“Peoples minds are changed through observation and not through arguments.” – Will Rogers

The house was a two-storey stone house. It was a beautiful, peaceful location with two mature trees growing. The shingles looked as if they were replaced recently. It appeared as if the large barn had been transformed into a shop. I would say that the parking space here could easily hold ten to fifteen cars if not more.

This place seemed half-decent. Though I kind of wonder how Brianne gets her clientele. The location is not really busy, but the scenery is absolutely stunning. In the shop, I envisioned before I walked in that she would have her business downstairs and a living quarter would be located at the loft above the store.

Brianne’s business was very interesting that much was for sure. Strolling around the place, I could tell there was a makeshift wall. This was to give the business probable one section for the customers to wander around, the other part was most likely for storage. 16X18 feet I would guess the measurements for the leading shop. There was not a lot of product out, yet a wide variety to choose from. Spirit-wise, Elizabeth was in the store, she was doing nothing but staring me down. Then she pointed to the back door and told me that Brianne was behind that door but to wait, she was busy and needed time to finish up. At the cashier, three girls were chatting it up with the employee. Stepping around a bit more, gathering up more information about the location. You know, a feel for the place! By sight, this place was pretty cool. What I was looking for was everything! Protection … smudging … crystals! Normal feeling for a coven of practising Wiccans.

I could hear dripping of water! I walked back outside, and I followed the sound of dripping water. It was like if you were in a cave and there was water dripping from the top, that is what I was hearing. Touring behind the main house, I found a water pump and well! Then I started to roam to the edge of the property. So I get to the corner of the property, I find a stone, meant for protection. This was a repeat for each corner of the property. At least I knew they had some kind of protection for the land. While I am doing all of this, it dawned on me, no one was out here, questioning what the hell I was doing, this kind of bothered me!

I wanted to know how many families or individuals owned this lot of land. I could see in my mind’s eye a paper that had several names on it. I got the feeling that Brianne inherited the farm from a family member. Roughly 50 to 75 years this land has been in her family name. I then saw several people dancing around a bond fire. I think that her family has practised the way of the earth for many generations possible centuries. Then I saw natives walking on the land, it appeared as if they were hunting or just going from point A to Z. There were deaths on the property, nothing that stood out that was traumatic. Natural deaths due to old age! The large sum of energy coming from the land itself, very high. Some believe that the land itself can affect the energy flow. If you add the well, rocks and the minerals that are here on this land, you will get a great deal of energy! That is just the natural energy, then you have the wires that have been placed here, that will just increase the power.

Elizabeth whisper, in my ear, “Brianne is all done!” Back into the shop, I walked to the door that was pointed out to me. As I turned the nob, I heard the worker say you can not go back there. I listened so well that I continued to go through the door. When I walked through the door. The first thing I said to Brianne was, “how do I get Elizabeth to stop following me?” Followed by an “oh and by the way, hi, how are you?” I guess I should have said hello before I uttered my question. Brianne’s employee must have apologized three dozen times for not being able to stop me. Brianne did not pay much attention to her employee, nor was she surprised that I was here.

All she said to her employee was not to worry, Brianne brought her attention back to me. But by that time, I was strolling around her ’employees only’ section! I watched the currents of energy run along all the walls, except the makeshift wall. Under the cement flooring and the roof. There were certain spots that looked like the energy would jump, as if something was stopping it from having a smooth run of the wire. I went from one corner to the next. The hairs on the back of my neck started to stand up. I did not like this energy that I was picking up, very aggressive. I brought myself back to where Brianne and her friends were standing. Brianne went on to say that “she had expected me earlier, that I was kind of late.” I chuckled a bit and told her that “I had been here for some time. I was walking the property line. That I found it actually shocking and alarming that no one question my motives! It is great to feel comfortable in your surroundings, yet you have to still be diligent and watchful of all activities. I could have been a prowler scoping out the location for an attack! No one would have known that I was keeping count on how many cars had driven by, which by the way was six leaving the city and eight heading in the direction of the city. I figured out whose car belonged here, and who were the customers. Hours of operation and how many individuals could possibly stay here. There is no at-home security system, and the shop is not protected as well. No dog here to alert anyone of my presents. And oh yeah as a last bit of information, there is a group of parasites standing on the other side of the road, the last count there were three. The stones that have been placed out on each corner of the property line seems to be doing the trick!”

That is when I heard one of Brianne’s guest ask her if I was one of her new recruitment. I swear I started to see the wheels in Brianne’s’ head moving. She had disappointed the group by letting them know ‘I was not being recruited into the group but a client. Though should reconsider her motives for the future!’ The door, to the main shop, had been closed by Brianne! One of the girls muttered to the other, “what a pity.” Have you ever walked into a place, and felt like you were a slab of me and everyone was eyeing you down? While this is how I was feeling rate now! All I could think of was ‘what in the world did I walk myself into?’Here I am feeling like I am at the meat market, and these girls want to know how much I cost. I give the look to Brianne like she better hose her dogs down, or I was going to hit them on the nose and send them to their kennel.

