I remembered that Benjamin turned down the music! He was like “so do you have a boyfriend?” I was like “nope!” He was like, “what do you think about motorcycles?” I was like, “yeah they are pretty sweet to look at!” He was like “have you ever been on one?” I was like “no!” He started to chuckle, and he was like “ever thought about going for a ride one day on a motorcycle?” I looked at him, wrinkles on my forehead on display and I was like “sure, I just need to write up my will and complete my bucket list. Yeah, sure I will go for a ride!” I laughed so hard when he asked me what was I doing this Saturday and if I thought my bucket list would be finished by then?

I was like do you have any idea what I am? Benjamin was so sweet, he was like “a female and your probably crazy, finding out what level of crazy is on my list to do!” Since Benjamin was slightly amusing, I told him that if I survive Friday night, I will go for a ride on his bike on Saturday!

Benjamin wanted to get to know this mysterious person that was in his truck. I asked Benjamin what did he want to know? I laughed at the thought of being mysterious, I thought of myself more as cursed than anything. Benjamin phone started to go off! The pit of my stomach started to twist. I looked at him and told him to pull over if he planned on answering that! He made a comment about talking and driving, almost as if it was something that he had mastered. I gave a look, and I was pleased that he pulled over.

A flash of black light went through the truck. The sky was getting darker by the minute. The hairs on the back of my neck and arms started to stand up. It was the chain of events making my gut commence to twisting and turn. I remember looking out of the passenger window, I saw several Zeragill pushing on a dead tree, Benjamin’s phone slipping out of his hands. Benjamin was bending over to retrieve his phone from between his feet. There was this suspicious noise! My eyes had caught the odd sound that I had heard. Just as I was about to move my lips and have sound come out of my throat, there was a tremendous thud, a tree on top of the truck. Glass was everywhere, and all I could recall is, get Benjamin out of the truck. I unfastened both of our seat belts, he was out of the truck and cursing like a drunken sailor. As I was just about to climb out another tree fell on the truck. There was this high pitch ringing in my ears. Everything was blurry, my mind was spinning in all directions. Logic and anxiety both battling for possession of what I was going to do. I was being pulled out of the drives door and laid on the road a couple of feet away from the truck. I can not say how long I remained just looking at the truck in shock. I remember Benjamin brushing glass off of me, and saying I may need stitches. Then I saw one of those bastards go under the truck. I did not know at the time what was going to occur, I just knew it was not going to be good. I got up from the ground and told Benjamin that we needed to move further from the truck. Tapping my pockets, I was making sure I still had everything. He wanted to know why, when I stopped and looked back. That was when he saw the smoke and a blast of lighting, that knocked us to the ground. We were extremely fortunate to be able to get up onto our feet. I handed my phone over to Benjamin and told him he should call 911. While he was making the call, all I could reminisce is, the Zeragill will go to any limit to discard of my existence!

I briefly heard Benjamin say that help was on its way, followed with I am going to call my sister. I think I said sure then again I did not stop staring at this truck burning. Though at the time, my focus was to get Benjamin out of the truck, it was him who got me out. And now with every second that goes by my hatred for the entities only built. Rage flowed throw my veins, every thought of revenge flooded my mine, I was going to pay them back with equal kindness. I positioned myself on the roadside and looked up at Benjamin mumbling “I really could use a smoke rate now.” Benjamin pulled out a pack of smokes from the inside of his shirt and asked me not to tell Brianne, as far as she knew he quit smoking six months ago. I took a smoke and said that I would not say a word. As I lite up a smoke, he handed me back the phone and said thanks. I started to laugh and asked him if he still wanted to take me out on for a bike ride? Benjamin was like, “damn right, you owe me big time!” okay I laughed, the situation required a hearty laugh! Followed with a remark of “you are a sucker for punishment,” something Benjamin did not deny.

