entered my thought process was my living situation! I have been at the hobby farm since the middle of summer, now we are at the beginning of the fall season. At this point, there are no concerns that need to be addressed. What I have contributed to this living arrangement has been welcomed, if anything I have been told that I have done more then enough. Yet in the back of my head, I still wonder how long will this last.

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