Labour day weekend is over! If you live in Canada, today was the first day of school. The day that most parents look forwards to! Then the sad realization creaps in, fall is rate around the corner. That means the cold winter weather is coming as well.

I have noticed for the last couple of weeks that the leaves on the maple trees have been turning colour and some have fallen off. My garden plants are starting to die off as well. Further up north near the Gravenhurst, a friend of mine told me, the trees had been changing colours for weeks. To be prepared for an early winter. Have the leaves started to change in your location?

As a Canadian I enjoy many of the privlages that I have been given. The cold winter is something that I dread each year. I have never been a fan of the coldness. The snow … I love that part! Just not the cold bitter winds that are come with it. This year I have challenged myself to enjoy the weather no matter what! What do you do during the winter weather for fun?

We have not had a real bad winter in a while, over 8 years. I am predicting, the weather is going to change fast, since the leaves are change early. I believe that we are going to get a lot of snow. 2019 has been a bit warmer, very simular to 2001 and 2010. With warmer tempatures we will have more snow falling down on us.

The changing of seasons has been, from what I have noticed, starting a bit early each year. Even thought they have been starting early, the pattern has yet to be broken. If mothernature keeps her routine going, this year should be the year that we will get a lot of snow. The children and dogs are going to enjoy this winter, that is for sure.

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