I have always wanted to re-use skids; I did not know what I wanted to do; I just wanted to do it. A couple of weeks back, I had acquired two skids. I jumped online and started to look for ideas, that is when the thoughts of a bookshelf emerged into my brain.

At the time, all I had was an idea, skid, sandpaper, and a blade. I drew the lines on the pieces of wood that I wanted to carve. With the blade, I started to carve into the wood. As you can imagine, that did not last long. To the hardware store, I go! There I bought a wood plane and a chisel.

While I was working on my masterpiece, I wondered how the pioneers would have done their projects. We have electronics now to speed up the pace. They would have only had two hands and a heartbeat. And I can tell you this, after working on just one skid, my hands were killing me. They hurt so much; I could not even wash the dishes.

I have a profound respect for carpenters! For only a couple days I walked in their shoes, and I whinnied like a baby. I walked into this as if it was going to be easy, if they the carpenters can do this so can I! I did it, and for the second skid, I am willing to pay someone to do what I did.

We take for granted the trade that carpenters are in; it does not matter if it is building a bookshelf to a house. Their work is hard, and they do this five sometimes six days a week. They are working ten to twelve hours a day. All I did was work for three days tops, and I was a whinner.

I think the hardest part was sanding down the wood by hand. That was brutal! You can go to Walmart and buy whatever you want. Over time it will end up at the garbage site, because of the poor quality. Things are not built to last; companies make stuff for you to go back and spend more money. I get it, a carpenter’s items are costly! Think about this the next time you go to make a purchase:
Do you like the idea of supporting your community?
Do you value quality?
Do you want to spend your money on something that will last forever?

The right place to go is to an individual that does this for a living! They are proud of their work. They build out of passion and care — all of these qualities a company does not display.

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