The group of us sat near the fire that was started near the evening point of the day. Spending the afternoon, pondering on the whole conversation with Felix, Benjamin noticed that I was abnormally withdrawn. I explained the communication between Felix and I. I was just reflecting on what I said, and if I said too much. Benjamin remarked that meeting Felix’s guide could not be any worse than the Zeragill. I did agree with the fact, nothing could get any worse than that!

Thinking … that is something that I had been doing a lot of lately. Since I had pushed all of the entities in one group, it made things easy for me not to trust any of them. Making it that everything I saw, I took with a grain of salt. If it was not tangible, it was just a dream! Once again making things easy for me! I do not only use this behaviour for this but towards others. This way, I do not get hurt, nor do they! Now I am thinking about everything, reevaluating my behaviour and thought process. Which by the way, was hard to do with this splitting headache that I am experiencing.

Even if they told me what their purpose of wanting to have me join their colony was, I still would not trust them. Our government is full of flaws and mistakes, with knowing this, I still do not put my faith in our own government. What would make Felix’s guide any different? There is only one thing that could bring us together, we do not want to see the parasites gain any more grounds then they have already. If his guide is against the parasites, I will help because it is the right thing to do … and, because I really do loathe the parasites with a passion. After all, is said and done, I will go back to my reclusive lifestyle.

Brianne recalled the first time that she met Felix. She remembered how he had a bubbly and outgoing personality. The first thing that Felix had said to her was that the force was strong with her and Brianne was meant to be a teacher. And when Felix and Benjamin met each other Felix said that the force was weak but still with him. I could not help it. I laughed so hard. If someone came to me and told me the force was with me, I would call them more of a geek than I am.

The sound of rustling behind me stopped my laughter, and I started to pay attention. It was a harmless dead dog that caught my attention. I asked if they ever had a pet dog that was medium in size and tan. Brianne informed me they did as a child have a dog named Lemon. Lemon … who calls a dog Lemon? Benjamin would that is who when he was

five years old. I looked at Benjamin and, asked him what was wrong with him? Most kids would name a puppy Rex, Prince the last thing that comes to mind is Lemon. I have been corrected Lemon was not a he but she. When they got Lemon as a puppy, she reminded Benjamin of a Lemon, and it stuck. I looked at the spirit of the dog … there was no way I was going to say to the dog ‘hey Lemon, come here, Lemon.’ when I think of a lemon, I think food. The last time I looked at a dog was not apart of my diet.

Benjamin and Brianne reminisced on the good old days with their dog. While they did that, I listened to the rustling sound that was behind me. I figured it was just the dog just playing around. Something she would have done while she was alive. After a while, I decided it was time for me to head back to my place. The headache was not going away and, I knew that everyone here was going to have to wake up early to get their day started.

Benjamin had offered to give me a ride home. Which I declined, it was lease than a twenty-minute walk. I was told that I would get a call in twenty minutes to make sure I made it to my shed safe and sound. I know I have no fears of walking at this time of night. I believe they were more worried than I because they knew that there were the possibles of a bear, coyotes and on rare occasions wolves. I already know that the chances of one of them coming and attacking me are doubtful. They would have to be threatened or very hungry. They naturally want to have nothing to do with me. There was more of a chance I could get hit by a car than attacked by a wild animal.

I turned left and walked along the edge of the road. I could feel something watching me, I just had yet to find the location of where they were. In a means to ignore the nagging feeling, I started to allow my mind to drift away. The night time for me was more pretty then during the daylight. The energy was radiating off the trees, bushes and soil. Even energy came off the road from the long day of the sun hitting it with its rays. It just seemed to me to have a different type of sparkle to it.

Was this the end of my lucky streak of no interference! I was about to make my next left turn, and the feeling of several eyes was on me. My head was pounding more than it was five seconds ago. My hand was on my head as I looked around to find their location. From behind me, I heard, “EH!” I just kept on walking, I wanted to have nothing to do with the bad/ good cops. The pain in my head became more intense, “WITCH!” Ahead of me, there were heading in my way and in a different corner, the third entity that I met threw Jazzgoth. They had flung a rock my way. Totally missed me, I think it was more of a way to get me all riled up. That would never rile me at all, it was that feeling that something worse was coming that had my feet moving.

I just kept on walking. Across the road, there were rustling sounds close to the ground. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. My breathing started to become slow and deep. I stopped walking and just glared in the direction of the noise. As I looked at what was out into nothing. The three entities surrounded me.

My phone rang, it was not a ring tone that I knew yet I still answered it anyhow. Brianne was on the other line … all I could think of is ‘what the Peter Pan is going on?’ Brianne is yelling at me, telling me to get to the tree line. And that she was heading my way … I tried to say no, I am almost home, but I guess I did not say a word. I tried to speak, really I did.

Flight or fight, it is in our DNA! A group of Zeragill’s attacked me. Just like so many times, I defended myself. This time it was with white fire! The bastards fried no different than chicken in a grill.

Numb … head to toe and my vision was starting to go while I looked at the other entities. Still breathing slow and deep, not saying a word to anyone. I could feel a tug on my arm, I started to hear Brianne telling me that we needed to go. The wind had picked up, in the car Brianne repeated over and over again that my eyes had turned black and I was unresponsive. I stood there with the phone to my ear, and I did nothing. She wanted to know what in gods name was going on. Zombie mode was what was going on with me. My ears heard everything, eyes were normal, yet it appeared that I was still in a shock type mode.

I put little thought to my actions, I went on protective mode. It was like I still was in that state of mind. I felt trapped, my back up against a wall, not knowing who to trust, I defended myself with a vengeance. Except for the two things that had been said to me, nothing was spoken. It was how I felt! If it had not been for the parasites coming in for the attack, I do not think any of this would have happened.

It dawned on me that the three entities that Jazzgoth wanted me to meet did not want to actually talk. Since that day, I had avoided pretty much everything. Today was the first time that I had gone even close to the road. Mainly taking the trail that I made, running from my place to Brianne’s house. The trail was rough and full of ups and downs, during the night time it would not be safe. When was the last time I had a migraine? I think it was at the mental institution!

My head was pounding so hard I thought my brain would burst from my skull. Functioning was something I would not be able to do. This was a full blown migraine now. If I did not put frozen veggies on my head soon, physically, I was going to be sick. I was past the point of drugs, my brain was on fire! My focus was on keeping all contents I ate during the day down in my stomach. That in itself was the battle. I must have looked like a drunk without alcohol.

I felt my body being lifted out of Brianne’s car, this is when I knew that Brianne had taken me back to her place. I know the front door was opened. I know I was placed in bed and shoes are taken off. Something cold was placed on my head. And I was gone! I do not recall getting up to go to the washroom, drinking liquids, cold compacts on my head, nor the fever that followed. I do not recall Peter coming to visit or hearing that I may have to go to the hospital if my condition does not improve. The only thing that I remembered was vivid dreams and waking up three days later, very hungry. Brianne had told me it was her that told they guys to relax and not be so hyped to take me to the hospital. I just needed time to dream, and dream I did! The big concern that Brianne had was how I was feeling. It felt like I had the flu! I wanted to move, and I was going nowhere fast.

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