To get rid of this unwanted attention, I motioned to the upper floor and asked if I might take a look around. From the spot that Brianne was standing, she went to the stairs that led to the upper floor. Brianne wanted to know how my eyesight was doing? I was shocked … At no point had I mentioned my eyes to her nor Vera. The topic had not been brought back up with other Peter nor Crystal. Yes, I was taken back for a few or more seconds.

I asked. Brianne, what did she mean? A little bird had told her! That is something I like to say when I am hiding my informantion. I went with it! To Brianne’s question, Well … I started off, “no! Not one bit at all actually”! Brianne was intrigued and wanted to know how I see her and everyone in the room. I looked at her for a second, then looked at her two female friends.

We all know the basics of how a thermal camera works. As long as there is energy, I am able to see it, the detail is complicated for me if it was not for that I could totally function just like everyone else! I think the best part of this is being able to see the shifting in colour when people talk. Then Brianne asked if I have thought about seeking professional help. I started to laugh, I asked Brianne, if she were in my shoes, would she go and seek help to correct this coolness? Minus detail, this is pretty cool! Besides this give me one more notch on the weird factor!

Brianne started to laugh and mentioned how I was a rare specimen. That is when she asked me if I would like to have tea or coffee? Of course, I was always willing to have a cup of coffee if it was offered to me. I said coffee would be great! She asked me to follow her to the upper floor. This floor was very different from anything I had imagined. I was expecting to see more of an office like type area, it was completely the opposite. When you finished going up the flight of stairs, you see a cozy little bachelor living arrangement. Brianne informed me that this is where she did all of her meetings and classes. Space told me that her classes were small, I would say no more than ten at a time. That is when Brianne wanted to know what I saw.

I corrected her question, it should not have been what do I see, but how I feel about this location. The place might look very cozy and comfortable, but I was not at ease here. There was something that was bothering me, and I could not put my finger on it. This is the same feeling I get when I am studying a new location to move in. I knew there was or at some point a spirit here, very aggressive one at that too. What I did not know was how it managed to get in here. The protection rocks should have done the job. I was missing something! Closing my eyes so I could see everything better, it was not the wall that was the issue, but the wires behind the wall. I asked Brianne if she ever smelled burning wires up here? The reason being is the current was jumping from one side to the other, in energy. The part in which there was a jump was off! If I were an electrician, I would have a better understanding of what is going on. I do, though understand energy and currents. There should be a smooth flow, does not matter if it is fast or slow, just consistent. I even put my hand on the wall as if I was placing my hand over the top of the issue that I was seeing. She said, “yes,” and where I was standing was the location that the smell has always been the strongest! I told her that she needs to get the wiring replaced before the barn caught on fire.

Describing what I had mentioned above is what I relayed to Brianne. Telling Brianne that this barn was at least two hundred years old, with repairs. It would take no time for this barn to burn down, by the time the fire department gets here, they will not be able to save the barn, but will do everything to protect the other properties that are in the area. There might be forty or fifty feet between the two buildings, but if the wind is blowing and all that stuff, the house can go up in flames as well. I ask Brianne, “where were the fire detectors?” Which I found out one was just above the stairs we came up. I recommended putting one just on the ceiling just above where my hand is as well. If there was going to be a fire started, this is one of the four spots.

Brianne called out the name Benjamin. I always thought I was loud when I spoke and even louder when I was yelling. I think Brianne gave me a challenge. She was about to yell again when from below, I hear a male bellow up, “what do you want sis?” Brianne went to the top of the stairs and told her brother to call the electrician. This time to call a different company and to tell them to send someone with a brain in their head that knows how to do their job properly.

Brianne pointed her arms and hands toward the large pillows that were on the floor, offering me a place to sit. There was a small table in the middle of all the pillows. I do not want to even call it a table; it is like a box that is just sitting there. A place to put your drinks and so on. Soon after I had sat, she brought over a small dish with a lid and spoon in it, which I was told is the sugar. Then a little cup with a spout, Brianne informed me that it was milk, that she does not have creamer rate now. I was not going to complain, she was being a great hostess. She brought me a drink and one for herself. Brianne sat down near me and got her drink, as did I. I took a breathe in and studied Brianne for a second. I had two things on my mind, one was her friend Elizabeth. Secondly, after everything, I have done in less than forty-five minutes … why? If it was anyone else, they would have been insulted and told me to leave and never speak to them again!

Brianne had reminded me that she never mentioned her friend’s name. No one, not even her brother knew the name of her friend. She had always referred to Elizabeth as ‘the love that got away!’ I was not the only one that had pointed out the same spot where the wires have been an issue. The only difference is, no one has ever asked where is the fire detector or suggested to put one closer to the issue for security. This is a sign of thinking past the problem and finding a way to solve the issue. The property thing was totally different. Never in her life had she had someone walk the proximity, found the rocks she placed down five years ago. And pointed out all the security flaws. I did explain that to her … security is a huge thing for me. I try to find all blind spots and ways to get out in an emergency. I always think of the worse possible things then find a way to fix them, or I do not move into that location. Brianne was being honest when she mentioned these were the behaviour of someone that is paranoid! I reminded her of the video that caught me having a flying lesson ending badly! She then asked me how many times have I gone somewhere and did as I did here? Two hands down, I am guilty! I do this everywhere I go … okay so maybe I am a wee bit too paranoid, I am just tired of kissing the floor that is all!

