The courtship between the wolf and the caribou is a glorious dance. One year the wolf may steer, the next year the caribou takes over. They are taking turns in the biological order. The population of wolves have dwindled to allow the caribou the chance to thrive. One year there will be an abundance of caribou, the caribou multiple, grazing on the vegetation that is plentiful. That year is the year the caribou guide the dance. Shortly though it will be the wolves turn to dominate the dance. The vegetation will promptly decline, the caribou will gradually go hungry. This is where only the strong will prevail.
This is the chaotic system that is the natural balance. All species follow this, except homo sapiens. We have resisted this system, but at what cost?
Science and medical care have expanded our life span. The average life expectancy for a privileged country to be 82 years of age and a poverty country 55; this is the 2019 production. 2049 production, privileged state 85-year-old and third world countries 65. With the world population at 7.7 billion as of 2019. It is expected to increase to 11 billion by 2100.
Up until science and medicine, the population was controlled by disease, war and natural disasters.

Earths Balance

Homo sapiens were the caribou, and the wolves were disease, war and disasters. When we do not allow the wolves to have their turn to dance, we create a whole new problem.
Our species have disconnected ourselves from the Earth. We are not allowing ourselves to understand nor care about what is provided. We are breeding and consume without any appreciation for other living organisms. What was once our heaven, is slowly turning into hell.
From the dawn of agriculture, our species has adapted, grown, and advanced at a rapid pace. With agricultural advancement, came the innovation of technology. Technology was meant to make generation faster. What was meant to be useful in our daily lives now has become a reliant.
We are not capable of functioning without technology, we have become a slave to our own extinction.
The Earth will continue to rotate. The textonic plates will proceed to move. The water and air currents will go on to flow. The quality of soil we have will degrade, the oxygen that goes into our lungs will slowly suffice us. And what plant life we have will absorbed what little water is left. This is the cost we pay for our ignorance and egotism.
We have been successful at controlling pretty much all things around us. We have ordained what should live and die. Manipulation multiple species with science, declairing it improvement. Soon we will learn the price for disregarding the chaotic natural balance. The wolves will find a way to bring back the chaotic balance to our species, this is the inevitable.

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