The first impression, the land has had occupants for many many generations! I hear that this was hunting grounds. This is all information that is not surprising to me. I needed to know more. I opened the truck and placed both feet on the ground. I pictured two people fighting a lot. One that is about to leave … the mother! The man feels trapped and unable to make up his mind.

I closed my eyes and allowed my mind to dig further into the land, I wanted to know what was actually here!

The trees started to sway in my mind. Strands of my hair started to move with the air current. I started to see the entities that were like protectors talking to humanoid figures. A large group, maybe twenty to fifty members. The entities showed them how to hunt, to grow food, to build and survive on the land. They also showed the humans one more thing, only a few were able to do this, but the entities taught somehow to harness the energy from the land, water, fires, and other humans. Time sped up … like fast-forwarding a movie that you are able to see move. ANGER! There is a lot of it, like a blanket, it covered me and tried to consume me. Somehow I managed to push it away. Then I saw something that I have never seen before but have heard of. A male that learned how to harness the energy around him, and was able to will it! That male is now dead. This male has been using his energy to protect the family within the house. I am seeing frustration from this dead man! He whispers in the ears of the living. No one is listening, or they shrug things off.

This is weird … I see a lot of fighting going on here. There is like a continues battle of who will have control over this land, all the different groups of entities. It feels like there is an endless amount of strife coming to this area! I was starting to become very overwhelmed by the feelings I was getting!
There is like this bubble over the house! Fluctuating with energy! It is like bright, then it goes dim! When it is faint, it is like the parasites are going to attack the house! Bending over, I picked up four stones, I walked to each corner of the property. I thought about the protection of the family, keeping all that would cause them any kind of harm, I willed them to stay out and away! In my mind, I pictured a happy and safe family living here! This still was not enough. Anything that was hiding here, while I was walking around, now are trapped inside the rectangle I just made. The hard part was getting what is here out! That was not going to be easy, it was old and very powerful. I know I am strong but ancient … well, I would be considered a pup when placed beside them. I am good at what I do, they have had much more practice!

I wanted to know what was trapped in here with me now! What group of entities was I dealing with? I have so many questions that I wanted to answer before venturing into the home.

Criss cross apple sauce, and I was sitting on the ground, with my eyes closed! Families have moved in and out a lot. It looks like the longest family to stay here was just over two years. Why?
There is a lot of energy under the house! There is like this great big black hole, and it is just getting bigger! At one point it looks like a protective entity had tried to warn a family of what was going on! OHHHHH this does not look good!

Someone opened the door to communicate with the dead loved ones. I see dresses … The 1800’s kind of fashion. They did not have a lot of money, but the family were not hard pressed either. What they did is, they did not close the door since then the door has only been getting bigger.

The time is now in the early seventy’s! Someone that was dabbling with magick had tried to fix the problems that were going on here. They had the right idea, that would have solved the spirit aspect. Not the land! The land is very aggressive, all the fighting has left a bitter residue behind. That is the cause of the black hole under the house. It is like a gateway for all kinds of energy.

Closing this doorway is not going to be easy … the land started to speak to me … That is when I saw roots … plant flowers, shrubs anything that can thrive and grow! I hope the family enjoys gardening! I am starting to get the impression that this will not get rid of the opening, but help decrease the size of the hole!

It looked to me as if the protective entities were trying to warn the people of disaster. I can hear voices, but I have no idea where they are. ‘If they do not start to listen to us, they are going to become nothing but an animal!’

I am not positive, but I think the entities that act like protectors are trying to give the people here a way to help them. A means to balance out what is going on. That is what I think they were talking about.

I then saw the Zeragill and what their plan was. They wanted to place the humans in a fenced in location and use their energy to do their work. Once the humans are not able to function, the Zeragill’s will consume the humans. Their idea of a fenced in location is to say the outline of Ontario. Scattered all over Ontario are these doorways, it makes it straightforward to travel from one area to the next. This is just one section, the planet is covered with several doorways. So then what would happen if one of the livestock aka humans, should do the opposite of what the Zeragill’s want?

Heading into the house, I know that the floor was under my feet, the feeling I was going to fall was genuine to me. The black hole under the house, it felt as if it slowly was swallowing me up.
I just need time to listen to my surroundings. I made the shape of a triangle with my thumb and pointer fingers. While the remaining fingers were folding in a comfortable position to me. I closed my eyes, and I started to listen to the land and everything else that was going by.

Ash … he had come from a line of spiritualist. His wife … I do not know what other terms to use, the first thing that comes to mind, an active line of witches. Ash wants to practise the old ways, his wife denies her skills. The wife is producing a lot of anger and rage. She definitely believes everything going on here is Ash’s fault. Ash has tried to tell his wife, that they need to understand what is going on, that way, they can learn to protect themselves. Both kids have inherited their father’s gift. Her negative views are allowing this black hole to become stronger.

A dead man told me that he was Ash’s grandfather. And the Zeragill want to take over all the children. He feels like he has failed Ash. He did not teach him what he knew about the family gift. If he had shown Ash, maybe he would be able to protect his family better. With the grandfather and Ash, they have been able to keep everything out, for the most part! The negative energy from his wife is the reason why the Zeragill can get back in the house.

Most of the time, the grandfather is working in the crawl space and pipes that are direct with the house. He is at the moment yelling at me for trapping in the three Zeragill inside the property. He wants me to explain my actions! My actions will have to be defined late, we will place this on the back burner and around later!

I blocked this mans voice out of my mind for the time I needed. I envisioned the blackness covering me up. Long enough so that I could pick up the energy signature. I took that energy, and I made it my own. I needed enough power to expand my own.