With that, I when on and told Brianne what her friend had said to me. I really did not think that she would be able to help me. Brianne was on a different page than I was. She thought differently, and so did her associates! Brianne wanted to arrange a meeting with myself and this group. They would meet if a topic arises that was … well something like myself. Something that required a little bit more group power! This Friday after dinner, everyone was going to be at Brianne’s place they just needed one thing … me!

I was insistent that this was a bad idea! And Brianne being herself understood how I might be uncomfortable in a gathering with others. Having several questions ask and feeling like I am being pulled in all different directions. But Brianne was positive that I would want to do this. I, on the other side, was sure I was not going to find this enjoyable one bit at all. That is when she said ‘I bet you twenty dollars you will find this gathering informative and will not regret this at all!’ I had the WTF expression on my face! Who … really who do you know of, bets someone that they just met? Well, Brianne did, and I told her she was so unusual! Way different than anyone I have ever met before in my life. I thought about it for a moment … the pros and cons of this and … I accepted, my gut was telling me to go! Shhhh! FYI I am a sucker for a bet! You bet I accept the challenge! Am I a fool, you bet it, but I have a hard time walking away from a bet!

That is when I started to see visions in my mind’s eye. At first, it was hard to see what was being told to me. It was like a ten-year-old was drawing pictures for me to see. There was a diagram of a tall tree. Beside the tree was a stick figure that was half the size of a tree and near the stick figure was a house. The tree was a smidget higher than the house, and the stick figure was slightly smaller than the house. I was not bothered by the stick figure. Actually, I thought more of it as a protector, maybe even an enforcer.

The second picture was a house with a fairly long road heading to the house. A well that was not to far from the house. Another road leads to a barn, very similar to Brianne’s property. Then I started to see little stick people starting to show up with wiggle lines coming from their heads. Some of the figures had hats, shirts and pants, others long hair and dresses. I am going to assume that they were to tell the difference between sexes and make them more humanoid. Once I thought that there was going to be no more figures showing up, they were figures with Xs over top of some of the figures.
Then wiggle lines started to show up all around the property. First, I thought it was at random when the wiggle lines stopped showing up I noticed that the wiggle lines made up a circle, inside a circle, this repeated itself four times. I got the feeling that the wiggle lines were to represent energy. The circles felt like timelines. So I think that each circle is a generation. The further apart the circles are, the stronger the land had become. The more people that came, the bigger the circles became. The first two circles are very close, the third circle is a tiny bit further, though the fourth circle is three times the size of the third circle. This tells me that in a short period of time, a large amount of energy had been gathering here. This can be good in one sense and could go horribly bad on the other hand. The land already had a natural flow of energy. I think that Brianne had brought in energy herself, and has been collecting energy as she goes along with her life. The thing that I was curious about was the Xs over the male and females. That is when I started to ask Brianne questions about the history of the land and who owned the land before her. Which she was all too glad to tell me.

Brianne’s ancestors moved to Canada around 1850, just before the black plague hit Ireland. They did not have the money to buy the land, they worked and saved the money to buy some land. Unfortunately her great-grandfather five times removed, died before the lot could be paid for. It was her grandfather son that bought this land around 1867. Her grandmother times five removed, gave her oldest son, her money with strict conditions. She was to live there and run the household. And that she did until she died, she was 65 when she died. The other condition was that the land was to go to the most responsible male, regardless of the male was born last of the male siblings. Her grandmother was a very religious woman that did not put up with anything. You had to be hardworking every day, except Sundays. And even still the farm animals had to be cared for. And everyone helped out with that. For the most part, the women stayed in the kitchen and the man out working on the farm. Though if something should happen to any family member, the woman would go out and work the farm no different than the man. Brianne was the fifth generation to own this property.

I thought about my next question and proceeded with caution. I asked her if there was anyone that died on this property. That is when she told me that her grandmother five times removed, died here. Then Brianne’s father’s dad died here, Brianne was seven. Then there were Brianne’s parents, her mother was very sick, and her father did a murder-suicide ten years ago when she and her brother gained ownership of the land. Her father was 81, and her mother had just turned 60. Brianne had moved from Ohio to here. Where her brother was already living with their parents. He had moved in after a messy divorce. Her brother was at a meeting with his lawyer when their father first killed their mother and then himself. Her brother found his mother in bed as if she had been sleeping and his father beside her. Their father had shot his wife in the head and then himself. A note read that Maridith will no longer suffer and he will be with her on the other side. Their mother was in the last stage of bone cancer. In their eyes, the treatment was only going to add a couple more years, and the doctors could not say for sure if it was going to be a good life or not. Both Brianne and her brother understand completely why her father did what he did. They did not discuss things with them, but they both knew, this was a topic that their parents had.
That one threw me off since I did not pick it up as a tragedy. And I said that to Brianne. Brianne replied because I was looking for a disaster, this was not a tragedy. This was an action of compassion and love. Life can be so cruel sometimes! It is the cards that are given to us that we have to work with. Some people have all the luck, life is smooth with little issues. For others, it is a long, torturous existence. I could tell that the loss of her parents was painful, but there are many happy memories. Then she started to talk about her brother. Brianne had wished that her brother had found the same happiness that their parents had. They had hard times, just like everyone else. There were just more happier times then downtimes. Her brother has two children, Matthew, who is twelve and Luna, who is eleven now. His ex-wife is reluctant to allow the children to see their father. The mother has convinced the children that Brianne and Benjamin are satanist, even though Benjamin is trying to walk the path of a Buddhist. At one point in time, her brother had a great job as a carpenter and landscaper.

