Oh goody, it is Friday, it was the day of doom! I chose to walk instead of getting a cab or someone to pick me up. Really it was not that far of a walk it took roughly an hour. Walking down the side of the road, I was trying to get myself prepared for something that I have no idea what I actually got into. I get there, and there were eleven cars parked in the driveway! Three of them were owned by the occupant that lived in the house. This told me there were roughly eight people here visiting! Benjamin strolled out of the house and said to me that he would take me to the gathering. A trail had been made leading out further from the barn. I am pretty sure that this was not a part of their property, yet something tells me, no one is going to make any complaints. Benjamin told me this was a site that had been used in the past for meetings, gatherings, and just to hang out with friends. I would say that we were about five minutes from the barn and tenish minutes away from the road. He continued to tell me … for me, I took this more as a warning … that a lot more people had shown up. Brianne took the opportunity to invite others.

I pretty much expected to meet a lot of people. I swear every tom dick and harry was here! What I thought was going to be like ten individuals, ended up being closer to twenty – twenty-five different people. The first person to introduce himself was Jullian Smith. He teaches Witchcraft and Demonology at Maryland Institute College of Art. At the same time as teaching at the school, Jullian has an online course that is pretty much the same as he teaches in class. The first impression of Jullian … he seems like an alright guy, there is just something about him, I do not trust!

I was introduced to a few Mediums, Tyler and Trevor Edwards, they were twins. From a young age, they started to work with their gifts. They did not seem so eager and jumpy to get to me first like Jullian. I made a comment about how he approached me, and Tyler told me this was him. He has a habit of getting over-hyper when meeting new people. I kind of rolled my eyes and gave the nod to say “o … kay!”

Lauren Jackson is a clairvoyant, slash Medium! She brought her husband of five years Mathew and her daughter Savanna, who is fourteen and a Medium as well. All three of them were very humble and soft-spoken.

Allison Fraser was a Psychic Medium! Her friend Kelly Spare was a chaos Magician in the making! That is what Allison at least told me! What is a chaos Magician anyways? I guess I will soon find out!

Cleo Clarkson is a hydrokinesis, so she works with water. At the same time, she has the abilities of a clairvoyant and Medium. I would say this is a unique person.

James Jackson claimed that he was a chlorokinesis. His specialty was manipulating plants and helping them grow. I will not dispute this! BUT … I would sum this more up to having a very green thumb! But once again, I have little to no knowledge of this topic so I can not say much. These were the main individuals that Brianne wanted me to meet up with. The rest of the people that were there were friends of friends, who were considered apart of the family.

I was told that there was pop in the red cooler and beer in the blue cooler. That the boys were going to soon have a table out here and food would be coming as well. Jullian was working on getting a fire started. While I could hear in the distance the mixture of different voices. That is when I was asked by Savanna, “what were my gifts?”

I actually had to think for a second ‘what am I?’ I started to chuckle when I told her, “I am a mutt! I can do a bit of this and that, so I feel like I am a mutt!” Savanna at least laughed and found my response amusing. Then she asked me, “what was I able to do?” Brianne piped up and said, “that is what we were going to find out soon!” Strolling over to Brianne, in a low voice, said “being a female mutt is my specialty!” Both Brianne and I were laughing while some were looking at us, wondering what was so amusing. I helped out set out the food that had been prepared. While others were setting up some chairs and blankets to sit on.

With a blink of an eye, I swear I had seen a tent off to the side. Which ended up that there was nothing there. As the sun slowly went down for the night, the chatter was to be getting louder. I had situated myself in a location that I was close enough to hear my name, far enough that I could not eavesdrop on any conversations. This is my comfort zone! I saw the tent again, this time there were children and an adult running around laughing.

The group of individuals that I was introduced to started to head in my direction. My time of solitude was over. Jullian was more interested in the so-called demons that were after me. Answering Jullian’s question with a question, “what makes a demon a demon?” Which he had replied with “By the terms of religious organization and mythology, a demon is a supernatural being, that is something that torments another being! They tend to be forceful and skilled at what they do!” Oh man for once I have come across an individual that is not completely blind. Without thinking, I told Jullian that he should stop talking about our government. We both laughed for a minute or two, then I was like, “Would it be safe to say that not every sinful thing is bad and not all good is kind?” I think at this point I had left everyone but Jullian at the train station and continued down the train track.

