An influence that has been used to alter our attitude, beliefs and behaviours. It is used to spread information and rumours. It can help or damage a person, cause or organization. For the most part, it is effective by using biased material or kindling publics emotions.

WWI and WWII propaganda was used to build up nationalism. Today it is used to change our spending habits, voting and what we believe to be true. It is so easy to persuade the general public. If you are shown something long enough, you will start to sway in the direction that is wanted by the publisher.

I like to believe myself as an intelligent individual — a born rebel, stubborn and fixed in my ways. If that were so, I would not have conformed to having a cell phone with me all the time. When I first introduced to the cell phone, it was only meant to be for emergencies. Over time Bell and Rogers made it feel like I NEEDED to have data on my phone; that way, I would not miss out on a thing. Just like many other individuals, I followed suit and had data on my phone! What a big mistake, I spent more time trying to pay off my phone bill, all because of having data on my phone — one example of how the system of propaganda works.

If you use search engines or social media, you are going to see propaganda. It is inevitable! Propaganda is only useful if the public chooses not to challenge what is circulated throughout the internet. When you do not doubt, then you are doing precisely what is expected of you.

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