Everything was running smoothly. Crystal and Peter were getting ready to move what they wanted to the house. The arrangements for the church yard sale was in the workings. Now there was just getting me out of the hotel. I paid for one more week of staying at the hotel. With the weather change, I decided that I was going to do some camping. After the move, I was going to set up my site. Not too far from the oversized shed, there was a clearing that was just perfect to set up a tent, fire pit and enjoy myself. I would stay like this until the shed was ready. Turned into a lifestyle that allows me to live self-sufficiently without reliance on the main house utilities.

How is this done you might want to know … well, Solar panels. Just under 20,000 dollars, I thought let us go small first and see how this works out. If there is a need for more power, that can come later. That cost covers everything that is needed plus someone to hook everything up. The coolest thing that was provided was a wood stove. I have heat, light, and a means to cook food. Which means that I need to learn how to cook. So I guess there are lots of pros and one con. And then the next cool thing is a compost toilet! That is right! I have a compost potty, who knew our shit could be useful. And a source of water, get this … hand water pump … oh yeah! So the oversize shed was being turned into a small cabin. It is an investment that was well worth it. The cost for supplies and renovation I covered seventy percent of the cost.

With only a couple more nights at the hotel before the final move for Crystal and Peter. I decided to take some time for just me. As I had done many times before I went out for a walk. The weather was hot, and the wind was. For me this was great, I loved it. My phone went off, and it was Crystal trying to get a hold of me. I answered it to have a panic-stricken Crystal rambling on. She was speaking so fast that I had to get her to say it again but much slower. There was a massive storm cell heading our way. There was an alert out from environment Canada of the possibilities of a strong wind gust, hale and favourable conditions for a tornado. Weather like this always put Crystal on edge. I got off the phone with her; I looked up at the sky. I could see the clouds, but I saw nothing that indicated that there was a storm coming. The energy level seemed to be the same. Still, my gut told me to turn around and go back to the hotel room. Just as I was turning around, someone was honking their horn. The car stopped a couple feet in front of me, I hear, “are you out of your mind?” Brianne opened the door and told me to get in. Hooping in I answered Brianne’s question, “I would say that I am out of my mind, but my body seemed to still be attached to me.” I was backhanded, Brianne hit me in the arm at the same time as she was laughing. I told her that I had to get back to the hotel before the possible storm gets here.

That is when she told me that the storm was going to be here in less than fifteen minutes. She just got a call from her brother. When he left the reserve it was fine, now he is driving in a hail storm with plenty of lighting, the clouds are going nuts. Brianne offered to take me to her place since it was closer. Less than a couple of minutes and we were there. I called the hotel, I know Harold saw me leave for my walk and I did not want him to worry about me. The small short time that I had been there, I had come fond of Harold. Rainy days I would listen to him talk about when he was a young man. I think in a way, he viewed me as a daughter.

Time passed, and I was still waiting for my storm. Brianne was pacing back and forth, so much so I thought that there was going to be a groove in the floor. I had started to laugh and told her to sit down. Exclaiming that Brianne could not until her brother got home. This type of weather always made Brianne nervous and on edge. This was something she inherited from her mother and her mother before that. I asked Brianne if I could make her a tea to calm her down. I was moving around in the kitchen as if I owned the place, in reality, I was just copying the lady I saw. The lady told me that she would make her daughter a tea to calm her down when she would get upset. The lady showed me how to make it just right. While the kettle was warming up on the stove top, I got everything ready. I told Brianne a story of when I was a little girl.

“It was very late at night, and a strong storm had hit the country town that my mother and us kids lived at. My mother was so scared of storms that she would wake us kids up just so she would not be alone. We unplugged all electronics, had the candles set out just in case the lights would go out. The basement stairs had to be cleaned of any objects so we could get downstairs safely if a tornado came. This all stemmed from when I was a little girl, I think I was five years old. We were out and about shopping when in the far distance the sky went grayish green. My mom knew something was going to happen. And long behold a tornado touched down. It never hit us, the storm was thirty minutes away from us. For my mom, that was to close, and from that, she just became more paranoid.” I started to laugh at remembering how my mother would act to storms. I gave Brianne her tea! Brianne pointed out that I seem to be very calm.