The judge gave everything to his ex-wife. Which Benjamin did not mind, it was for the children. What hurt Benjamin was the alimony and child support that he was forced to pay. Which at the end of the month left him homeless and not enough money to support what little he needed to live. And to add more salt to the wounds, his ex demanded that the money was to be garnished from his paychecks. Once work started to slow down, he was laid off, and his boss told him not to come back. His boss at the time got away with it because it was contract work. The contract was from the beginning of the seasonal work to the end. No job and his ex-wife calling the shots. Benjamin was one bullet away from killing himself! That is when he moved in with their parents. Still, to this day, he is battling for the right to see his children. The ex-wife did try to go after back payments for child support once ownership was passed over to Brianne and Benjamin, she lost that battle once he signed his share over to Brianne for a dollar.

You know I do not think I have ever laughed so hard. After the good laugh, that is when Brianne told me that her brother’s ex-wife is a surrgent. With great effort, I swallowed my mouth full of coffee and started to cough. I looked at Brianne, the WTF lines were showing on my forehead … what does the ex need alimony for? She is just a malicious cow, and just an FYI those are not the words that came out of my mouth, but it is the closest that I can put in here. That just blew me away! I could not believe that someone could stoop this low in life.

This was me being loud and opinionated … the finest display of my personality! So the rant goes something like this … “You know what is wrong with females! Things like Benjamin’s ex-wife, Self-entitled witches, is what gives a good woman a bad name. Things go south, and all of a sudden, the man is kicked out of the house and has made it difficult to see his children. But the female is all too willing to make the man pay for the life she is used to.”

Just when you think that I am done … nope! “Top priority are the children, they deserve to have both parents in their lives. It is the child or children happiness that counts not theirs. Next, it is not the man that provided a life for the family! It is the life that two people created! It is a life they both worked on together. Remember the women’s movement for equal rights … yeah, I thought so … we won the right for equality, not the right to be a snatch! Females love to scream equal right, they need to remember the man has rights as well. Just because the female wants to be a vindictive donkey does not mean she has the right to take innocent children down that path with her. But eh! What do I know … I am just one step up from white trailer trash with little to no education and plenty of google time! With the inability to understand the laws that are placed in front of the general public to follow. I just do as I am told and believe whatever is being said to me.”

The courtroom needs to change with the times … no, I am wrong, the laws need to be revised to be equal and fair to both parties. Far too many times have the judge sided with the female. Not considering that fact that the father of the children is just as capable of raising children no different than the mother. In some cases, the father is more the better choice to be placed with. Yet the courts have this fairytale in their heads that the female is the nurturer. The female only wants the children because it is ripping the father apart inside.

I have never seen someone laugh so hard they started to roll on the floor. Okay, so Brianne was not really rolling on the floor, but pretty close to it! Finally, once Brianne calmed down from laughing, she was able to spout out she understood what the little birdy was talking about. I do have the tendance to be a little dramatic and hot-headed.

After I finished the rant, which I will agree was a lot, Brianne asked me why I do not speak out. I thought about it for a second. I could speak out, say what is on my mind. I just have one major issue … it only takes one ignorant donkey that gets in my face for me to blow my fuse. I have a difficult time just turning my right cheek to the person that is being a troll. Past experience has shown me that feeding the troll can sometimes and up being detrimental to my temper. And in the end, the elf walks away knowing that they have gotten under my skin. Brianne had pointed out that I have a habit of speaking from the heart when I am not sarcastic. She might have a point there. But sarcasm has many times has the habit of creeping out.

So now that this was out of my system, I wanted to get back on track of the real reason I had come to Brianne’s place. It was not to talk about her brother or the family history of the land. I have to admit this kind of opened the doors for communication. What I really wanted to know was what kind of train I had stepped on. It was great that I got to learn the jiff of the family history and how they came across the land. Even though it kind of veered into a personal topic, but there is nothing wrong with that.

Brianne did not answer my question, she wanted more of my impressions about being here. Which was easy to express in simple terms. Just like everyone that comes here or drives by, you see a road that splits at one point. One side you have the main house with a few trees nearby, no biggie. The second path leads to the barn, which there is a lot of dead trees, bushes and maybe a couple of living trees and bushes. It is kind of an, but no one is going to notice since it is the beginning of spring. Those that do really look will notice there is no life in a few trees and bushes. When you walk into the barn, there is an overwhelming smell, a combination of incense and the remnants of what was farm animals in here. Probably the wood had absorbed the fumes after a long period of time with the animals being here. There is also a slight hint of mould, though considering this is a barn and it is damp, it is to be expected. This is what a normal individual would see, a sensitive it would be different. Depending on what they are crafty at and how strong they are.