One point in time a person stopped to assist us. There was a blanket in the trunk of the car, the owner gave it to me to keep me warm. I could feel my heart speeding up and then slowing down. I was breathing rapidly, then it would calm down. This was the pattern I displayed for a long period. In my mind’s eye, I started to envision the lights on the emergency vehicles. They were heading this way, they were about twenty-ish minutes away from our location. This was not a busy stretch of road, those that were heading in our direction, stopped to assist us. Benjamin kept on asking me if I was alright. I told him and myself that if I just kept on breathing slow and steady that everything was going to be just fine. I think I was trying to convince myself more than anything. The beating of my heart was irregular. This disaster and the events at Ash’s house was more than I could handle. And here I was sitting on the ground with the rain drizzling down on me, trying to control my mind, so it does not drift away. I heard my mothers voice ringing in my ears. She would always tell me to get my head out of the clouds and get my feet back to the ground. She would always say this to me when she thought that I was drifting away! The harsh reality for me, sometimes I could not control this at all!

It is like the strong wind blowing on your body when a storm is over top of you. It is hard to move, some of the times you just had to move with the wind. Well, that is what it is like with my mind. Sometimes I can control it and function with no difficulties. It is like watching television and doing something else at the same time. Then there are those days, no matter how hard I try I can not work, my mind takes over.

The sirens were getting closer, I could hear the faint sound in the distance. I was moved to a car that was parked over to the side of the road. The drizzle had turned into light rain. The pattering sound on the rooftop was calming. It was the sound of my phone that stopped me from going to sleep. I answered the phone, Brianne was on the other end. She wanted to know what was going on. I filled her in as much as I could. She told me that she was about 45 minutes away from us. I asked her if she wanted to talk to her brother, which she did. I yelled for him, and once he was there, I told him it was his sister. Taking the phone from my hands, he started to talk to her. As he was talking to his sister, emergency personnel arrived. The sky was black now with thunderclouds, I could tell one nasty storm was heading our way, and I was in a location that I did not know.

Someone was asking me questions, you know the standard questions that are asked when someone has been in an accident. I know I answered the questions, and the next thing I knew an oxygen mask was placed on me. Someone had helped me into the back of an ambulance, while Benjamin was asking what hospital I was going to. Words were passed back and forth. The door was closed, and soon the ambulance was off to the nearest hospital. I was in a comfortable position. The sound of the sirens mixed in with this beeping sound, soon I found myself closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep.

I woke up to Brianne and Benjamin sitting near the bed that I was in. I was told that I had been asleep for less than an hour! For me, considering my last blackouts, this was good. My forehead was stitched up, and a had six more cuts but they were not that deep so did not need any stitches. My release was swift and simple, which I was all too glad to hear. As we left the hospital, Brianne told me that she had called Peter to let him know what was going on. All I could think of is ‘shit I hope this does not get Crystal upset and in a frenzy.’ Benjamin handed me back my phone and the thought of calling Peter to reassure him that I was fine and will be back as soon as possible. To my delight arrangements had already been made. Then that is when Brianne told me that Ash had called her a while ago, just before she listened to Benjamin’s message. The kids were distraught! The family had left the property when the children started to say that they, I assumed they meant the Zeragill, we are going to kill Zita. Once they have killed me, what work I had done will leave as well. Soon the families protection will be gone, and the family will be next.

My heart felt as if it was being crushed. I felt indirectly responsible. I gave them protection, but by doing so, I have only irritated the familys attackers and made things worse. I had apologized, something I had done so many times with Peter. I did not mean for any harm to come to the family nor myself. This had set Brianne in a rant, which Benjamin had shared the same emotion. What Peter would have said, it was similar to the words that came out of Brianne and Benjamin. With only one different, there was passion and energy behind the words that Brianne spoke. Peter was understanding of my stress, Brianne seemed to understand the whole situation. Something that not many would understand nor comprehend. Brianne walked ahead of Benjamin and myself, she unlocked the car doors while she started her conversation on her phone. Before we got into the car, I whispered to Benjamin asking if I could have one more smoke. He muttered that after today, even his sister can not give him the third degree for putting a cigarette in his mouth. With respect I smoked outside of the car, trying not to listen in to a conversation that I was sure involved Ash.

