The last thing I remember before I woke up in a puddle of my own sweat and breathing heavily was the Bayair queen coming after me!

This place was a large open cave that had a pit like thing going on in the middle. The queen was on the other side from me. I had the entrance to my back. To me, it sounded like loose rocks were falling everywhere! Then again, it could be the echo bouncing off the cave walls, and I could not tell you the source. There was a light source, I know that for sure, I just can not tell where the source was or what the source was. The light was bouncing off of the rocks so I could not tell where the original location was. There was only one entrance and exit out of this place. To give you an idea diameter wise of how big this place was, take an average two-bedroom apartment, that is what I would guess this place was! The only way to get to this queen was to go around the pit. You could climb down the side and up the other end. But by the time you get to where she was, but that would have been a waste of time. If you were alone and attacking the queen, you best have an arrow with great aim. First thought about this place was why did she not have any security, and it is kind of stupid not to have another way out of this place.

If you were alone as I am, go one way she will move in the opposite direction. Go through, and she has time to go left or right and out of this place. For a single attacker, this place is well set up. Multiple attackers … there would be difficulties, I would give it a fifty-fifty chance. There was something about her that made this place even more creepy. Her eyes were cynical and the grin … one thing that creeps the fuck out of me are clowns, there is nothing friendly about clowns … I think I like clowns now! I think I would trust a serial killing clown over conversing with this shee devil. Just looking at her, you know she is a methodical thinker, she planned everything out, she left no room for errors.

I know I had a clear glaze in my eyes and little emotions on my face. Yet it felt like she was still trying to get into my head. It appeared to me that she had a book in her hands and words spouted from her windpipe. I am going to take a lucky guess and say that what she was speaking was nothing good for me. The pit of my gut started to fill up with energy, I was ready for an attack. I waited while she was speaking, I waited after she was done … nothing happened! Not sure who was more surprised, her or me, if there were any time for me to laugh, this would have been the time. For once I did not! It is situations like this, I do nothing. All I do is listen, stand by and if need be, get the hell out of the location with a snap of a finger. This is the practice I have been doing since I could wipe myself clean.

As she was flipping the pages of her book, I noticed her nails growing. It was like a cat revealing its nails to the thing that has upset them. Lucky guess and all, with a hunch, they are sharp and deadly. With appearances, you would first think that she is frail and malnourished. The past has taught me, do not judge, at first sight, they are always deceiving! Her black rugged, untamed hair, was a huge distraction for me. My attention kept on going back to that mop! The more she spoke that cheeky grin of hers disappeared. The mood she had was starting to turn to rage.

Foreseeing the future is not one of my specialties, predicting what might happen is something I do! Since I had figured out the possibilities of what I would do if I was to attack and her movement, I did not think about what she would do if she were to physically attack me. I assumed it would be the same! Not in this case. The book echoed as it hit the rock and she flew rate at me. I had no idea that this was even remotely possible, well it is now! Thank you reflexes and build up energy, you saved my life once again. As she came for me, there was a bright light that first started with my gut and eliminated my whole body, with a rapid growth rate. She was repealed from me. Her next form of attack was to crawl on the ceiling of the cave.

Not only can this bitch fly, but she can also climb! Many things are fast, alligators, the black mamba … she was just as fast. Not as fast as my ability to think, but close enough! I repealed her once again with only my thoughts. From the cracks of the pit, golf ball size spiders started to move towards me. Black in colour with what liked like a red lighting bolt with two dots near the rear end. One by one, they sizzled as they neared the light. A shiver ran down my back as I could see their fangs. White-hot fire! I thought of it over and over as these spider-like things came for me. All I could think of is show no fear, do not budge, stay calm as can be. It was not until all I could see was a bright hot light surrounding me. I did not know the cave, spider nor the queen once I was submerged in the white light! Good thing for me I guess, bad for them!

It has been years since I have woken up in a puddle of my own sweat, at least when it comes to nightmares. There are very few things that get under my skin. Spiders, needles, clowns and Zeragill are the first thing to give me the heebie-jeebies. It has been years since I had a dream of the Bayair’s, what made this dream the worst is I had to deal with their leader. It was just her minions that I dealt with, not her! Forget my other fears … hands down number one are the Bayair’s. If you do not fear them, you are a fool!

Day after day, month after month and year after year of the parasites constant attacks, I slowly stopped fearing them. Did not mean I liked them, it is more like a non-responsive mannerism I would display. I thought I had received everything they could throw my way. The Bayair queen is by far worse than any entity I have ever known of, this is something I will never get used to!
The chemical reaction that my brain was displaying fear. I could not stop shaking. Even with a hot shower, it did not calm me down.

Someone clanked their spoon against their cup, and I jumped. I could not shake what I had dreamt. When the waitress asked me if everything was alright, I just replied with “rough night!” Leaving it at that. There was one thing that bounced around in my head, her voice wanting to know who I was. It gave me peace of mind, knowing that the queen had no idea who I was. I could breathe for a while longer, knowing that she is left in the dark. But I can not get too comfortable nor self- confident! If anything, I probably have made things only worse. I am just one step ahead of the Bayiar Queen. Where she at this point only has a face, an idea of how irritating I can be and possible whereabouts. My philosophy is this … if you are going to get into a fight, know your enemy better than you know your friends. And I am painting a pretty picture of the Bayair’s.

Fear … that is what I feel when I first think of them. Followed by anger … I know I can not fight with anger as a motive. People make mistakes when they attack with rage in their hearts. It is a disease, it consumes logic and reasoning. I do not like to make mistakes, so I need to stay focus, logical this will allow me to make decisions with reason!
I can feel it in my bones, every fibre of my being is slowly changing. I can see everything around me, but it is like I am in a tunnel. My eyes shifting right and left, rapidly looking for something that does not belong. I am waiting … This is the behaviour of a fighter, a victim or a killer! Your senses are heightened. Every noise, your eyes go to that location. Fight or flight … that is ingrain in our DNA. Some of us have that switch on all the time, whereas others it is only triggered by events. I have to be honest rate now, I kind of like this feeling. I feel alive and at full capacity with every brain cell working together. I remember this feeling when I was eighteen. I could take on the world attitude! This lasted for many years until the massive attacks started to come my way. That is when I changed and became more reclusive and very careful of what I did. I took the number of people I knew down to a few. I stopped socializing and did everything behind closed doors. As I have said before, I do not like to make mistakes!

A part of me is wondering what would have happened if I did everything the opposite of what I had done! Would the outcome be worse, the same or better then what things are now? I will never know and taking the facts of events, I think I would have repeated what I did. It is not on my top priority list to cause harm to others. Though I might have a significant beef with how humans behave, I will never paint all humans with the same brush. To me, my morals will not allow it. To see utter destruction, morals will not allow it! So I have stayed hidden from the world, or as much as I possibly can!

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