I respect the power and nature of storms. There is a beauty in how it moves and sounds. The one thing man can not control is the elements of weather. And with that, they become frightened of it. I take precaution, so I do not get hurt. But by understanding the power behind the storm, I can enjoy the beauty of it. Laughing Brianne once again reminded me that I was out of my mind. I sat down at the table with her and listened to the wind picking up. I listened to the wind as it was howling. I translated what the wind was saying, “I am coming!” Brianne was like “WHAT!” So I repeated what I said. It is what the wind is telling me. It is a warning that if you do not find shelter, you are going to be hit by the storm.

The wind started to pick up even more. I got up from the chair and looked out the kitchen window. From the table, Brianne was like “what is it … what is going on?” I read the clouds and listened to the wind. I wanted to know if there were any windows open at her shop. Brianne said no. I went outside, straight to the barn. One of the workers came out wanting to know what I was doing. I instructed her to open a window a bit to allow air flow. She thought I was crazy, I told her I was out of my mind and to trust me. Brianne was behind me freaking out. I was like, listen what do you hear? Brianne was like “I hear nothing, but I know a storm is coming!” Rate about now, I had decided that I was going to mess around with Brianne for a bit! I pointed out the different shade of colour of the clouds to the south of us.

Brianne was like “SHUT UP!” I could feel the energy rising and well me being a good friend and all, I kept on talking, I pointed out there was not one bird making a sound, the winds calmed down completely. I made a prediction that a funnel was going to form, that it would pass over the top of us and land in the middle of the field somewhere across the streets. And again, Brianne was like “WHAT?” Listen, observe and understand the power of nature … that is all you have to do, and you can predict what could happen. Brianne’s phone had started to ring. After the call, Brianne got her girls into the house and called Vera. Benjamin had told her that the clouds were beginning to move funny and everyone should get inside.

I will say this, Brianne was worse than my mother when it came to storms, and this, to me is so funny. Brianne was freaking out, “she is not answering her phone … why is she not answering the phone?” I pointed out that Vera is probably working and can not get to her phone. Running back into the house, I opened the windows a crack to allow air flow. All the women were going crazy … wait one second … I thought I was the one to be out of my mind! Hmmm … It looks like I have competition!

Stepping outside, I watched the clouds closely. I could hear thunder in the distance, one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi BANG! The storm was about three miles away, and the clouds were going nuts.

I had never seen a car pull in to the driveway so fast. Benjamin jumped out of the vehicle as the passenger side opened. He bellowed something to me, I think it was something on the line of “get inside the house it is coming. What do you think you are doing, the storm will be here any minute!”
I thought about it for a wee bit, it was already here, they just did not know it. As I did with Brianne, I told Benjamin my theory. He was like “great now let us go inside where it is safe.” And I was like “BUT …” I will admit it, I squealed like a little girl when Benjamin lifted me up and throw me over his shoulders an carried me inside the house.

Benjamin was starting to close the windows that I just had opened when I said “do not close the windows, you need a certain amount of air flow to decree the amount of damage that could happen. Even a funnel can take the roof off a barn. It does not have to be a full tornado to cause damage. Plus there are fewer chances of the wind breaking the windows inwards if it has a way to move.” Benjamin was like “our mother always gets them to move to the cellar during storms like this. That I, Zita, was completely out of my mind.” I was like, “you only go to the cellar if you see a tornado coming your way. If you go now, you could miss seeing all the action outside.” Benjamin grabbed a cushion off the couch and wailed it at me. I laughed as I ducked out of the way and was like, “you missed me, just like this funnel will miss the house!”
The wind was starting to roar. Well everyone was getting ready to go to the cellar, there was me being me, I stepped outside … I listened to what was being said: “I am here now!” I looked closer to the South and long behold the clouds were starting to form a funnel. I had the chance to marvel at mother natures best. Things were going to get ugly fast, and I was here to see it. So this is how a storm chaser feels! I should have been a storm chaser, I love the energy and the feeling in the pit of my belly!
I am outside just pointing out this and that. Brianne is yelling go to the cellar, and Benjamin is trying to get me inside. Then you have me explaining how it is going to play out and why. While the funnel was growing in size, as it went over Albert’s land, across Brianne’s property. Picking up a great deal of energy. By the time the eye got across the road, it will have just enough power to make an F1 tornado at most F2. I started to get all excited! I was like “look … look see it is starting, just like I predicted!” To see this abundance of energy, there was no way I was going to miss this.

