There is a nay-sayer, sheep, silent bomb and activist meeting at the city hall. The activist and nay-sayer a yelling at each other. While the sheep and silent bomb stand there observing what is going on. The sheep will go to the side that sounds more convincing. While the silent bomb walks away, shaking their head.

The activist is the one that talks and preaches, yet does not act. They spill out facts and point out signs, but few follow what they preach. They will say to do one thing, yet their actions will say something different. They have learned how to use guilt, propaganda, and conspiracy to get others to listen. The silent bomb is the one that already knows what they want, rarely speaking out because they see no point; they have learned that actions speak louder than words. They do not wait nor care what others have to say. If someone questions their behaviour, they will explain with high confidence and pride. As commanded, the poor sheep are so conditioned to obey the norm. They are a slave to their demise, selling their soul for the sense of comfort and stability. The nay-say will dispute with everything that is in front of them; for the most part, the truth is an inconvenience to them and not profitable. They are unwilling to give up anything that they own and can produce. When confronted or read something on social media, they are quick to point out flaws, of the opponent. For example, the opponent has mental issues, so they must be crazy.

For a second, think about your past behaviours and how things have changed over the years. What characteristics do you relate with?

The silent bomb plays on the actions of others. The nay-sayers are a reminder of how ignorant and close-minded the world can be. Activists love the spotlight! They aim for positive feedback, but negative energy is still an acknowledgment of their presence. When the nay-sayer goes head and toes with the activist, it becomes a ridiculous and so shameful event. Have they not learned that aggression goes nowhere? Poor dear sheep, they are locked in the comforts of the mind. We can not all play the same role. The nay-say and activist need puppets to boost their popularity.

The silent bomb does not wait for others to change. They experiment to find out what works, making that the new norm. There is no need to preach; there is little desire to be in the spotlight. They understand what is needed for survival and using what is only needed. Soon they find out that others copy their actions.

The best leaders of the world did not require popularity nor approval. They cared enough to lead by doing the job first and watching as others followed suit with them. We are all creatures of habit, conditioning and greed. When a silent bomb crosses a path, they are noticed for holding their head high with confidence.

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