And judging by the tone of her voice things were not going well. Benjamin mentioned to me if there is one thing he found out today is that what I did had worked. Brianne has spent all these years studying and working these demons that took her love away from her. She has never excepted the death of her love. It is almost Briannes life mission to find a way to get rid of these demons! All this time she has been looking for someone that has the ability to go after the demons. He gave me a light nudge and said that I might be the person she has been looking for all these years. I shook my head as if to say there is no way to defeat them. What came out of my mouth was “I only know how to protect myself and run!” That is when Benjamin smiled and said “if you have learned to protect yourself so well, you can fight back. I just needed to learn how!” Brianne started off with “well” … that to my ears did not sound good. Ash, Lexi and the children were going for a visit to the grandparent’s place. Once the Zeragill realized that their attempt assassinate was botched! They chanted to the kids that they will get Zita the next time and their protection would not be there. That Pandoras box has been open and hope would soon be dead. I looked at Benjamin and asked for another smoke. I was so frazzled, and this was my go-to thing, chain-smoking. I kept on putting the smoke in my mouth left, right and centre. I did not need to see their faces nor hear their voices, they knew I knew what was going on. Halfway through the cigarette, I started to tell my story.

‘Everyone knows the story of Pandoras box. It had been opened, and evil was placed on humanity. The only thing left in the box was hope. Several times since I was a little girl, the parasites would visit in dreams. They would shove a box in my face, expecting me to open it. I would not take the box from them, so the entity opened the box. There was at the bottom of the box one piece of paper. The entity would show me the paper and what said on it. Only one word was written on this paper, hope! They would take the paper out of the box, shove the paper in its mouth and chewed it up. When the parasites was finished chewing it up, it would open its mouth. On its tongue was a mushed up ball of paper, then it would catch on fire. The parasites would spit the ashes in my face and laugh. Telling me that I was going to die and our hope would be gone.’

I threw the rest of the cigarette to the ground and got into the back seat of the car. Benjamin closed the car door, I got the seat belt on over my hip. Instead of sitting shotgun, Benjamin sat beside me in the back seat. Which I thought was odd considering that is the spot I would have picked if I knew that he was going to sit back here.

Getting on the outskirts of the town, it started to rain heavily. There was one thing I realized that Brianne and Benjamin shared, they both had a heavy foot. What took Benjamin a little over an hour and a half to get here. For sure Brianne will beat that record, we probably will make it home in just over an hour. At the beginning it was quiet, and all we did was listen to the radio. I just looked out the window, remembering what just happened. I rolled the thought over and over in my head, death by their hands or mine? What would be better? They are hell bound to see me die. Will I wait out my time or beat them to the punch line. Breaking the silence I needed to know what was Briannes plan. She looked in the rearview mirror to regard me, and told me that she was waiting for her friend’s thoughts on Friday! She was not going to do anything until then. She did apologize to me for today’s events. She did feel responsible for what happened. If she had not sent me this would never have happened. I saw things in a different angle. If I had not gone today, I would have never known that it is possible to have a life maybe even a family. I would never have pushed myself to go past what I have done. I would have never known what I am capable of doing. Not that I particularly enjoy the thought that the children are being harassed, but I know what I can do! If anything came out of this that is positive, I want to stand up for myself and others like me. I still do not know how to overcome my fears, but I am sure I will find an intelligent way to do so! I have underestimated myself!

Brianne named out the difference from then and the now, I will have more assistance and even more information. I will not have to battle these parasites on my own. I may be strong, but I am going to need support! I knew what she was getting at, but she will never understand how it feels to be hunted. I am the pray, they are the hunters, and was running, the feeling of options is thin! I need an opportunity that is going to work, what does Brianne’s group know that I do not!

Benjamin put his arm around my shoulder and said that a shot of whisky and a good night sleep would solve everything. I chuckled and said I will take the bottle of whisky, that for sure will give me a good night sleep. We were heading into the mouth of a thunderstorm when I started to get sleepy again. I closed my eyes and just listened to thunderstorm. Just as I was about to blank out, I heard Brianne say to Benjamin, “do not think about it, she is not a lost puppy. She is stronger than you think. Possibly the strongest person I have ever met.” Followed by Benjamin saying, “I know!” I was not sure what she meant by lost puppy! But I was too sleepy to ask and start up a conversation.