“In reality, there is no difference between the two. What is bad for one person may be good for the next!” Jullian is almost on my friend’s list. I corrected Jullians original question, what he should have asked is what do the tormentors do to me? That was easy to answer “The typical things that everyone hears of!”

Jullian was starting to get excited, he wanted all the W’s answered! The more I would tell my version of what I see, the more he got hyper. I truly felt like handing my shoes to him and telling him to live in my shoes for a year. Then tell me this is existing! I just did not get why he loved every second of what I had to say. “It is the fact that I will not do as they ask. The more I defend myself, the more I am attacked, the blows only get worse! The assaults are becoming more frequent!” It was the basic information that I gave. Jullian wanted to know what it was that the assailants wanted me to do. This is where things get odd, “They want me to join them! When I ask them why? The entity that I am speaking with will tell me this bogus story. When I ask questions, I just get the feeling that something is not adding up. When I had called them on it, that is when the threats would start coming my way. It has been like five years since they stopped trying to get me to do what they want, and they followed through with the threats. I have not found peace and quiet in a long time!”

heard an unfamiliar voice ask, “who are you?” I looked around and could see nothing out of the ordinary. The sun was pretty much all the way down, the main light was from the bonfire. Cleo asked me what I was able to do? She could not get an idea at all of what I am able to do. That is when Brianne piped up and said that I have a thick wall of protection around me. For anyone to get a reading off of me, they had a better chance of getting me to talk. I could not help it, I had to laugh! It was true, you would have a better chance of getting me to talk verses trying to get a reading off of me. As I was laughing again, I heard the voice ask me, “who are you?”

The only light that we had was from the fire. This time I actually looked around the area, and I was no discreet about it. I knew this location was wide open for anyone to come for a visit. That was not my concern. I did not feel threatened, for once I actually felt safe and calm. It was just irritating me that I could not pinpoint who was talking to me. That is when I found the source of the voice, he was attached to Jullian! I looked Jullian in the eye and asked him who his friend was that was connected to him. I swear Jullian was going to deny it at the beginning until his voice changed. The first thing it told me was not to be worried, he would not tell the Zeragill, Akkadian, nor the Fastriel who I was. That is something he would not disclose!

Behind me, the wind picked up just a wee bit, ‘Jazzgoth,’ flew through one ear and out the other. I am going to guess that Jazzgoth is Jullians companion. The light went off in my head, that is what I was picking up, the part that I could not figure out about Jullian, it must have been Jazzgoth that I was unsure about. That is when Jazzgoth allowed Jullian to take control over his vocal cords again.

They say you learn something new every day! Today was that day that I learned something new. Jazzgoth and Jullian’s energy was the same. I had never seen this before in this lifetime. Not only was I impressed, but I also wanted to know how this was possible. The knowledge of possession is widespread. What is unusual about this, both individuals are the same. I had to know how this was possible? At the same time, I wanted to know if Brianne knew about this? She reassured me that my reaction was the same as hers over ten years ago.

Jullian explained how he came to what he is today. “He had just gotten his drivers licence, just like everyone he thought he was hot stuff. Jullian had gone to a bonfire party with a few of his friends. One thing led to another, and he and a stranger were fighting. The person that he was up against was a scrapper with a knife. Each blow that Jullian received the blade was cutting him up. Jullian was about to die before he would get to the hospital. Jazzgoth gave Jullian an offer that Jullian would not pass up. Jazzgoth would save Jullian’s life if he gave Jazzgoth sanctuary of his body. Jullian was a nineteen know it all kid, that did not want to die. The deal was made!”

I wanted to know why Jazzgoth had chosen to take sanctuary in Jullian’s body? It is not like every day an entity is willing to save the life of a human. It was Jullian’s turn to answer a question with a question, he wanted to know why I was still running and hiding. It appears to me that Jazzgoth and I have something in common.

