One of my memories

Everything was black; I had no idea if I was in a room or open space. The feeling of being stuck in a place with the good cop and bad cop was highly irritating. Listening to the stories from the Fastriel’s, I actually found to be very interesting.
Just the presence of the Zeragill, it had put me in an aggressive mood. When the Fastriel’s would start to speak, the Zeragill, rudely interrupted the stories. We have all come across that type of person that always start talking while someone else is talking. Totally cutting the other off, I can not stand this. At one point, I told the Zeragill to shut up, or I would give them a knuckle sandwich. It was like a child, purposefully poking, and if they were no reaction, they would keep on going until there was a reaction. I would say that 99 percent of the time, I was the one that would give a reaction to their behaviour. Even though I was told by the Fastriel’s on several occasions not to do anything. If it were not my words that came out of my mouth, the facial expressions did the talking for me.

While I was talking, Brianne had gotten me a bowl of chicken noodle soup. The setting of the second dream had hit my mind. The flat rock with the reflection on the bubble place.
At one point, I was sitting in the middle of the carved map. I was not doing much except letting my mind drift with the flow. I saw roots, one main tree and several billion or trillion other plant life had connected themselves to this main source. It was a functional system that was breathing and thinking. Passing messages back and forth from one location to several billion more. Some words had conversed, the main way of communication were pictures. I had tapped into something that has always been around since life began. Multiple different conversations were going on. Just like a dial on a radio, I turned it a bit, and I could hear what was going on. Stories of the past, stories of the now and possibilities for the future. Civilized debates were going on. No one was yelling, everyone had the chance to speak if they wanted to say something. There was no yelling, but there were a few that had anger in their voices and, the words they chose to say. At one point, it felt to me like I was eas dropping on their conversation and should jump out. Just when I was about to do so, I cross a path, let us call them sweet old ladies, just because I can!
They were chuckling about the good old days when everything was green and full of life. Everything was at a perfect balance. The rotation worked smoothly, and everyone and things had a place and purpose. They told stories about how the flowers were so bright and big. Dancing in the wind and multiplied by the dozens each year. Things would flourish, then die, just to rise again.
The Lady that I had seen before came through a door opening. “This place is a sacred location, no one comes here anymore.” What made this Lady question me more was that no door had been entered yet I was here. She wanted to know how I was able to do this? I smiled like a child would when they realize they are in trouble yet are a smart ass at the same time. “If no one comes here, then why are you here?” Standing up, I walked over to where she was standing.
Both of us started to stare at the bubble, as she continued to talk, “the word that is going around is that the queen has a door master, that is from Earth!” I started to laugh and said, “is that so!” She was like, “what are the chances that she would be telling the truth?” I was like, “tell me a story, and I will give you an answer!”

The Lady’s story
“There once was a tree that stood in the middle of the lush green forest. The children of the land would come to this tree. There this tree would tell the children stories of the days of the beginning. The children would laugh and sing, they were happy and enjoyed life. There was harmony between the children and us. Somehow dark cloud covered us all, the children of the land stopped coming to the tree, greed had been born. Worst of all, I lost our beloved child to the darkness. Over and over she would be reborn, just when we thought that she was back, she would die again! Where there was once harmony, respect and understanding! That had been replaced with war, fear and deception!”

I kept my word and gave her an answer to her question. “The queen does not have the door master, there is no door master on Earth. There is though very talented humans, they have been sleeping for a very long time. Avoiding this imminent war that is coming to Earth. Rate now there is only small battles that have erupted.” The Lady asked where would they be found? Smiling, I told her to tell me a story, and I will give her an answer!

The Lady’s story
“My lost child was blamed for the events that followed her death. Some called her selfish, others ignorant, some just hated her for her acts altogether. The fact of her death is that she had been wronged. No justice had been given, out of spite, she punished everyone. She had the gift to give, a heart of pure light. When she killed herself, she took everything that we all wanted … needed! In replacement, she filled everything with sorrow and hardship. Many learned to adjust to the changes, where others loathed and spit on the ground at the mentioning of her name. Time and time again, she would appear! When she was around, she brought hope and growth. No matter what it was that she did, those around her would prosper. This brought back the bitterness to those that held a grudge against her. And she did the same with equal bitterness and hatred. Those that hate her, they are called the Fallen, I would say that they are far from what they were. Scattered all around Earth.”
As promised I gave her what I felt to be the truth, “ On the outer edge of this universe, you will find the queen. You will find her minions scattered all over Earth, milky way and weaving in and out of planets and stars heading in the location of here.

She asked me if she told me another story, could I tell her more information that she needs to know? I laughed and said tell me a story!

The Lady’s story
“The last sitting of my lost child before all was lost and we had to relocate, she told her father not to destroy everything. Though she was very bitter, she still cared for the life that is around. Her father, on the other hand, found only contempt and dislike for the manners of beings and wanted to see everything destroyed. She told her father to give life one more chance. The next time hope was needed, she could be found. If by then nothing had changed, she would not stand in his way. She would allow him to wrap everything into darkness and let it go as cold as their hearts.”