I needed to move fast. The focus for me was urgent, distractions were not something that would be allowed. The banging on the walls was intense. Random places you would hear thumps, bangs and booms! Still, I could not allow my attention to be waved. I needed to bring the energy to a boiling point. Hotter than the sun, stronger than a bomb and just as fast as lighting! The idea of a bubble around the house, I repeated the same act. The only difference is, I envisioned pushing out all the unwanted energy out past the property. Not only on the surface of the land but below. This was a perfect sphere of energy. This was by far the strongest and best masterpiece I have ever done! And the consequence of this action … a migraine in the working! By the time that everything had been said and done, I had a nose bleed! The banging stopped, and the grandfather was no longer yelling at me.

I told Ash everything that I saw and what I did. In my opinion, the black hole under the house will never go away. He could stay and learn what is needed to prevent unwanted guests. In the end, it is the land that needs to be healed. I had been asked what I would do, which I told him, I would not leave the property for someone else to deal with. If he listens to his grandfather and continues to get help, he will have a network to back him up. I did warn him though of my personal experience, and what happens when I had dealt with the parasites.

I also warned Ash, what I did, this will only last for so long. The garden will prevent the hole from getting bigger, and the roots might cover the mess as well. The thing that bothered me the most was the Zeragill’s trying to take over the children. I suggested he seek help from whom I see are the protectors. The parasites seem to be alarmed of their presents.

Then the last part, more sensitive than the rest, since it was more of an attack on his wife. Her most significant issue is dealing with the supernatural, it not only frightens her but the opinions of others and what they think does matter to her. And if others in the community see this as taboo and frown a pond, life for her and the children will be ruined. They might want to seek counselling to resolve family concerns.

Ash’s Grandpa continued to talk to me, a message that he wanted Ash to hear come from my mouth. “One, there is a job opening at the city hall for a janitor. And two, Ash, there is something

that you need to know, your bloodline has been for a long time, the object of the Zeragill attacks. Your grandfather cannot move on because he does not want to leave the burden only on your shoulders. He has been trying very hard to help you out, but he is starting to get tired and worn out! Grandfather also mentioned something about the hydro.” I looked at Ash and asked him how much money does he need to get his hydro hooked up?

It was funny to me when Ash looked at Benjamin and said that I was right! That was something that no one knew about, his hydro had been cut just the other day. His wife had left to see if she could borrow money from her mother to get the hydro back again.

There was something that the children said that caught my attention. The Zeragill had told the children that they were going to kill hope! This is something that I have heard over and over again. Keeping this to myself, I left what the children said open for interpretation. Ash wanted to know what he owed me for today’s visit. I told him that I only came here because of the children! He wanted to know if there was anything else he should do.

I told him one, I would get my resume ready and go to the city hall and get my name in there. The last thing, I would be working out the pros and cons of staying in this house.

By the time that we left it was heading onto 2pm. The thought of food crossed Benjamins and my mind. Plus I needed to drop by a drug store to get something stronger for my head. It was manageable, but my head was still pounding. It was roughly a fifteen-minute drive to get to the town. Benjamin named off this and that restaurant, wanting to know where I would like to go and eat. When I think town I think a mom and pop type restaurant and they are always the best! I told him to choose a place, I am sure I will find something that I would like to eat!

When Benjamin had found a place to park, I felt like I got hit with a brick and now I am so exhausted. Food is probably the best thing for me now. At one point Benjamin asked if I was feeling alright, and I just said what I felt. We stopped at a small restaurant, which seemed to be packed with people. I allowed Benjamin to lead the way, at this point, I did not want to think about anything. I just wanted to have a three sum with a bed, pillow and a blanket. Finally, we were sitting at a table with a waitress asking us if we wanted to start off with a drink. I asked for a coffee, Benjamin second that one as well. We were both handed a menu. The waitress said what the special was of the day. And Benjamin said the special would be fine. That is when she asked me if I knew what I wanted or if I needed more time.
I wanted to have if it was available, BLT on white bread, lightly toasted. She said not a problem, and the BLT came with a side order of fries. That was perfect and all I wanted. We waited no more than twenty minutes for our food. I think I shock Benjamin at the amount of food I inhaled. I had not eaten in a while, and I was hungry. I am not going to have a salad, when I know I can eat a buffalo! So I had finished my meal than worked on the rest of my coffee. A little bit later, the waitress came back and asked if there was anything else. I was the first to say “no thank you,” followed by Benjamin. Benjamin asked for the bill, and the waitress said it would be here in a moment. I figured that it would be a good idea to go to the washroom before we hit the road again. The doors to the ladies room were pointed out to me, in that direction is where I went. By the time I was back, the bill was paid. I asked Benjamin how much did my meal come up to, he told me not to worry about it that he had it covered. So I pulled out some dollar bills and placed one bill on the table. Benjamin picked it up and said both the meals did not come to twenty dollars, I then asked him if I had a 10 dollar bill. He said I had two 5 dollar bills, which I ended up placing on the table. The next stop was a drug store, then we were going to be heading back home.

I pat my pockets to make sure I had not misplaced my cell phone and wallet. Followed with I am good to go! We were back on the road, Benjamin turned on the tunes and asked if I minded the country music. Which like before I could care less. It was so peaceful looking out the window. I looked over at Benjamin a couple of times. I noticed the parts of his brain, the energy was moving a wee bit more than normal. I figured he was in his deep thoughts. So I continued to look out the window. With a blink of my eyes, I swear the Zeragill were following me. I have been attacked several times, never in a moving vehicle. I was not thrilled that I was noticing them, but I was relaxed. Knowing that I was in a moving truck brought a bit of security to my tired mind!

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