Waking up to an article of different clothing on and the location was completely different from what I passed out to!
The bed that I was in was oh so comfortable, like a cloud type of soft. The clothing was actually comfortable as well. Standard issued clothing that I saw many of the Akkadian’s in. This room was just like the office, there is no other thing that I could think of to give a name to the place I had been at. There was a mist everywhere. No walls, windows just cloud. I flowed the root that was under my feet. How was it there, do not know, I only see the energy. Like a blind mouse, I followed it. A few times it would branch off into a different direction, I chose to follow the main stem. Finally, after wandering around, I met up with someone, I am going to assume that he was a doctor, nurse, someone that works with healing! He told me to follow him, the commander wanted to see me when I woke up!
While we were strolling along, he asked me if I was feeling better? This is what I call, small talk! He did not want to really know how I was feeling. Observation told him that I was doing fine, I was on my feet roaming around. Someone that is ill would be in bed gathering back their strength. Did not mean that I had to be rude, small chit chat was fine. Telling him I was a lot better, I was wondering how long I had been sleeping here? That is when he said to me that I had been unresponsive for a while. The blood loose required a change of clothing. When I leave here, I will be given my clothing back. Having foreign clothing was not permitted, then again, a foreigner has not come to this location since the great war.

‘Great war! Why do we label wars as great? What is so great about war?’ I pondered on this for a bit, then I asked my guide, “what makes a war great?” He told me, “there is nothing great about wars. They take lives, destroy structures and create a generation of soldiers.” I could have been wrong, but he might have thought me a simpleton. Asking such a question as I did. I was just leading up to a point, yes, the slow way!
Yet I find it peculiar that you would say ‘since the great war’. Though when I ask what is great about war, you talk to me as if I were a child. Why?” Stopping in his tracks, he looked down at me, “you are a child! It is the name that was given by many to a war that lasted for a century-long, which made it the great war.”
“I would not have called it the great war, I would say it should be renamed the century-long war. I do not think that the war is over, history has taught me, things repeat, and no one learns from the mistakes of our ancestors! The mess that is here effects us humans as our destruction effects you as well. If things do not change, it does not matter who you are, living or non-living. It appears to me we are heading to our own hand made destruction!”
“Tell that to them” … he pointed toward the direction that I was to go. Before I started to go the way I was shown, my guide told me that “I was not what he had thought. That I was different from what he had been told about humans.” He apologized if he had offended me! I told him, “that no harm was done. As a child, I am only curious!”

Since there were no doors for me to knock on, you know a way to let my presence be known, I just kept walking until I saw the rock table. It had no occupants just me, myself and I. I wondered about the mist around me. How was it formed? When I closed my eyes, I could see everything in solid form. Sand like material, stone, and crystals. A highly advanced system was build here. My mind was blown away! This makes the Matrix look like child’s play. This was a complete balance, they worked as one, just like the other entities, but … a lot more efficiently! There were tunnels all over, vertically, horizontal coming and going from one structure to many more. This makes the 401 seem like a country road. There was so much going on, my mind could not keep up with everything that was moving. Thinking out loud, I wondered how many accidents happen with this much traffic.
“Only if you are a child, would there be accidents, that is if the caretaker has not done their job right.” The commander came in the area and dropped a stack of papers on the table. He told me he was glad that I was finally doing well. He motioned me to the table and asked me to sit. Joining him at the table, I used my mind and levitated at a comfortable level. Chris cross apple sauce, I was now relaxed. I asked him, “what it was that he wanted to talk about?” I knew this was not a get together for tea.
I guess my actions had redefined everything. Now the focus is on me! Gine has made it very clear that I am to be the top priority. It was imperative that the Zeragills does not get control over me. Nodding my head, to say that I was following him and how dangerous the situation is. I kind of cut him off before he could say any more. I know this is one of my pet peeves, I just had a feeling he was the type that he does all the talking and you are to do as you are told. I wanted to know what measure was going to be taken to protect the innocent? He did not seem to think that there was any reason to take any action. Whereas I did! I pointed out that yes, I may be willful, scared out of my mind sometimes, but I know what is going on. The humans, on the other hand, are no different than I, but lack full understanding! Assistance is needed or at the most informed and educated on what is going on.
I was disappointed at his mannerism though at the same time I totally understood too. How things are run here is not the same as on Earth. He has order and structure, where Earth is full of indecisive, self-destruction and, as far as he was concerned breeding spoiled brats. He was not in the business of aiding those that show no respect or gratitude for what they have been given. As far as he was concerned we have dug our graves, we can die in them. For the few that have gone far, he will make room for their services to the whole. He has no time for those that want to work for themselves. Those that are here work together, there is a chain, and everyone does their part. From that he then wanted to know what my relationship was with Nana, she seemed to be overprotective of me.
I was waiting for him to add on, ‘I know the truth hurts but …’ The fact is he is true in many parts. I have felt the same, my faith in humanity … well, I chose not to be like the others. “For the few,” at least he is not painting all humans with the same brush. But I can not help but feel like this was his version of what he would say to a child. I believe that he is more ruthless then what he is displaying. I can say this, with certainty, I believe every word that came out of his mouth. “For my relationship with Nana, she seems to find me a lot. She asked me if I would help with the balance!” He was like “what balance her own or everyone’s?” I sat there for a bit, Jazzgoth’s words once again bouncing around in my head. “I do not know! I am still trying to figure Nana out. I know that everything that she has told me is the truth. Character-wise she seems pleasant enough, I am just wondering why she has this need to protect me?” The commander glared me down, there was a lot of angry painted across his face, the tone in his voice to back up his facial expression, “Word of advice … Do not trust Nana, she is only looking out for herself and what she thinks should go!”
Composing himself he changed the topic, he was like, “look I can see your concerns for the humans, and that is admirable! The thing is we are at war, there is no place for kind words and sugar coating things. We simply do not have enough bodies to do everything. As you already know, the Zeragills outnumber us, for every fifty of them, there is only one of us. The Bayair’s … well, their numbers are only an estimate, not facts. We are a strong and proud race. I know that up against these two enemies, we do not stand a chance. Even with your display, you have not even come close to touching them, not even a scratch. Ever time they attack, we have fatalities. This time though, we did not lose one body. That is something, leverage for us!” I saw it in his eyes, leverage plus me equals sale pitch. He was like, “for now on you will be watched at all times. You will remain in a safe location. As a human, I know that your job will take you out of protected grounds. There will be guards at all time, you will keep your energy low and undetected. You will live your human life as it is to be. This is Nana’s wishes and will be met! When death comes your way, you will then be safely escorted here. Your wishes will be met if the position is available if not accommodations will be made.” I nodded my head, not to say I was going to do as he told me. Nope, it was a nod to say I hear you, now this is what I am going to do.
I understand what Nana is going with her strategy! Keep the parasites away, ensure my safety from now and into death. If I were looking at this from their prosperity, I would say the same. Someone like me is not born every minute. Though there are others like myself, all they need is a knock on the door and a hello. “Find the fallen! You said there is fifty to your one. Tell me again how many had fallen? How many of them are like myself? You are trying to save yourself and your lifestyle, and that is admirable! But what goes on here also happens to humans. Some maybe spineless savages, not all! You need allies! I am getting a good taste of how the queen thinks, and the Zeragill’s I am all too well aware of how they work. I am telling you, there is no end to this war if you do not listen to me! With me, you can take her population down … maybe not in a century or two, but she will come back. You want to end this stupid war … find the Fallen that were the key to the change!” He was shaking