While I was talking, my thoughts went back to the drawing that I saw. It was what was feeding me with information, this was my little birdy! I told Brianne my views on the land. Which she did agree with! I did mention that as an outsider, I can see things from a different perspective. In the last two generations, the ground has been getting stronger. That is when she told me that her grandmother was a Christian witch, and she had followed in her footsteps. I looked at her for a second and said that I am going to put that on the back burner, so she can explain to me how one can be a Christian Witch. That to me, still was just an oxymoron, but I wanted to stay focus and not get sidetrack. With everything that is going on here, energy is soaring through the roof, which can be great but also can cause troubles. I told Brianne that if she looked into the history of the land further, there is a good chance that before the land was sold to her family, the Algonquin tribe probable used the land. My history is a little sketchy, so I could be getting the wrong tribe here, but I was sure that with this location, the Algonquins did have the claim to the lands.

If I am right, they had a special connection to the land. Hence why I see an entity that is like a protector! There is a respect thing that they had going on. I got the feeling that this entity has just recently come back to this area. Not in a way that they have left, they were always here. But they did not do much to interact with those that lived on the land. Maybe it was the shift in the energy level. I told Brianne that she might have caught its attention, which is a good thing by opening the shop. I got the feeling that this entity is also neutral, which means if you upset it in any way or form, it will stop protecting you and cause you a lot of grief, making it that you have the desire to move. If happy, the protector will leave everyone alone or making that you have an abundance of energy. That is when Brianne wanted to know more about the entity that was like a protector. Brianne wanted to know how to communicate with him or her. What is it that they want her to do? I glared at the wall, it was as if this entity knew that I was there and was speaking to me, mind to mind connection. That is when I got the feeling that everything that I had been saying, Brianne already knew. It was not the entity that had been giving her the information, but someone different! I already had this wired energy flowing through me, I decided to continue speaking until the energy flow was gone!

They want the land to be cleaned up, no different than when we go and get our hair cut. We get rid of the dead ends, so our hair looks great. The land has not been mistreated nor has it been given the TLC other. The soil is in dire need of nutrients. All of which is easy to complete. Benjamin is a landscaper, he could easily do the work with a couple of good working hands. To bring nutrients to the ground is simple, just start collecting foods and debris and make compost. There are also other farms around here that have sheep and cows, you can buy the animal droppings from the farmers and vulva you have given the ground nourishment, and you have happy soil. This is what I call the respect game, or ‘the give and take game!” Respect the land, and the land will provide. Give nothing, and you will receive nothing. That is when Brianne told me she is not a farmer and hates the thought of gardening. I nodded my head, not everyone likes to play with the soil and plant cool things. That is probably why Brianne turned this land into a hobby farm! She still has an income coming in so she can pay the bills, but still maintaining the grounds is a must. You have to mow the lawn, get rid of tree limbs. You have to care for the land as you care for yourself. That is when Brianne asked me if she could pay someone to do the work. I made the WTF face again …

Like a lightning bolt, it hit me, I said it earlier, and I think it eluded Brianne’s memory. So I reminded her, Benjamin is a landscaper, a couple of strong backs and a couple cases of beer … that equals a couple of happy workers rate there. So the answer to her question is yes, you can get others to do the work if your hands are scared to get dirty. It was no surprise that Brianne started to chuckle, she mentioned how when she was a girl, and her mother wanted her to work on the farm how she would cry and carry on. The thought of getting dirt under her nail grossed her out. That is why when she was eighteen, she moved away from the farm and to the city. It was not the bugs or smell of animals that she hated, it was dirt that drove her crazy. That is when I pointed out to Brianne that there is dirt everywhere. In which she replied not in a condo. Okay point made … one for Brianne zero for me! So we covered this section now I wanted to go on to the next topic.

This felt like a test! Why did Brianne want to know what my thought was? Getting me to talk and open up gave Brianne more insight into me. She was like me in that sense! Get the person to keep on talking, and you zone in on small things, and then you are able to put the puzzle together. Not in this case! I was talking, and Brianne was still not able to find any pieces to the puzzle. Brianne knows that I am speaking my truth. Unlike myself, she is able to talk with others and find out what their specialty is for gifts. The creases on my forehead are going to get deeper at this rate because I had the WTF look again. I thought we had established that I was a psychic medium! AHHH! NO! I was wrong, that is just a section that is part of me. Those are my displayed strengths! There is something else … hence why I am to meet these associates of Brianne’s this Friday! Brianne goes with her hunchs, but to be more effective, she wants outside sources to confirm what she believes. Information that she had come across in the past is what is leading her to the conclusion. The traits that I am displaying are the focus of her facts. Before she can answer her hypothesis, she needs her friends. And wow do I ever feel like a science experiment … let us hope nothing goes wrong and I do not blow up the science lab! I wanted to know what she was talking about … traits, what traits?