It felt like I just fell asleep and before I knew it the car door was opened and I was stepping out onto the property of Brianne and Benjamin. I was taken into their home and sat at the table. Brianne’s friends had dinner ready for us. I ate in silence while everyone was laughing and enjoying theirselves. Rolling around in my mind was where was I going to stay for the night. I can not go back to the old apartment. I did not feel comfortable going back to Peters and Crystal’s place. Not with everything that happened today. The other option was a hotel room. That was the best option that I had.

There was a mention of the storm and when it would possibly stop. Personally, I had always loved thunderstorms, even more so now. The energy that was around us was phenomenal. I was able to see things differently. To be honest, my head cracking the floor could have been the best thing that the entities could have done to me. Take away the fact I can not see great detail, this seeing energy thing was the best thing ever. I stood at the window just watching the best show ever, I was handed a drink Brianne had made me. It was Rum and coke, a bit stronger than I was used to, but I was not going to complain. I asked Benjamin if he knew the number of any hotels? I explained that after to days events, I was not going to take any chances, not with Crystal being pregnant. Their lives were finally starting to grow, I was not going to be the cause of any possible downfalls. Of course, I got the “you should not be sleeping in a hotel” line and blah blah blah. Still, Benjamin went to get the phone book to find what I was wanting.

My phone started to ring while I listened silently to the surroundings. The ring tone I knew, it was going to be Crystal on the other end, swiping the screen just like Crystal told me to do, I answered the call with a “hello”. I told Crystal that I was okay, gave a brief rundown on what had happened in my version of the story, which backed up what had been told to them. I informed Crystal that I would be finding a hotel room to stay at until I felt like everything was going to calm down and my reasoning. As I had predicted, Crystal did object to my decision. I found my way back to the kitchen which was a bit quieter. I told Crystal the story of the children. I was determined not to put anyone in danger. I would be staying at the hotel until I could figure out what I was going to do. I needed a plan that was going to work. Again Crystal protest saying that I would be safe with them. I did understand what she was saying, and she felt that she could help me out with no issues arising. I, on the other hand, did not have the same confidence that Crystal was displaying. I was firm with my short-term plan of housing. Once Crystal realized I was not going to budge, she asked me to make sure that I was not going to stay at a slum, hooker, hotel. I laughed and said I do not think I will be able to handle a bed bug ridden location, I had a bit of self-respect and better taste. Before we finished the conversation, I was told that after Peter and her sign the final papers for their soon to be home, Crystal was going to pick me up, and she was going to show where we were going to live. Crystal had stressed the point of that I was going to love it. I asked how to end the conversation, Crystal told me not to worry that once she hangs up, my phone would soon turn off on its own.

Just when I thought the lecture of where I was going to stay was over, Benjamin showed me his sense of humour. He told me that I would be staying the night at his place. That he was not going to see me, as he put it, ‘out on the streets’. I laughed and told him that not all places are that bad plus it could not be any worse than my old apartment. That is when he handed me the phone book and told me that if I could find a place to stay for the night, he would drive me there. Then Benjamin recruited his sister and her friends. Between Peter and Crystal versus Benjamin and Brianne, I have no idea who is more stubborn. I tried to fight a good battle with logic and reasoning, let us just say Benjamin and Brianne are more persistent and I lost. I agreed to sleep on the couch for the night. Man am I ever getting weak and a pushover!

We sat around in the living room having a couple more drinks. I did not partake in the conversation that was going on. I just sat there picking up on their own personal vibes. The first thing that comes to mind is a bunch of happy jolly energetic people. One of Briannes friends had asked how she met me. Brianne told her story which probably no one will never forget. At this point, I was only listening partially to the conversation. When someone asked me what my gift was? I said “it is when I put my pointer finger up to my lips go ‘shhhhhh!’ and then the person is quiet!” Of course, I made the motions while speaking. Brianne was like, “Zita is going to fit in well here.” And I was like “so, then you are in the habit of collecting people?” With great effort, Brianne was trying not to laugh when she said “only the rare one!” I laughed as I said, “well this gemstone you may want to get rid of, it has the habits of causing chaos.” That is when a familiar voice added, “do not forget sarcasm, stubbornest and rebellious nature.” Vera had walked through the door and was given a warm welcome from Brianne. Vera was informed that her dinner was in the oven and that I would be spending the night. Followed by Brianne whispering something to her. Benjamin had moved in closer placed his arm around my shoulders and told me not to worry that I was safe.

