Jumping to Monday with my meeting with Dr. Redd. Long boring story, shorten up to a fast version of events. He shuffled through all the papers that were in front of him. To say that I was not suffering from depression, he did believe that I had issues. At his standpoint, there was nothing that he could do, but listen to me talk! Dr. Redd had stopped there, he told me that Vera paper that was left for him. Reading it out loud … I will sum everything up fast … “events have shown that this is not the location in which Miss Fox needs. Brianne Smith is a licenced therapist! The areas of concerned which have been displayed, Ms. Smith is qualified to aid Miss Fox on a healthy recovery. Effective as of now, Ms. Smith will be taking over. She will be Miss Fox therapist! Miss Fox is to be released once she has proven she has a safe location to reside at.”

That is how easy it was … challenge accepted! One phone call to Crystal and I was walking out the doors of this building before noon. Peter was working until 4pm. And Crystal had her finals to worry about. I hopped into a cab and went to their apartment and sat at their door. Sitting there for no more than thirty minutes and Peter let me into the apartment.

I recalled the last minutes that I was in the office with Dr. Reed. As I was getting up and ready to leave the office, I turned and looked at the good doctor. He had asked me if I had something to say. I was wondering how he would react to what I wanted to say. His dead mother was standing beside me, asking me to tell him what she wanted to say to him. I bowed my head, I knew he was in pain from the loss of his mother. I told him that his mother loved him very much and he will always be his favourite son. And it does not matter how old he is, she will always be there for him. I have never seen a man cry before, at least up to this point in time. His wounds were fresh and have not had the chance to heal. Should I have given him the message, I do not know. I just knew one thing, this lady would not leave me alone until I told her baby boy how much she loved him. I do not know where it came from, but I walked around his desk and gave him a hug and whispered in his ear. The worst day of your life is the day you lose your mother. There is no profound pain out there than this. Only someone that has loved their mother and lost her will know the anguish that you are feeling. He found his Kleenex to blow his nose and thanked me. He might have been a man of faith. Or just someone that needed closure, knowing that his mother is safe and thinking of him. I do not know, all I know is his mother had a smile on her face and in an odd sense his soul seemed to be a little lighter.

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