I pointed to the bubble and willed the universe to be shown. I brought the Lady’s attention to the direction of the darkness that had little no material there. I told her to watch carefully. So she did! Her eyes had caught what mine had so many times. Zooming in to the location I showed her what I had seen in my dreams since I was a little girl. Frozen in rocks were Bayair entities sleeping until they met their destination, Earth! And just like the root system, the queen was able to communicate with them while they were sleeping. It is my belief this is her army that will attack everything and anything in its pathway.
The Lady then suggested going for a stroll. Which I obliged, a change of scenery would be nice. Passing the map continuing forwards. Getting to the highest part of this location, she asked me what did I see? To the left a reasonable distance away, I saw the location of many structures. This is the place I do believe I had seen before. Bright with light and full of energy. In the centre of this location was where the main power was originating. It vibrated at many different levels. I said that I believed this was the Zeragill home. The outer areas did have energy, but it was weaker.
The feeling that I gathered about this location was an organized place of military, farmers and leftover positions. Just like our society, but with more command and dictatorship. I get the feeling that it is the army that holds everything together, there is no room for disobedience. Any changes have to go through the chain of command if, at any point, there is a decline in the changes. The issue has to be dropped. Since the population is past capacity, there are no issues with individuals disappearing. I believe this is the Akkadian ‘s home. Much further from this location was another location, very similar, but smaller in size. In development wise, it is a lot younger. The energy level is a lot lower and does not seem to be theirs. They are getting the source of energy from other locations. When it comes to social standards, they seem to be struggling. I get the feeling that they act more like a bully would, threats and intimidating what they believe to be weaker. The more I thought about the energy signature … I looked at the Lady and asked if this was the first region of the Zeragill? She nodded her head, yes.
I saw energy running from what I thought was the Zeragill to the last location. The third place appeared as if it produced its own energy, but not as strong as the first location that I had been talking about. I asked the Lady where was she from? She was like, “this is my home!” I asked the Lady, “what was with the roots going from here to all the locations and further?” The Lady told me that “it is energy that keeps balance with living and non-living things. Without this, there would be only chaos and destruction. Many times it has been tampered with, each time there was a disorder. Yet in the end, the balance won the war!” Pointing out the tunnel forms, I inquired if those were passageways for everyone?
I actually got her to give me a wide grin. She was like, “you are an inquisitive child!