Safe … safe from what? It should be his life that he should be worried about. I reminded him of the two trees that fell down on his truck, then the truck bursting into flames. It should be the other way around, me assuring him that he was safe. We both laughed a bit, it was not like the situation was funny, it was the fact that he is trying to comfort me, yet he and I nearly got killed. He said he will put a notch on his belt for near-death experience with being around me. Told him the longer he is around those notches will only increase, that he may want to reconsider hanging around me. That is when he told me that he survived Briannes cooking all these years, he could live through anything. From the kitchen, Brianne bellowed “I heard that!” really low he said that if it were not for Beths coming here, he would have starved. None of us could hold it back, we howled with laughter. I then had to tell the story of my worst attempt with cooking and not even the alley cats wanting to touch my food. Benjamin told me how Brianne tried to cook box pizza once when she just moved back to the family house. She forgot to take the piece of cardboard off the bottom of the pizza, placing the pizza in the oven and placed the stove on fire. It was Brianne turn to tell her story of Benjamin’s disastrous cooking story of burning water. And at that note, I added that is why there is such a thing called 911 take out. For those that cannot cook, yet do not like the thoughts of starvation, there are assistants for us. The lights started to flicker, and Benjamin got up. I was unsure of what he was doing until I could see small bits of flames in the far corner where I had been standing near, earlier looking at the thunderstorm.

That is when I realized that the size of the living room could not have been that big. I asked how many bedrooms were in this house. There had been one bedroom downstairs which was Benjamins and than there were four bedrooms upstairs as well. They had done a bit of renovating when Brianne moved in. There were expectations that the children would be staying from time to time. So there was a need to make the place more spacious! For the most part, as Brianne put things, this was a half decent size country home that they had. Beth and Silva both said that they were going to retire for the night. Judging by their energy level, I presumed that sleep was not their first motive. Benjamin asked if I would like one more drink and a cigarette? I thought about it for a second and thought what the hell, I think I could use another drink, and I told him that I would pay him back for taking all his smokes from him. He told me that after all the court stuff, that he was going to quiet again, so there was no need to pay him back. Benjamin led me to the kitchen and made us both a drink and then told me that there was an enclosed patio off of his bedroom that we could go and have a smoke. At the same time that everything was going on I was listening to Vera and Brianne. I knew that they were speaking in a different language, I was pretty sure it was a language that would have been spoken back in Ireland. But which one … that I did not know. As Benjamin was leading to the location where we were going to have a smoke and drink, he spoke in the same language back to his sister and Vera. What was being said, I was clueless, going by the energy that was coming off the three of them, add the tone of their vocal cord, something humorous! I did not think much of it when Benjamin apologized for speaking in a different language. I did not mind, it is like a secret code for talking behind others backs. He chuckled a bit as he told me to follow him. I heard a door sliding and a warning to watch my feet that there was one step down. I was shown where I could sit, and that is when I asked what language he was speaking. He told me it was modern Celtic. I was curious if he spoke this language in Ireland, would the people understand what he would be saying. Or would this be like a French Canadian going to France and they would have a hard time understanding them.

For the most part, they would understand what is being said. It is no different if we went to England speaking English, our words are slightly different because of our slang and accent. I guess until now, I never thought about having an accent. Now that I have the chance to think about it, I guess I would have an accent even if I had travelled to the US. Out of nowhere, it crossed my mind that I should let Crystal know where to pick me up in the morning. I had handed my phone to Benjamin, asking him to text Crystal the location where to pick me up in the morning. I heard tapping noises, and then the phone was back into my lap, followed with ‘done’! The door to the patio had been opened followed by Brianne saying something to Benjamin in their Celtic tongue. Benjamin had a chuckle like tone of voice as he told his sister good night. I found out that Brianne was teasing him a bit, about what not fully sure, but I have an imagination. I laughed at Benjamin, I thought that teasing siblings ended in high school. I guess in this house it continues into adult years and beyond. At a young age, Benjamin found out what to do to get Brianne going. Several times Benjamin would get out of being in trouble until his parents clued in that he was the one instigating the situation. So Brianne figured this was payback from when Benjamin was young and naughty. I tried to picture Benjamin being a naughty child, I figured that he could teach me a couple of lessons and plus some. I asked Benjamin if he had calmed down yet since he was a child. His laugh was so evil like when he said “nope”. I was like “what?” Benjamin chuckled when he told me he found a snake, just a toy he bought from the store! He put it in the top drawer of Briannes dresser just the other day. He had the bruises to prove of the beating Brianne gave him. Throughout the night Benjamin told me of stories of his childhood to his adult years.