As we all know, a storm comes in fast and leaves the same way. Going inside the house, I asked Brianne if she required another tea, which she said yes several times. Brianne was on the phone, “why is she not answering her phone?” both Benjamin and I said at the same time “because Vera is at work.” I got Brianne to sit down and slowly she started to breathe. I should not laugh, we all have a fear that takes over our body.

We all were sitting at the table now, most of the people trying to get their nerves back. Many minutes had gone by before my phone went off and I knew who it was. It was Crystal freaking out again, and I was like I watch the funnel starting to form. And then, Crystal was like “you could have been killed!” I was like, “but then how would I get to play out my fantasy of being a storm chaser.”

WACK! Brianne backhand me, hitting my arm. I started to laugh, “a storm is like a three-stroke wonder … may look great at first sight, but it is always over way to fast!” I got hit again and was informed that it was not funny! But it was entertaining enough for everyone to laugh so I can not figure out why Brianne hit me twice in thirty seconds.

Benjamin introduced his passenger as Felix. I shook his hands as he was introduced to me. I saw a spark that I have seen so many times in the past, he had a special skill that made him different from other humans. As I was sitting down in the chair again, he mentioned how I was powerful for someone young, that I had an old soul, the oldest he has ever come across. With him saying that I was so young, that kind of gave away his age, no one calls me a child except those that are at least 30 years older than I am. Just like Albert and Janet, they call me “their child” all the time. Brianne informed me that he was a good friend of theirs since Brianne and Benjamin were in school with him. Well that kind of threw me off, here I thought he was in his 60’s yet he was not too much older than I was, now I feel offended being called a child by him.

He asked me how often the gods talk to me? I kept looking at Felix, not really knowing how to respond. He for sure, did not waste time to get to the point. Thank you, Benjamin, for coming to my rescue. He told his friend that I did not believe in any gods. That is when I told this man that what he proceeds to be gods, I do not, but in the end, does it really matter what they are called?

It was his turn to sit there and look at me. Finally, he laughed and said, “no! We all have a different name for who they are, but in the end, they are still the same entity that we are all talking about.” Felix asked me how long I have been talking to them. My reply was simple, “I do not talk to them, they are the ones who talk to me.” I watched his aura as he was speaking, at one point, I looked behind me as if I could see outside. I knew the there was an entity nearby, and this man called Felix was in tune to them. I could feel and see the energy from this man and the entity starting to join. The light around Felix grew intense that I actually had to close my eyes and, rub my temples. Benjamin asked if I was okay, which I knew I would be fine I just needed to adjust.

The wind blew against the walls of the house, I could hear the message that was being sent, and I was not the only one. Felix translated what he heard “be careful!” The feeling I got was this entity was trying to give us or me the heads up of something that was going to happen!
I listened while everyone was talking, but I knew that Felix was mainly paying attention to me. Reading me! That is what I like to call it. I got up, feeling a charge, I started to head outside. It was just lightly raining out, and I felt like I needed fresh air. I stood there just looking at the entity that I had seen before on Brianne’s property, then my head turned to the road. There it stood on the other side of the road. Glaring at me!

I was used to this stare down. What I was wondering was where were the others, they work in groups all the time. I spotted 2 than 4, in the end, there were 6 of them. Just staring at me, nothing more. At least that is how they started off. They tried to get on to the property, thankfully that was a no go. The temperature was starting to change. They were building up energy altogether. I did not know what to see what they were up to. Closing my eyes, I pictured all the energy around me entering my body. When it hit a certain point, I expelled it outwards to increase the protection around me. Sadly at the same time as I was doing that they were making a charge to create a good size lighting bolt. It missed me and hit a tree in the middle of Brianne’s property.