My abilities to visualize things … okay, I can work with that! Let us keep going, shall we! Then there is my willpower … to heighten my will at a time that is needed. Which willpower ties in with energy manipulator. Mindfulness had been displayed several times. I had just displayed earlier the understanding and needs of the grounds of the earth. Then there is also very passionate and sensitive to others! Are you scratching your head on this one? So am I! When I look in the mirror, passionate and sensitive are not the first words that I think of to describe myself. But let us continue with this list okay! Rebellious and trust issues … finally, Brianne was speaking my language! Everything else she said was starting to scare me! Oh okay, I see you want me to get back on the train tracks … Just an FYI when I derailed, there were no passengers on board. No one got hurt here, but back on topic, we go! Putting the smartass off to the side, okay, I see a lot of these traits that are shown from time to time! “But what does that mean? For me?” Brianna was like “that was a couple of possibilities which I would have to wait until Friday. I was like “BUT … But why do I have to wait” … because Brianne wants more facts before I was giving out information. Wrong information could lead to mistrust!

I changed the topic again, something I am good at. This is also the way I get threw things fast … the customer of hers, he was on my mind now! I did my rundown of the person that I have seen. As I was talking Brianne said it sound like Ash. Brianne describes Ash as a lively person. Very humble, loving husband and father of three. He has always been fascinated with the spiritual path. Like many individuals, he turned to the internet to gather information. In doing so, he inadvertently opened a door that he was not ready for. In the beginning, he started dabbling with EVPs and EMF readings. That is when I asked if Ash was trying to be a ghost hunter. He had experiences with the paranormal, and he was trying to get answers by himself. Which is fair enough as long as you are smart and respectful about things.

This is what brought on Ash’s fascination with spirits and wanting to know how to practise a peaceful existence, working in the world to overcome many intolerance and prejudices towards the world of magick. It is believed that he opened a door that he had not intended to do. In doing this, he did not close it properly. When Brianne told me this, I do believe the words that came out of my mouth was, vaca sagrada! I asked her what happened next? As she was speaking, I could visualize easily what she was talking about.

His wife was convinced that he brought a demon into their home. For the most part, the entity was going after him, but then his son was born. That is when it focused on the infant. Threw research, he found a way to protect his family and correct his wrongdoing. Which would work for a short time! Brianne said that Ash was recommended to her by one of her regulars. By this time, three years had gone by. And his wife was about to file for divorce. Brianne did what was needed to be done. The family was instructed on what to do to protect themselves. The door was closed, and the house cleaned of negative energy. The family was doing great for the longest time. Then 4 months ago, Ash was laid off, under stress to provide for his growing family, he started to have nightmares. Once he found a job, he thought that everything would go back to normal. Just last month Ash was informed that he was going to have a son again. Ash oldest son is now waking up in the middle of the night screaming, he is five years old. Their daughter, who is three says “their scary eyes looking through the window.” And in four months they will have a baby in the house. The family is very stressed, which is by far, not good for the mother. Brianne took a second to finish her drink and rub her temples.

Brianne continued to tell me that each time she would go there to help, she could sense nothing! Because she could not find anything inside of the house nor outside, she was starting to think that the family was just under a lot of stress with life changes. Brianne repeated everything and instructed the family on what to do and not do.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I did not glance over my shoulder, I already knew it was Elizabeth. Brianne looked at me and asked me if her love was here? I nodded my head, yes. Then I asked Brianne one question, how could I help this family?’ If anything, I could maybe see what others are not picking upon.

Brianne herself was not sure how this was going to work out. Everything that she has done only works temporarily. The thought of this family suffering in fear, it bothered me a great deal. So the fool that I am agreed to walk into the lion’s den. Blindfolded and disarmed, I said I would go to Ash house. I just needed a ride to get there and back again.

There was something else that was kind of bothering me about the land, and the negative energy felt off and on. To get to the point, I had to do the yes or no ladder. So I started off as ‘if you find this to personal I will understand!’ but approximately how many regular customers come and buy what is sold down starts? Which Brianne replied with twenty-eight regulars. She made a point that she was a businesswoman and has been doing this for the sum years. Keeping track of things was very important to her. On average, how many customers will come in each day, does not matter if they buy anything but just comes into the building?

Which she replied five on a slow day and fifteen on a great day. Then I asked her about her classes that she holds on the weekend. In which she told me that six to eight people will show up. Then I asked her in a months time does she have any maintenance personnel or even friends or family that come here and how many? This was when she was starting to stiffen up her back. I would not say she was angry with all my questions she was starting to get uneasy. In which I told her I have a point, I just need the figures first. So she told me for the last question ten to twenty people. Okay, so I said and asked her to give me a moment while I did the math in my head.

So not including those that live here, there are roughly forty-nine to sixty-one individuals coming and going during the month. That is a lot of activity. And like I said before, the amount of energy here is phenomenal, but … the energy all around shifts. I did not particularly like the feeling I was getting. It was like before, the after energy signature, now it had come back or at least was around here. When I had paused, Brianne said what do you see or feel?

