The Canadian election is rate around the corner, it is up to the Canadian voters to decide “who will fuck us over the least!” To the right of the elementary school grounds, we have the Liberals candidate Justin Trudeau. To the left side of the elementary playground is Andrew Scheer of the Conservative Party. Surrounding the two juvenile delinquents, Jagment Singh of the New Democratic Party, Yves-Francois Blanchet of the Bloc Quebecois, Elizabeth May of the Green party, and finally Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party.

For months Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer have been bickering back and forth. How can anyone take them seriously? I thought we were to vote for an adult, not a child! Neither one of them deserves to represent Canada.

The Green Party has done a fantastic job at letting their presence being known this election. The issue that they keep on presenting to the public is the concerns of global warming. The question I have for the Green Party is, what will they do to change our lifestyle to benefit not only our lives but the environment? Continuously telling us that we need to do this and that and taxing the people will not help but only cause more friction!

I foresee that the Liberals will win this election only because of Scheer’s personal beliefs. He has stated that his own opinions will not hinder being a leader of Canada and following the laws. I think he is lying, his words do not match his facial expression nor his eyes. The group that I am in also agree with me! That may not be all of Canada, but I am sure that I am not the only one that views Scheers as a fraud and prejudice. So by default Justin Trudeau will win! I firmly believe that the Green Party will win more seats this time. I would like to see them do less talking and more action in heading Canada into the right direction that is so dearly needed. �

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  1. I’m not Canadian, but I do find it interesting to see the political process elsewhere. Especially when there are similarities like having to chose the lesser of two idiots…

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