his head back and forth, muttering that ‘I was going to be difficult! That he did not have the time to babysit a human child!’ I willed his pill of paper to come to me.
“The more time that goes by, the stronger I get, the more I remember! Of all the entities I have crossed, they all lied to me! Giving me a sales pitch that left me wanting to rip their heads off. Not this time! If you would just listen to me, you have an army already on Earth, and many thousand generations have gone by. They had children and so on! The Bayair’s are already living and breathing on Earth. Unless you are willing to kill hybrid and humans, you need to find a way to stop them from progressing. I am offering you a way to get there. I just want one thing in return!”
He had placed his hands on his hip, waiting to hear my demand. To laugh or not to laugh, that is the question? I guess he was expecting something different then what I wanted. I wanted the vampire nut jobs off my back! They were not to get in contact with me at all. Unless there was an invitation. He was like “who?” And I was like “the Zeragill’s, they are the vampire nut jobs. They have the habit of sucking the life force out of everything so that they could grow.” I, at least, got him to smile and say “nice analogy!”
“As for some of the ‘suggestions’ I was willing to accept some of them! I will spend as much time underground that is kind of safe for me. There is no guarantee that I can be safe at all times. Keeping my energy level low while I am out in public, that should not be hard. And yes you are right, I am a difficult person. It is in my blood to be defiant.”
He gathered up his stack of paper and told me that he had other things to do, and I needed to go back to my body. They were about to take me to the hospital, which was not needed. The thought of going to the hospital and waking up to a needle in my arm did not seem to be a pleasant idea.
I just had one thing I wanted to do! I put my hands together! I thought of the file that the vampires were making about me. Opening my hands, I created a window, there was my file. Opening it, I took out all the pages. I asked the commander if he had something that I could write with. Which he did not! I asked him if he had a dagger or something sharp for me to use. He wanted to know why. I told him that if I let out what my plan was, he would spoil the fun. He was not about to give me anything sharp. Taking out the pages out of the file, the clip that was holding the pages together that was in my hand, stabbing my finger. Dripping the blood on the cover of the file, I focused on the words ‘wild animal has gone rogue’ once the blood dried, placed the empty file back where it was, then I closed the window that I made.
I did not think it was possible, I made the commander make the WTF look. “You can make openings on your own!” And I was like “and I can start fires too … point?” “You can create your own energy?” And I was like, “Point?” “How old are you?” I was like “Add up all the times I have lived, bloody old!” The commander was like “wild animal?” I was like “yep! It is hard to get good obedience now a day.” Handing the file to the commander, I told him to find the right place for them. Burn them for all I care, just make sure the vampires do not have them. He was like, “until later then!”

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