The entity was in my mind again, I listened to what I was told before I started to speak. I asked Brianne one more question before I relayed what I was told. I wanted to know how protected did Brianne feel in her home and business. For that, she said very secure! I told Brianne that was an illusion that she needed to stop. With all of the people coming and going, they brought with them negative energy. For the most part, the entities have guarded the land well. They have told those that are a nuisance to get away and pretty much leave the land alone and those that occupy the land too. The nuisance is simply spirited that were a pain in life and continue to be on in death. Nothing to really worry about as you already know. The rituals that are done help out! Then there is this guy! He has built up enough energy to do more damage. When he could not get this land, he moved from Canada to Ireland. I do believe he was a relative. From what I see, he was alcoholic, very religious, a woman-hater, racist, and loved to humiliate anyone that he thought was below him. In life, he wanted this land, though it was his birthright. In death, he has the same opinion.

With this information that I gave Brianne, she mentioned a name, Jarid. He had been disowned so much so that his name was scratched off the family tree. He was the oldest of three siblings, this was her fathers older brother. When he was told that he was not inheriting the farm because he was irresponsible with his money. He lost his temper and attacked his father with a knife and went after his mother. Then proceeded to go after Brianne’s father. It was Brianne’s Aunt Bernice that stopped him by shooting him in the leg. No one actually got hurt, just rattled up the family that is all! Jarid did spend time in jail and was never seen again. With that little bit of information that she told me, I was more than certain that this was the same person that I saw in my mind’s eye. I continued to tell Brianne that he died six to twelve months ago. Under her breathe she said that is when all the problems started around here.

With being a spiteful person in life, he already had energy that was fueled by his anger. It has been fueled even more with his rage towards Brianne and Benjamin. The very thought of Brianne being a Wiccan and her brother practising Buddhism gotten under his skin, so to say. In his mind, only Christianity should be practised by all, it is the only religion that should exist. So there is that factor, then there is Brianne’s sexuality. He will not tolerate this! He believes that this goes against his religion and nature. Then there is Benjamin, whom he views to be weak. The very thought that one of his bloodline is frail and a male too, he can not get over. And the topper of all things is the land being owned by a woman. All of these factors have given him the energy he needs. I told Brianne that it is my opinion that he is the one that is messing around with the wiring and is trying to burn the place down. In Jarid’s mindset, he thinks that if he can not have the farm, no one can have it.

That is when Brianne mentioned that the rituals should have kept him out. I shook my head back and forth, no. Look at things in this perspective, Jarid does not see things like we do, so rituals will not be fully effective. The only thing that was stopping him in the physical realm was our laws. Now he is in a different realm, where the rules are different. Jarid has learned how to manipulate everything to work to his benefits. He had gone unnoticed by all the different groups of entities. Pretty much he is a lone wolf and nothing to them, yet a lot of trouble for Brianne and this location. Jarid will have to be handled with someone of equal if not more will power. Someone that can play his game and knows how to win. He is gathering energy from everything! I took a deep breath in and then started off, how much stress is Benjamin feeling?

Brianne asked if I would like another cup of coffee, which I said yes, please! While she was doing so, she started to tell me information that was really none of my business. Brianne had put another loan on the farm. With this loan majority of the cash is going to court fees. Benjamin was taking things hard. He can not hold down a job, and everything that he is going through has put him in a great depression. It is a friend of a friend that is helping him for free. But with being his lawyer, Benjamin is doing free labour at his lawyer’s house and business. So in a sense, it is scratch my back, and I will scratch yours. That is why he turned to Buddhism! The court proceedings and the farm has him on edge.

I nodded my head, telling Brianne, “this is one area of energy for Jarid. Benjamin is the crack in the protective wall, so to say! On the other side of the coin, things can get better, information is power. When power is used properly, you do get great results. You just need to know how the other person things and play the manipulative game. It is a lot of work and can run you down … but … it is worth it in the end. To end the endless cycle of BS, Benjamin needs to change his mind frame and stop harbouring all the negative energy he has. Pretty much he needs to turn the light switch off and find a different outlet to his issues. Then he needs to learn the power of the universe! Once this has started, then the fun starts with Jarid, as you can guess this will not be that simple!” Brianne commented that this is something that she has tried to tell her Benjamin, but it is taking a bit to get it into his thick skull.