Brianne told the story about how she and Jullian met. When she was first moved out of her family home, she had heard of Jullian and his teachings. At the time it was ta boo, more so then than it is now. Still not a popular topic but known. At the beginning of their meetings, Brianne thought that it was a split personality disorder. It was Jullian that told her of Jazzgoth and how things became. It is Jazzgoth’s knowledge that has helped Jullian succeed as far as he has.

Next question I had was, why is their energy level the same? Should there not be two energy’s signatures, instead of one? The theory that Jullian had was since they had been together over two decades, they have adapted and are now one singular being energy-wise at least. Okay, I will wrap my mind around that idea, it somewhat makes a bit of sense to me.

As the night went on, we all migrated closer to the fire. The group had gotten a bit smaller, so there were more seats available. I chose to continue to stand. In the beginning, I did try to sit, but the smoke from the fire would follow me every time I would move. Standing seemed to me to be the easier route to solving the problem.

It was good to know that everyone that was at the bonfire had at one point had experiences or a special gift. I heard a lot of have you tried this and that. Then Jullian asked, “who are you? Jazzgoth is only getting broken up events … the events are jumping all over the timeline!” I was laughing when I asked, “what lifetime?” Jullian was like, “do you always make it a habit of answering a question with a question?” I was like, “I do not see it like that but looking for more clarity!” Jullian was silent but not for long, “A name can be given to anyone. There is a name to the bodies of water, to the smallest insect. It appears many roads had been travelled on. Yet the Zeragill still seem to catch up. I want to know why and what makes you different from the other humans?” I translated this to he wanted to know who I really was or better yet what I really was?

As an observation of Jullian’s, he pointed out the fact that no matter where I go, soon the smoke from the fire finds me. Skilled readers were not able to get a hint of what is going on in my little mind! Scouting the location, I had found decade-old stones of protection, that were hidden in the grass. I was able to take the energy that was in an area and expand it with little effort. One last fact that was made, Jazzgoth pointed out that the Fastriel, or as Jazzgoth puts it, elders, only come out in rare situations. In recent months, there has been chit chat about them, and my name has once or twice been mentioned as well. In Jazzgoth’s personal opinion, something of my nature does not just get created in one life. I had been moulded several times over again. He could go to his contacts to gather information about me, though he would rather just hear it from my own mouth. I thought about it for a bit, I knew that he could get a bit of information about me, but not enough. The Fastriel and Zeragill do not have proof but more superficial knowledge. There was a change in the surrounding area … I was not about to hand over names any time soon. “Go to your contacts, if their information is correct I will let you know!” That was all the information I was willing to share.

I was so glad to hear a different voice ask me a question, Kelly wanted to know how good was I at travelling. Not the type of normal travelling like by car. The type where your spirit leaves the physical body. I am sure there are things for me to learn, but I would say that I am pretty good at it. Then Kelly wanted to know if I was able to expand my energy there as I do here. I had the ‘what are you talking about’ moment. So she continued to elaborate a bit more for me. In theory, if and what I am able to do here on the physical plane, I should be able to reproduce the same in any other realm. So if I can cause the Zeragill a lot of grief here, in theory, I should be able to do the same there.

Individually, I do not think I would try such a hairball thing, then again, it is an interesting thought I would say! There is just one major issue, one of my verse a billion and plus of them. If I was ever crazy enough to try this idea, I think I would need a bit more than a couple of circus tricks to survive this suicide trip! Of all the things I have tried, this is one that was not even on my to-do list! The words that came out of my mouth were, “You have got to be kidding me, I would not survive one night if I attack my own!” The only sound that you could hear for the longest time were the insects of the night. It was actually pleasant to here.

Out of nowhere Jullian pipes up and asks me to expel Jazzgoth out of his body. If I could see everyone’s forehead, I think the “WTF” lines would have been displayed. I could not believe what I had heard. Then he repeated himself as if I did not hear him the first time. The first thought that came to mind was, ‘did I look like I was a performing monkey?’ I was standing rate across from him, while I gave him the death glare! Then people started making bets on whether or not I could knock Jullian down on his behind. Someone even mentioned how they would love to see Jullian’s educational ass knocked to the ground. You know what, so did I!

glared at the fire! I just felt the energy in my lower torso build up. Similar to Ash’s house! At first, it felt like a tiny ball of energy, the size of an apricot. Keeping it the size I willed it to get stronger. The fire was getting higher in height while it grew in temperature. Some moved their chairs back because they could not handle the heat much longer. Focusing my full attention on Jazzgoth, I blasted the energy that was building up towards him. Sitting in his chair, Jullian’s feet rose off the ground floor. The chair that he was in, the two front legs lifted up as well, with Jullian’s head going slightly backwards. Not even six inches behind Jullian stood his companion Jazzgoth.

