Victoria, British Columbia

In the city of Victoria, British Columbia, Doris and Victor Gravelin were known for their fighting. Doris and Victor had been separated for a little over two years at the time of Doris’s disappearance.
Before she had left, she told friends that she was going to go for a walk along Oak Bay Beach. What she did not mention was the fact that she was going to meet up with her a strange husband.
When she did not show up for her shift at the hospital, coworkers reported her missing. On September 25 1939, the 30-year-old nurse was viciously strangled, buried in a sand trap, waiting for her body to be found by the authorities.
Victor was the prime suspect from the beginning of the investigation. It was reported that he was a heavy drinker with the possibility of mental illness. As the police were building a case against Victor, he drowned himself in the bay.

It has been reported that Doris wonders the location where she was killed. Mainly she is spotted on what is now the Victoria golf course in Oak Bay. This is why she was named The Golf Course Ghost. It is told that she is wearing a white dress, many believe it to be her wedding dress. Possibly a reminder of the happiest point of her life. Mainly it is couples that see her, moving with her arms out, with a great deal of sadness on her face. As quickly as she is spotted, she disappears out of sight.

Could she be running to the couples for help? Maybe this is a way of warning the pair of terrable things that happened? Or could she be alerting them of the hazards of an unsatisfactory marriage? Tell me what your thoughts are!

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