The bolt of lighting was very far away, did not stop my ears from ringing. I did not know if I should have been scared or laugh. I think I did both, laugh and wished I was wearing depends pull-ups. I am sure that I soiled my panties. I was starting to go back to the house when the door was opened, Benjamin was running out. I could not hear a word that he was saying, I just knew that I needed to get back into the house. I started to unplug everything in the house. Yes, I began to do what my mother did when I was living in her home. I did it all for a good reason. Those six little ASSHOLES had tried to hit me with lighting. What they were up to, I have an imagination, and the possibilities started to roll around in my mind.

Now that I look back on the whole scene, I must have looked crazy running around unplugging everything. Yet I was the one beforehand, commentating how the funnel cloud was going over the top of us. At that time, I did not feel threatened nor had the feeling to protect. So yeah everything in the place was unplugged, and I sat at the table, with my ears ringing. The first thing that came out of my mouth was “I am not out of my mind, trust me!” what I thought was normal talk ended up me yelling at everyone. I told Brianne that the Zeragill were out and just tried to hit me with lighting. It was almost an hour of my ears ringing, and everyone laughing at me. You know, minus the Zeragill, it was kind of funny.

The night continued on, and finally, I could hear properly. The topic of the storm changed to every day going on. As Benjamin was handing me a drink, Felix asked if I had a boyfriend … I was like, “yeah!” Then he was like “how many” …, so I was “umm one!” “Ah, then your not that pretty, pretty girls have lots of boyfriends.” I laughed my butt off at Felix’s joke. I was like, “I did have more, but the expire date came up, and I had to throw them out into the trash.” Felix laughed as he said to Benjamin that I was a sassy one. I was like “sassy … me … sassy! That is the first time I have ever been told I was sassy! I will take it!”

The fireplace had been going for a couple of hours, with all of us chit chatting. The topic then changed to the most embarrassing moment of your life, and it came to my turn. It took only a second to think of my most uncomfortable time. It had been that time I needed to get my physical done. I had but a sheet covering me while I was on my back. The doctor was now checking my vagina, and the doctor asked me to push a little bit. I farted while the doctor’s face was down checking things out. I think I won the most embarrassing moment award. I do not think we stopped laughing for at least a good twenty minutes, while I repeated the funny parts out loud.

It came to a time that everyone was starting to retire for the night. I had one more day to go before the big move, and I wanted to be well rested. Just as I was getting ready to say my good nights, my phone rang. Peter had wanted to know if I had heard from his parents. Every time that he would call it would only ring and go to the answering service. That is when we realized the hydro had gone off. Knowing that they had cordless phones, I told Peter that there is a good chance that the phone ran out of battery power. To make sure that everything was fine, I would go over and check on them. Yawning I put on my shoes and started to head on out. I figured it would only be a twenty some odd minute walk. The storm pretty much was over so everything should be fine. Brianne, on the other hand, was not going to allow me to walk, she was still uneasy over the whole storm that just passed. Benjamin was going to set up the couch for his friend Felix and wanted to know if I was spending the night or going back to the hotel. We all had been drinking for a while, so getting a ride to the hotel was not going to happen. I said I would spend the night as long as it was fine. I just had to check up on Albert and Janet.

Brianne started up the car and one last time I asked if she was sure she could drive to the house and back again. I had no issues with walking. Of course, I got the shut up and get inside. I smiled and said, okay! She just wanted to know one thing, was there any Zeragill around. The only thing that was around us was ten entities that I was 2000 percent positive were here to protect us.

There were no lights on, so I knocked on the door to see if I would get an answer. Nothing! I summed it up to Janet and Albert were out of town and did not say a word to anyone. Which one phone call and that is what it was. Janet and Albert took a road trip to a friends place. Because of the weather they spent the night there.

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