I asked Brianne if there was anyone that she knew of that could deal with Jarid? Brianne thought there was, and they have come to deal with the situation on many occasion. The problem was, Jarid has managed to come back every time! I asked Brianne if the person she brought in was equal or stronger then Jarid and was it a male or female? A female friend of hers had come in to assist Brianne with the ritual!
I suggested a male next time to push Jarid off of the property with no chance of returning! He will have to have the ability to steal Jarid’s energy and use it. Not only that but have the ego to kick Jarid off with no return as pointed out before. At this point in time, my thought is since Jarid has such a strong sense of this is mine, there is a good chance Jarid will continue to come back. It may take a while for Jarid to get the strength to get where he can cause any issue, but he will keep on coming back. I found Brianne’s reaction to being amusing! ‘Stealing energy’ Yes, this would be considered to be dark magic, but if you think anything like I do, I would call this grey matter!
Understanding the balance is very important, it allows you to understand that the dark matter is not bad, it is the individual that has a negative perspective. In which produces something unkind. We are all balanced by nature, we just have a preference for which type of energy we produce. For instance, people say that guns are bad! The gun here is energy. The gun or energy is not bad, it is the person that is wielding the object that has plans for it. It is the person that determines the outcome. Energy is a raw material and nothing more. It is not good nor bad! It is no different than fire, I once heard someone say ‘fire can cook your meal, or it can cook you!’ So when you hear the word dark magic, what you should be thinking is what is the individual going to do with the energy. Dark magic has a bad rep, it is misunderstood and needs to have a little bit more respect than it is getting. It is apart of the balance that keeps us going. If we did not have the darkness, there would be no earth! Plantlife could not live with the direct sunlight all the time!

Brianne looked at me, and I saw her whole aura change to intensely bright light, it was as if the light had been turned on and she was able to see again. That is when she told me that she thinks she found one of the pieces to my puzzle. Of course, I was like, HUH? This was her time to talk, and I listen with my two ears.
Let me clear my throat for a second … okay, now I can continue! In her perspective, I have a wall that is all around me. It protects me from anything and everything, so good that she thinks that it is harmful to myself. On the other side of the coin, she has never walked in my shoe and would never presume she would understand everything that I have gone through. As a bystander, she can only help with what she sees and hears. I have shut out her abilities to read. It is me talking and opening up that she is picking up small little tim bits of who I really am.

Psychic Medium is just one aspect of my behaviour, it is a talent. Who I really am is locked uptight, and it is that that is stopping me from being who I should be! It is like having all the money in the world and locking it up. No one will see it, and it can not be spent. I have locked my true identity up, no one can see it, and it will never be used. This could be for two reasons … at a young age when I was developing, I locked myself up, and

I do not know who I am. The other reason is, I do know who I am, and I am still hiding and unable to walk out of the thresh hold. Brianne believes that if she can get her friends to be around me, one of them or all will be able to identify with me. And kind of open the door a crack and slowly I will be able to come out. “Why would I want to do something like this? I am more protected now then if I walk out of my shell”! Well if I told you now, I would ruin what is to come up … keep on reading! I am sure you will enjoy my story, you have made it this far, my story cannot be that bad right!

We finished off the conversation as we walked out of the barn. Brianne wanted to know if I would need anything for my ritual. Which I kind of chuckled and told her I do not do anything on the lines of words. The wheels in my head started to turn … sea salt, I was out, and I do love my baths. As she was getting the sea salt for me off the shelf, she asked me how much I wanted Ash to pay for me to go into his home and investigate it. I was kind of thrown off, which you can write down in the notebook. I do not usually get confused too often. I told her nothing, I am only going because of the children involved. A bag of sea salt was placed in my hands, I asked how much? Brianne told me it was on the house, I like free, no different than anyone else. As I was asking Brianne if she could call me a cab, her brother walked in. He informed Brianne that the electrician will be here by Friday no later than Monday. That is when he asked me where I was going. I told him that I had to go to St. Johns church in the city. Benjamin offered to drive me there since he had to go into the town anyhow, and it would not be too far out of his way.
While I was waiting for him, Brianne informed me that she would get a hold of Ash to find out when I can go over to his place. I had nothing really to do, as long as someone could drive me, I was free. Whatever day was good for him, was good for me! I gave Brianne Peters cell number it was just more comfortable this way! The whole eye thing, I do not need to explain, I am sure. Brianne said that she would get back to me as soon as possible. Benjamin was ready for me to get into the truck and head back into the city. The conversation was pretty standard, nothing overly big. Benjamin would ask a question about myself, I would answer, then vis versa. As Brianne had mentioned, he was a humble man.

Though I got more of a feeling that Benjamin was suffering silently. When he talked about his children, I picked up on a lot of pain. Benjamin truly missed seeing and being with his children. If he was in this amount of pain, I could just imagine the pain and confusion his children must feel. I asked him if he thought about practising Tai Chi. I explained that it is a great way to distress and find focus. He chuckled at the thought of doing Tai Chi and said that he does not have the time to go to classes. A great big smile crossed my face. I told him that I practise it all the time, that I would be more than happy to teach him. I do not know why I offered myself to him, I guess I kind of felt sorry for his situation. He kind of rolled the thought around in his mind and said maybe. At least it was not a complete no, the offer was on the table for him to grasp at, at any time. It felt like no time had past and St. Johns Baptist church was in just ahead of us. Benjamin asked me if this was my church that I went to. I laughed as I told him this was Peters church, where he works along with his grandfather. I explained that Peter would be the second generation to be the reverend. It was not a sarcastic laugh, but more of I can not believe this type of laughter, Benjamin wanted to know how a person like myself became good friends with a reverend. That was not a hard question at all to answer, grade school friends. I was getting ready to get out of the truck when Benjamin exclaimed, that our friendship was a long-lasting one. That it is not heard of nowadays. Before I closed the door, I thanked Benjamin for the ride and told him to have a great day.

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