And yes they are ways of travel, though the majority of them have been closed since the threats of the Bayair’s. If they had not been closed, the queen would have gained more ground. She still has found a way to get her troops here, though. By using the balance, the queen slowly has been moving here.”
Her last sentence seemed to me to have little hope and plenty of fear! If the queen manages to get here, this is not just their fight, but everyone’s fight. I am no rocket scientist, even I know what the possible outcome will be like for all living and non-living things. “What are the other entities doing about this?”
Sadness was in her tone of voice, it was filled with hopelessness! “They fight among one another, seeing who is the strongest, has more power and control. Blaming the other for this war, yet not looking at the whole picture. The balance is everything, and nothing is being done about it! At this rate, not even hope will be enough of a miracle. There is only blood, violence and arguing on all sides of the spectrum.” As I listened to this Lady, I noticed how much alike we were. Someone that I could relate with, because of this, I knew that I was not getting the full story. Later I would get the whole story, for now, I will settle with the feeling of this Lady telling me the truth.
I noticed that all over orbs would show up and disappear. Some of the energy would light up the roots, others the energy went to the Akkadian s. “What was with that?” I pointed to what I was talking about so the Lady would understand.
This Lady told me, they are humans that have allied with their beliefs. Too much energy is going to Akkadia verses helping the balance. They have convinced the humans that they are working for the better good of all kind. What they are actually doing is the opposite. The Akkadian’s do not have anyone best interest in mind, they only want more! More for themselves and nothing is given back! There are those humans that have woken up and figured things out for themselves. It is the balance that they feed their energy to. In return, everyone benefits and grows! I asked her, “why has no one stopped what they are doing?”
It was her turn to be cheeky, she told me to tell her something about myself. Then she would answer my question. I kinda find it amusing when someone turns the table on me like this! I had to amuse her in return. I was like, “I am everything yet nothing! I change when I have to, yet never change my beliefs. I do not follow the beat of the drum, yet living within the laws that are placed in front of me. Hiding all the time but always in plain sight. I chose the people always over groups. Who am I? I was given the name Zita, this time!”
She nodded her head, keeping to her word. “The reason nothing had stopped them, they are ruthless and very conniving. The last time there was war with them, heavy losses were on all sides. A treaty was created, no one would attack the other. When it comes to humans, it was a free for all. Though only the individual human could decide where they would place their personal energy. That is why I work so hard to keep my family together. Together we are strong, and the Akkadian’s will never have full control.”
There was a bit of silence between the both of us, she was like, “how would you like to help the balance?” I was like, “what do you mean?” She was like, “I can give you protection from the Zeragill, while you fight for the balance?” I thought about it for a while, I was not about to give an answer rate now. Remembering what Jazzgoth told me bounced around in my head. The Lady placed her hand on my shoulders “I should not have said that I would have protected you from the Zeragill. Take your time to learn about the balance and why it is so important to all!”
I was just about to turn around and head back to the map when figures started to head in our direction. The Lady told me not to antagonize those that are coming. It actually would be best if I did not say anything at all, and she would do all the talking. Once they appeared, my hunch was correct. Three individuals from Zeragill had spotted us and came to investigate the situation. First, they claimed that I was to go with them for questioning. The Lady told them that I was under her protection. It so happened that one of the three had the misfortune to be the victim of my temper. He did not forget the action placed against him. He declared that I was wanted for acts of treason, which went against the peace treaty. Those that were attacked by me were unarmed and were shown aggression from me. I was believed to be a spy for the Bayair. I glared at the Lady as to say, ‘if you do not get the hound dogs off my back, I will do it myself!’ She just placed her hand on my arm and said that I was under her protection and, as long as I stood on sacred grounds, I was going nowhere with them. That is when it pointed out that if the Lady did not release me, they would consider this going against the treaty.
I held my tongue long enough, I did not want to hear any more words come out of their mouths. “Attack on you … how many times did you attack me? Spying for the Bayair’s … ppp o lease! You attacked me, three others not too long ago. In which by the way, they do not exist anymore! And I was willing to give you information until you started getting rude with me! What did you expect, I was going to roll over and play nice after being called an animal?”
Could you believe this, he was actually starting to give me attitude, acting as if he was big and mighty. Telling me, I need to do as I am told or I will pay the price for my disobedience. The Lady warned me not to antagonize them, she should have worn them. My temper was high, and I had a lot to say. I was like, “shhh!” pointing back and forth from myself and the Lady, “the adults are talking! You go back and play nice with the other children. The adults have work to do!” I almost thought the Lady was going to start laughing, though she did not.
His temperament did not change … I wonder why? Getting all uppity with me, he was like “how dare you talk to me with such disrespect!” And in the sweetest voice that I could mustard up, I was like, “go play soldiers with the other children, mommy has to go to war! It is not a place for little human children like yourself to be … run along now and be a good little boy!” What was I thinking? This totally did not help with his temper, it only got worse. He was like “I can lock you up for this!” And I was like, “this bag of flesh and bones would love to see that”! He was like, “you do not know who you are dealing with?” I was like, “you do not know who you are dealing with! You can not even find one door master, what makes you think you can control me?” He was like, “we are a grand nation striving for prosperity …” I cut him off before he could continue his rant. I told him to save his speech for someone with little going on upstairs. He was like, “you are going to go through a great deal of pain for this.” I looked at the Lady, and I was like, “May I?” She was like “what?”
It was not a great deal of energy I used around me, just enough to send the babbling mutt home. I glared at the other two and told them that if they do not leave me alone for now on, the same treatment will happen. The one was like, “you can not live forever, payment will come your way.” I smiled sweetly and told them, “they better hope I live a very long life, like record-breaking long life!” Needless to say, they were not impressed with me. It was by chances that my actions now caught the attention of others. Big bada boom, behind me a group of five had beamed in for the Akkadia. The one I think was in charge of this group was like, “Nana … what is going on?” She was like “Just visiting my home!”. The guy directed a question to me, “How did you get here, no one comes here?” His tone was not rude, it was more like ‘what the …’ I toned down everything by half. I informed them I like to come here to get away from the chattering and lies. I just pop in and leave the same way I arrived.
I really need to learn when to shut up. Honestly, I need to know when I have said too much! One of the flaws I have is when I am hyped up, I speak the truth, sometimes far too much of the truth! Numb nut one and two from Zeragill were just about to leave when they heard how I got to this location. This was a palm to the forehead moment. Bad timing! I knew the trouble I had just cause.
Not only did they demand that I was to go with them, but the moron proceeded to grab my arm! I know words were spoken! I know the Akkadian’s were in motion! It was all too late. I reacted no differently than before, it was like my go-to defence. In a small period, I had gained more skill in expelling my energy. I have no idea if numb nut one and two made it home, but a blast of white light came out of me, and I directed that energy at them. Once they were standing there the next second, they were gone!
I saw absolutely nothing for a long time, I was unresponsive. The only thing I felt was rage and this powerful feeling of wanting to kill. The focuses were on Zeragill and Bayair, my spite was directed their way. Once my vision had come back, thanks to Nana that was soothingly speaking to me. What was she saying, I honestly can not remember! It worked though, I calmed my temperament down and, was in a better mood.
The Akkadian’s and Nana spoke back and forth. I did not understand a word that was spoken, yet I grasped the concept of what they were disusing. I had never really had an introduction with the Akkadian’s. I had heard Nana’s perception of the Akkadian’s. My perception of them was based on what I had seen felt energy wise. They were more about dictatorship and marching to the beat that was produced. I had no desire to get involved with them, at least until now. We

had been standing on the flat rock, the next second the Lady had placed her hand on my arm and big bada boom we were elsewhere. When she had done this, I think I saw a memory of hers. It was of a child running around playing, and she was chuckling and just having fun, then I saw my face.

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