Waiting outside in the parking lot, Benjamin apologized for being late. He had to finish signing papers to get a vehicle. Of course, I did not care nor mind that he was behind in schedule. Handing me a helmet I hoped on to the back of the bike. After the dream that I had, I did not fear sudden death by being on this bike. Other things in this universe are trying to get me. This bike was not on the top ten list. Where we were going, not a clue! One road looked like the rest to me. Left here, right there and soon we were stopping near a bridge that had a creek running under it. Corn to the left and right. I was waiting for the children of the corn to get me or the zombies, one or the other! I started to laugh when I told Benjamin that this was the perfect scene for a horror movie. All we needed were the crows. Rate on cue, a crow landed on the side of the bridge, and Benjamin was like “there is your crow!” Oh yeah, you got it right, we were both laughing, perfect timing that was!

We chit chatted a bit about our childhood and some of the crazy things we did. Keeping the conversation going and not discussing unearthly things was my goal. Benjamin was doing great, up to the end.

We got into his driveway, got off the bike and lead me back to the fire pit from the night before. With us, we brought two chairs to sit on. Judging by the scene that was set up, he had this planned. Okay, no problems yet. We walk back to the barn area and grab wood to start a fire, we did this one more time. The last trip to the house was for me to use the washroom. Bringing back with us, we had a bottle of coke and spice rum. Benjamin could not get the fire to start for the life of him. Mentioning that even in his younger years, he could not get a fire started at all, but keeping them going no problem. So I did the work, not even five minutes later we had fire!

So where did Benjamin mess up, trying to squeeze in my thoughts of the night before! I did not want to talk about anything that had to deal with the dead! It might play a big part in my life, but the universe does not revolve around just solely, me and my problems. And that is where this conversation was going to lead. Anticipating that this was going to happen, I had devised a plan to reroute the conversation. I told Benjamin that last night was great, I then ask how his work was going.
The site that he was working at was almost complete. He figured that it would be all done by Wednesday. To keep the conversation going, I wanted to see if he had additional work lined up for him. That was a sad no that came out of him. I thought about the work that was going to be needed to be done at Albert’s farm. Going down the list of work that would need to be done, I inquired about the cost!

Benjamin gave a rough estimate of what the cost would be like. To provide a better price, he or anyone else would have to look at the place to see what would have to be done. Thinking about all the work that was mentioned, I figured just the barn alone would be close to 10,000. Then there is the work of transforming the shed into living quarters or a cabin, I guess it all depends on how you are looking at it. I figured that Albert would want to assist in the work as well. Though I know he is handing everything over to Peter, it is a dream that Albert has had. Being a part of the making is something I know he will want to do. I asked Benjamin how long he thought a project like this would take? In my mind, I was thinking two months for sure, Benjamin had a different thought. He estimated two to four weeks, the fourth week was for if something had gone wrong and things needed to be fixed! Assuming that the weather was favourable, materials were all there, and there were two or three workers. He explained that if all the work for the outside is done, getting the inside would be simple. I hit the jackpot, Benjamin talked for hours about woodwork and so on. This was his passion, next to cars and trucks.
Just so that he knew I was keeping up with the conversation, I would ask silly questions that I already knew the answer too. Things like that to keep the light on him and not me. Before we knew it, the sun had gone down! Benjamin started to chuckle and mentioned that no one, not even his sister, would have allowed him to talk that long about his job. It was his passion, and I like to listen to peoples passions. We were born with two ears and a mouth, I believe that we need to stop sometimes and listen instead of doing all of the talking. Is what I told Benjamin. Benjamin laughed and said, I should tell that to Brianne. I was like “You better be careful, Brianne has radar hearing. And I believe that if she is quiet, you better start running.”

While drinking and just listening to the night, the conversation went back to the topics from the beginning of us hanging out. Then he asked me what my plans for the future were. The first thing that came out of my mouth was “peace on earth and every 28 days heavy negotiation!” Benjamin was like “wow when you make a goal, you go big!” I laughed and said in truthfulness, I was planning on getting back into writing. I just was not completely positive where I would go with that idea.

I asked Benjamin what his impressions were on Jullian and his companion? Pretty much I was doing my personal investigation on Jullian. In Benjamin’s opinion, Jullian was an all right guy. A bit of a horn dog but he would never hurt a fly! Jazzgoth, on the other hand, was dangerous. What made him more dangerous is the information that he can gather. Benjamin, at the start, had a hard time believing what was going on, until one day Jazzgoth called him and told him that his wife was sleeping with another man. Gave him the location and everything, Benjamin when to the place… Jazzgoth was right. Jazzgoth had gone out of his way to prove who he was. The thing was at the time Jullian was back in the states, and he was here. Jazzgoth had left Jullian just so he could do this.

Benjamin went on to tell me that what happened last night, Jazzgoth was testing me, he is connecting the dots. Jazzgoth is not a weak entity, he is well aware of his strengths. Benjamin was wondering why I would be asking about Jullian. It was what Jazzgoth said to me, “I am in more danger than I thought!” I was wondering what information he had on me? That question would have to be answered a different day.

By the time we had gotten to the house, everyone had gone to sleep or was heading in that route. Just like the night before, I decided that I was going to walk home. I waited for Benjamin to go in and started to head to the end of the driveway. Did he know that I was walking home … of course not! He had too much to drink, and I would be damned if I was going to pay for a cab when I have two feet and a heartbeat. Which if I had said I was going to call a taxi, I would have realized that I did not have my phone nor my keys. That had been left in the little compartment of the bike. What saved me was this thing called ‘not locking the door.’ A habit of mine, not a safe one but one that bailed me out of troubles.

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