I consume and waste, I am not alone; we all do this every day. In Canada, on average, one person will use 330 litres of water per day. Considering this is the most valuable natural resources; you think that we would be more aware of how much we waste. I had asked some of my friends, “how much water do you use, and what would you do to lower the consumption?”

Hot showers for the teenagers and adults lasted no longer than 10 minutes. That is enough time to fill up a bathtub. Then there was the washing machine, dishwasher, consuming and cooking. It does add up, right?

Majority of them did not seem to care how much they used. Their reasoning is, I pay for it I can use as much of it as I want too! The next reason was, I do not pay for it, so why would I care? I do not pay for it; the landlord does. It is their problem.

I kind of get what they are saying. They work hard and enjoy the privileges of water coming to their house, apartment or townhouse. I just could not shake off the negative feeling and the fact they are taking for granted the privileges of fresh, clean water.

But not all was lost, one friend of mine did tell me that a major issue that she had was the size of her family. She wanted to say money, yet did not know what else to do. The water bill was equal to her gas and hydro bill combined. The creative side of my mind kicked in! I also realized there are two types of people out there, the ones that want to save money and those they do not care to save their money. I am the type of person that I like to give as little money to large corporations as possible. The game face was on, I had a new mission, help my friend save her money by lowering her water consumption.

Of course there is the obvous things to do, do not leave the water running while you are brushing your teeth. We can not avoid washing our laundry, but having the settings on heavey for a small load … that is rediculas! Fix leaky faucets as soon as possible, or get the landlord to do it. Get eco-friendly shower heads! And take shorter showers!

From June 2019 to the present day I practice the majority of the following idea. For myself, I saw a major difference.

Each time you flush your toilet you are using 1.5 gallons of water. Placing a brick or plastic bottle filled with water in the back of the toilet tank this could save you around 50 gallons of water a week.

In my location we are allowed to collect rain water for the purpose of watering gardens. I spent less than 100.00 on my 50 gallon rain barrel.

Reuses wastewater – I am a fan of washing dishes by hand. Even though I do realize that a dishwashing machine uses less water then by hand. If your anything like me, you have a bucket that you wash the dishes in. After that, you use tthat water for plants and the grass. I also do the same thing with my mop water along with the fish tank. In the future it is my plan to get a grey water collection system installed.

Save and reuse the water from boiling vegetable and cooking pasta, this is a great way to reuse water for your plants. Collect the water from washing your fruit and vegitables, once again you can reuse that water as well.

In the morning I make a fresh pot of coffee, what I do not drink I use for my plants.

I have a dehumidifier; the water collected I use for the grass and gardens.

I will admit, I did forget and fell off the train tracks a lot. And had to remind myself to reuse the water. Slipping back into the old ways is very easy to do. If anything this summer I did not have to water my grass not gardens.

Comparing July 2018 to July 2019 bills, there was not an enormous difference, but it was lower. Taking July to September 2018 bills adding them up, and doing the same for July to September 2019 the difference is just under 30$. That is about 120.00 a year.

I firmly believe that if I worked even harder, the difference would be even more noticeable.


  1. I’m EXTREMELY frugal when it comes to utilities. My water bill is crazy high due to taxes and such. Actual usage is roughly 30 dollars worth. I hate using lights unless necessary, but of course my wife and I are prone to migraines so we prefer the dark. I often tell my son that we are blessed we don’t have to walk 5 miles to use parasite infested water.

    1. As long as I live in a renting situation, I can only do half of what I want. Just like you, I am as rural as possible. I swear the less I use, the more taxes are places on my utilities.

      1. Indeed, I live in Minnesota and have a friend who lived in a suburb of the Twin Cities, his utilities were roughly 1/3 of mine! It’s nuts.

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