For the first time, I was able to fully see what Jazzgoth looked like. His eyes were the same as all the others, animal-like. Having all the features of a humanoid. What made him different … his hands, they seemed to be longer digits. Something new, he had no cloth covering his body, so he was nude. I saw what I believe was a tail, not long maybe a foot or so, and … four maybe six tentacles between his legs. It was hard to count since the tentacles moved up and down a lot. Which I do not want to know anything about their usage! He was very muscular, tall, very well proportioned … damn it! I wish he was like the others and had clothing on. I totally regret this decision. Mental note ‘have a shower ASAP and do not forget to wash my eyeballs very well! The use of bleach may be needed!

Jazzgoth entered Jullian’s body again and asked me if I liked what I had seen. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “you see one dick, you have seen them all!” Jazzgoth was not bashful at all he was like, “yes but have you seen six at one time?” I batted my eyelids, calm voice, “actually I have … I went to the zoo and saw all your relatives, man what a bunch of assholes!” I heard Vera howl with laughter trying to speak to Brianne “See … what I … was talking … about!” Everyone was laughing, Jullian shuffled around the fire and was like leaning into me, shaking my hand “that was a good one!” When our hand touch I heard Jazzgoth voice in my head ‘you are in more danger than you believe. Everything you need to know is locked away in your mind. They can not afford to have you go up against them, they fear a revolt and you leading the party. Their goal is to kill you and lock you away like they have done to so many rebels. Only trust your intuition and trust no one! If you understand, say oh man I am starting to get cold!” Our hands released, “oh man, I am starting to get cold!” On cue, Jullian offered his jacket, which I put on and told him I would return once I was warm again.

Kelly mentioned how I was a natural! While Jullian corrected her and said that I had been working on these skills for several lifetimes. He was more than certain that there was not much that I would not be able to do. There is a war that is brewing, at the moment I am the main focus. This would be the reason for the elders to come out and resurface. Anyone with my talents will be called on. As Jazzgoth put it, the battle is back and has been rekindled.

Sitting on the ground, having a slight moment. With only focusing on me, myself and I … I did not think about the thought of a war! All the signs were there, of course, I just did not think of myself as apart of it. I envisioned me running and hiding from everything. I did not see myself as a fighter like the kind with a gun!

After all, was said and done, I parted ways to the hotel. If I were a reasonable person, the only concerns that I would have would be love and family, finances and career. As an adult, my mind would be blind to the dead. I might even have a religion and a social group or groups that I would belong to. But I am by far from ordinary! The truth about myself, I do not want to acknowledge and forget about. You add in a war that is brewing … I am struggling with the battles that I am placed in. What am I going to do?

Closing the door to my room … flopping down on the bed … going through the night’s event once more! Coming to this realization … one I can not keep on running, I am getting nowhere. Two, the war is coming! It will affect everyone and anyone, I will have no choice, I will have to choose a side! Three I do not have to admit to others what I am, I just need to accept what I am fully and completely! Four the best offence is a great defence!

Who and what am I? You really do not want to know! If words were spoken out loud … I do not think you would believe me! I do not think even I believe my past. To this point, I have done everything the opposite of what I have done. And it appears as if I will repeat my past … damn, I am so sick and tired of the fighting and bloodshed!

While I was in the shower, I swear I had heard my phone going off. Whoever was trying to get a hold of me, they can wait until the morning. I just had two goals in mind. First, I wanted to make sure this area was safe for myself, which also included the other many people that were here. This would consist of energy to make my protective bubble. Will this work … I will soon find out. Next, I had a hot date with a bed, a pillow and a blanket!

