Day four of being back … the night had been for the most part quiet. I think the snoring of my roomie was enough to scare the dead away. Mr. Resd had taken vacation time, so it Vera that had taken up my case.

Vera had pulled out a laptop and said that she wanted to show me a video clip. It was a copy of the dramatic faceplant I had. Now she had to promise the security guards that this was only for me and would not go online at all. I am not too sure how she pulled this off, but I am so excited to see this video clip!

The first time I watched it, everything was as it was told to me. The second time Vera showed me the clip, she showed me what I had missed. The whole event took only 45 seconds, but it was brutal. I saw myself talking to what seemed to be myself. A second later, you could see a mist move in front of me and disappear down the hallway. Then two seconds after the mist is gone, you see me take one step, a long black mass moving with great speed towards me. My body went forwards, roughly a foot maybe less. Then you see my hair being pulled up and my face slammed to the floor. Three times you see a black mass jumping on my back. Hard enough that you see my legs move along with my arms.

Dr. Reed’s office door is open, the mass goes down the hallway. That is when you can see the pool of blood starting to get bigger. Vera explained that she had to watch it several times before she had caught everything. From the mist to the black mass, moving of my limbs, to her and Dr. Redd finding me on the floor.

This video plus Rachel taking up my case, is more than enought for me to get out of this place. The catch is, I had to wait for Dr. Redd to sign my release paper.

I thought to myself, ‘Why is Rachel doing this? and what is her true motive?’ That is something I will have to find out later.

I agreed to play nice until Dr. Redd returned. I even agreed to partake in Mrs. Lang’s group. They say telling the truth sets you free!

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