Listening to his stories, it reminded me of Peters and my relationship. There was a lot of hard times, but in among that, Benjamin and Brianne laughed a lot. Than Benjamin wanted to know a bit about me, and I thought about it, and I was like, nope not that interesting. If I thought that was going to help me, I was wrong. That is when I found out how much Benjamin likes a good mystery. Could can you believe this, he said I will break down one day and tell me all the good and bad stuff!

A challenge, I have always liked a good challenge. And he was like “your a great person, why do you keep that hidden?” Then I reminded him once again how I almost got him killed. He said he would never forget and I can pay him back on a date. First thing I could think of is ‘man he has balls of gold.’ What I said is “really!” And he was like “really really!” I looked at him and told him I know what his superpower was, telepathic. He chuckled a bit, waiting to know how I figured this out. I was like, “It Is a vibe or a gut feeling maybe intuition. Whatever you want to call it I just knew. Brianne’s is a telepath plus has the power was to bring together people. It does not matter how long, just that she brings others together. Maybe this is a way of allowing others to feel like they are apart of something. She is very comfortable in her skin, maybe this is a way for others to feel as she does! Individuals have this need to understand their surroundings and belong. It is groups that are what I consider a security blanket. It is an emotional need to be accepted. Most people have this uncontrollable desire to belong and be a part of something. Hence why you are more comfortable living on the farm with your sister.”

At this point I have no idea if Benjamin was impressed or freaked out, could be both actually! Talking about belonging and acceptance, Benjamin wanted to know what group I belonged to. I was like nothing, everything, this and that. If need be, I can change my demeanour to fit the others. In reality, I do not belong to anything. I am a lone wolf wandering the earth doing what I need to do! It is not a lonely life, I get to see more than the average person. There are no boundaries that I have subjected myself to. I follow the laws that are placed to have a functional society. Having to belong to a group is not something I desire.

Benjamin was quite, I could tell that he was thinking about what was said and how to respond. Then he was like, “you do belong to a group, it is not as popular and often frowned down by society, misfit!” Picturing myself as a misfit … I do not think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. Yeah, I can totally see that! Though I think I would rather be called an oddball. Misfit … that just does not have a nice ring to it, at least in my mind!

We stayed up for a bit longer, while I listened to Benjamin talking about his public and high school years. I listened to how when he was in public school, he played sports like many other children. Benjamin was not Mr. popular, but he was well liked by the girls in public school. Finally, when he got into high school Benjamin joined the football team, his best friend was the captain. His real passion besides partying and girls was shop class. Working on trucks, cars even wood projects, that was Benjamin’s favourite time spent. I am not going to lie, Benjamin talking about cars and trucks bored me to tears. I do believe I started to zone him out. No different than with Peter when he goes on and on about his work. I am not trying to disrespect their passion, but more than thirty minutes of the same thing, I am gone to my own little world. I just hope there is no test afterwards. Somehow though I did manage to survive the whole truck and car thing. And I was honest with Benjamin, they are all the same to me. Key, four wheels, steering wheel, runs off fuel … plug key in, it should work. Can you believe this Benjamin laughed at me! I guess I am the first one that has not told him to shut up or walked out. I told Benjamin not to worry that at some points I zoned him out hoping there would be no test after he was done. We laughed a bit more, and after a while, both of us called it a night and went to bed. The fire had died down so Benjamin put one more log of wood on just so I would not get too cold during the night while I slept on the couch.

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