You would have thought that after everything that had happened today, I would have been able to get to sleep … not the case! I spent at least thirty minutes working on a strong and thick bubble around the whole building. If I had to give this bubble a shape, I would say it was a long gated oval. I imagined it to go over the building at least a foot and the same for the ground. Then I tried to empty my mind of all thoughts so that I could get to throw all the stages of sleep. My goal was a deep, deep sleep.

The first thing my mind’s eye brought to my attention was a conversation that took place at Brianne’s house. It started with Vera telling her story of the video to Brianne. They both had been in bed, getting ready to go to sleep. Vera stresses her fears about what was going on in my life. Vera was starting to get the feeling that my issues had nothing to do with the physical realm but with the spiritual realm. Over and over, Brianne told Vera that her days as a councillor was over. Vera pleaded with her and repeated what she saw in the video and the markings on my arms. After a lot of begging Brianne caved. Brianne told Vera that she would meet with me. And that is all that she was willing to do. She was not taking on any charity cases. Vera gave Brianne a hug and kiss and thanked her.

Things went grey for a second, this time Vera, Brianne and Benjamin were all sitting at the table. Brianne was telling both of them what she saw at the hospital. In the location where I had been staying. She told them the smell filled the whole floor that I was on. The second that Brianne got off the elevator, she started to feel anxious. It was like all the air had been sucked out of the floor. It took every ounce to move forwards just to talk to a nurse. That is when she found out that my condition had gone to a code red. The nurse had mentioned to Brianne that if she had any contacts with my family, that she might want to give them a call. Brianne told them that she thought she had run to the elevator just to get out faster. Never in her life did she ever want to leave a location. Brianne told Vera that her intuition was more than right. Whatever was going on in my life, it was nothing good!

The scene changed again! This time Brianne was on the phone, I think she was talking to one of her friends that were at the gathering tonight. It was the end of the conversation that I caught, ‘I will keep you posted on when we will be getting together! … once I can get her to agree, I will!’ That was the end of the conversation.

Brianne walked into Benjamin’s room. He was folding his laundry when Brianne gave him a rundown of our meeting at the hospital. That is when he wanted to know why Brianne was telling him all of this. That it should be Brianne’s life partner that she should be talking to. Brianne told Benjamin that she wanted him to get close to me. Find out more information, things that a friend would only tell a friend. If anything was useful to this case, Brianne wanted Benjamin to tell her. Benjamin started to laugh and asked what did he get out of this? That this was not his charity case, nor did he want to look after a lost puppy. Brianne placed her hands on her hip and told him that payment will come later!

The scene changed again … there was a door in front of me, a key in my hand. I put the key in the lock and turned the key. The door opened with this intense light. Entering the light, I found at the end of the tunnel several different levels of flat rock. At the lowest point of the location, there was a map sketched into the rock. Since it did not look at all like Earth, I am going to guess different location or made up … maybe! There was like this bubble that was going around the whole entire location. I felt as if this location could be comparable in size to Australia, possibly bigger.

Just as I thought of Australia … that is what I saw as a reflection off the bubble. Then I thought about my family and what they are doing. I saw my brother getting out of a cab, stumbling around in the driveway. I saw the last house that we all lived in. The house that he took over from my mother. Then there was my one sister, her two boys were fast asleep in bed. While her husband fell asleep on the love seat watching television and she was in bed. The youngest of us siblings, she was asleep with her husband. Her oldest was in her room asleep, while to two youngest shared a room together, both slumbering comfortable. Despite our differences, my sisters had beautiful children.

I started to imagine what life would have been like if I had children. This is what my life would have been like, I would have been just like my mother. I would have had multiple children with different fathers. I would have been a single parent. Not because I am a terrible person, just because I do not like to share my accommodations. I love my place to be mine! There would have been a good chance, I would have remained good friends with the father of the child or children. As a parent, I would have been great, just not so great when it comes to relationship status. I probably would be viewed more as the children’s friend versus a parent. Yet what no one sees behind the closed door, I would be teaching the children all the things they need to know for life. The things that are not taught in school. How to be assertive, to stand up for themselves and others, be respectful of others needs/ beliefs and views, finally to be true to themselves. I would want them to worry about what makes them happy and not what others think will make them happy! I can not help it. I have to laugh, I would have raised little rebels, just like myself.

Then I thought about the Bayair and their possible locations. A reflection was bouncing off of the bubble. Several locations had a direct connection with Earth. Two large asteroids, one that would not hit us, but always comes close to us. That is the one that I would have concerns about. Not just because they are hitching a ride to get here. But the fact that if it hits Earth, it will do a lot of damage. Then I saw the comet that goes by us all the time yet never hits us. It appeared to me that they were falling off the comet, landing on the debris in the milky way. That would come to Earth and big bada boom they are here.
Hmmm! That seems like a lot of work to get here! The thing that had me the most concerned was this rock that was the size of our moon, it was surrounded by complete darkness and moving very slow. Its destination was Earth, when would it get to us, trillion years or maybe 1,000 years. Why do they not find someone that can open a doorway and get here sooner than that? It is kind of odd they are going to all these lengths to get here, and it takes so long!

In my ear, I heard, ‘they have tried to find a gatekeeper! We stopped it so far!’ I think I found my new found pet peeve. Someone whispering in my ear and no one is around me. You know, and I know, I am crazy! But this makes things worse. I mean at least present yourself if you are going to speak to me. I know that it might be scary at first to approach a crazy person, but please give it a try!

Vines started to move across the flat rock, of course into my direction. If I were anyone else, I would be booking it in a different direction, but this is me we are talking about, like a fool I stood there waiting to see what was going to happen. I saw the form of the lady that I had seen in the past. She told me that my perception of the Zeragill was correct, and they were not to be trusted. I should be careful of who I trust, my intuition is solid! The Zeragill was one of the many problems that humans have. “What else is an issue for humans?” I asked this entity. “Bayair’s” I studied this entity in front of me than the bubble and what it was displaying. Over and over it showed how the Bayair’s were getting to Earth. Each year more of them came. I asked this entity what did she want from me? It was a plain answer something easy to follow … get out of the way, stay hidden and safe! I wondered how much did she know about me! On each side of my face, this entity touched me!

There was not much she did not know about me. Where I have been, how many times my soul had died just to be reborn. Only a couple of times did she lose track of me. I studied the bubble, then this entity again. She told me to stay hidden and out of sight, that she would protect me from the Zeragill’s!
I believed the words that came out of her mouth! My gut told me, there is just something that she is not telling me! I have no reason to question, I question when I do not believe someone. But I do not fully understand what she is telling me everything.

Her arm waved in front of me, changing what was being displayed on the bubble. She then wanted

to know if I could find the Bayair’s hive. The bubble was black with little speck moving. A lot was going on, what I was looking for was something that was there, but should not be!
Everything seemed to be in order, nothing out of the ordinary. Until I really looked at the black mass. It was not apart of the universe but the edges, could this be what I spotted earlier? I put my finger on the bubble. The location that I was pointing out, it had a shimmer. At first glance, you would not see it. Black on black is hard to see. But if one of the blacks is moving, to me it has a shimmer. I asked this entity, why is there something there hiding? She, of course, was not sure herself, mentioning that she would send a scout out to investigate the situation.

Before she departed, she reminded me to use every measure to stay hidden. Most of all, to control my emotions. It is my emotions that allow the Zeragill’s to find me fast. Reassuring her that I would not bring any more attention to myself was the top priority. I just needed to know one thing … “was she working for the light or the dark?” That is when she told me, “neither!” And then she was gone, I was content with her reply and continued to study the universe as it was being shown to me. That is when a thought came to my mind, how small and simple we actually are. When we are compared to the size of the universe, we are nothing. So why do so many of us humans take for granted everything that has been given to us? We are so selfish, destructive and care little to nothing about what we actually have. All we want is more! We are spoiled little brats!

Just as I was about to leave, that is when I noticed more shimmers. Roughly in the same location as I had pointed to the first time, just a lot more. She was going to send a scouting party into a trap! Being whom she is, she knows what she is doing, this should not be an issue for her!

FYI … I really should have gone searching for her, they did not know what was there. And they paid a high price for going in blind with few feet that were marching! My insight would have prepared them for what was there. Maybe instead of a scouting party, they would have sent an army. No even better, assassins!

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