“Some contemporary mediums dislike the term ‘psychic’ because they feel it carries a negative connotation, leading people to associations with crystal balls, tea-leaf reading, fortune-telling, or other stereotypes.”
Mark Ireland

I was back at the mental instutution again. Sitting outside haveing a smoke I listened to multiple birds tweeting back and forth. Individuals chatting about this and that. Then I heard someone ask me if I was alright?

I brought my attention back to reality to notice a lady was sitting on the bench beside me. She extended her hand and introduce herself as Brianne Smith. I shook her hand and told her my name as well. That is when she said that Vera had asked her to come and visit me. When they first came to the hospital, I was unwell and in no condition for visitors. I agreed with her and muttered ‘welcome to a day of my life.’ That is when I suggested going to the cafeteria to sit and speak. That way, she could get a coffee or tea.

There she got herself a tea, as I got myself a coffee. Leading her to my favourite spot, I noticed that a lot of people were looking at my direction. Not only had it went quite fast when I went into the cafeteria, but they were also bluntly staring at me. I tried to brush this off, yet a piece of me was kind of annoyed! If they had tried to hid their glares, that would have been one thing. I am used to that! The pronounced stare that is something a child does!

Moments passed before Brianne or I would say a thing. Breaking the dead air, Brianne told me everything that Vera had said to her. After that, she wanted to know if there was anything else that she should know? I was ‘mistrustful’, crossed my mind!

Instead, I asked her what had she done as a talking councillor! Part of her work was dealing with youths and families. It was her friend that started her on a path where the unknown was involved. Taking her heritage and what her friend had taught her, she built up contacts. As months went by, it turned into years! She had built up a large clientele. Helping anyone from depression, anxiety to family issues and then the unknown. Just like me! Her other patients, they were shy to speak about what they were going through. Something tells me I am not like the others, but I will sail on this boat for a wee longer. The destination might be interesting if nothing else, right! I wanted to know if there was anything else that Vera had told Brianne. For Vera, confidentiality was very important. So Brianne was only given knowledge of the video, this I was appreciative of. Brianne wanted to know more about the attacks, the who, what, where, when why kind of a thing. Making it sweet, plain and simple, I gave the rundown. About two years of age, I started to interact with a person I called the bad man. There were others of course but, the bad man caused a great deal of grief for the family. Moving objects, nightmares, to bodily harm. In among the bad man where the others, by your standards, they would be spirits, entities, angels and demons. Pretty much threatening me if I do not do this, this is what will happen. Or if you would just do this, that will happen. Since I have seen the Bayair, at the age of ten, the activity has only gotten worse. Brianne the Bayair are? How was I going to explain what I saw, for the better of terms, something that she could understand? I told her that they were alien to Earth, not much different than angels and demons.

I asked Brianne if she had ever seen an angel or demon? For that, she said yes! I said they are the same! Angels, demons and parasite! There is no difference at all! What defines them is what group they belong to and how they work. Humans made the division of good and evil a long time ago to understand events that go on. Humans version of a Demon and Angel … they work for the same side, you just do not see it that way. No different than humans, we are capable of doing good or evil. No different than these entities, they are capable of doing good or evil. But the Bayair are different, I have seen many entities disappear because of them. Spirits flee when they come around. All three want energy that is not theirs. All want to control, where they have none. Just like humans! The only thing that illustrates us how we do things. Take away everything like hair, the colour of skin and if applied religion. Down to the basics, we are all humanoids. Pretty much the same applied to the other side. Brianne thought of her next question before she opened her mouth. What is it that they wanted from me?

That is actually a very good question! They want control, to downturn everything they deem worthless. I believe that in Brianne’s mind, the Bayair were demons. I get it, it is easier to add them to a group that is already named. These parasites are totally different from the rest of them. They scare the crap out of me, they are like spiders the fall from the ceiling rate in front of your face. If I can see them coming, it is not so bad, but that is not the case for the most part. They are methodical, and they know the right time to attack. After my spule of information, Brianne wanted to know-how keeps on coming after me and why?

I am not dead! When I run and hide … they find me! Uses of every protective measure … they laugh, one after another they attack until one of them breaks through. Cleansing my place with sage, basil, dill fennel … my place smells nice, but that is all. I even thought about my friend come in with holy water and bless the space. Sea salt, oils, meditation, plenty of fresh air and sunlight. And finally Tai Chi, which still has not worked to keep them away but I love the movements. The only thing that has worked to a degree is what I call my personal bubble. It is the build-up of strong energy … I envision it surrounding my body and protecting me while I am sleeping. Assuming that I am not ill and eat well, I can keep the energy going while I am sleeping. At this point, I believe that I will have to make this bubble a long-lasting practice. Problem is, I never feel like I sleep, I am always feeling unrested. Brianne glanced at her cell phone for just a second and brought her attention back to me. She asked me one more question, in all my life have I ever had anything jump into my body?

Thankfully that has never happened to me, it was and is one of my biggest fears. To lose control over my mind, body and soul. It is the only thing of value that I have! Brianne was happy to hear that. It was of Brianne’s personal opinion that the reason the parasites have targeted me is that I have made this into a game. It is like a hunt for them now. The thrill is the kill, and when they pray is smart and difficult to catch, the game has become more exciting for them. They will not stop until they have made their kill. What was running through my head was not positive energy or thoughts. I wanted to get off the topic of me, for a bit! So I asked Brianne what hers and Vera relationship about?

They had started off as a customer, and from there, it blossomed into a partner relationship. I smiled and said I should have known that Vera’s perfume was coming off of Brianne. Brianne had started to laugh and said my sense of smell is very strong. Understanding what Brianne did as a talking councillor was interesting, but what was her business! Monday through to Friday, Brianne worked in her own store that sold simple herbs, candles, gems and other items that would be used in rituals. On Saturdays she does readings for customers for a few hours, then for two hours, she teaches classes on different subjects. Does the word workaholic come to mind? It did for me! Eventually, I asked Brianne, “what is it that Vera and she had hoped to achieve with this meeting?”

Vera was concerned about the attack that she saw on the video, that it was malicious and violent. I had to be honest that I had never seen any of the attacks and this video has me wanting to view it. Brianne had finished her tea, Brianne could not read me! At least that is what she told me. What made her very popular with her job as a councillor was she could read people, very well! She was able to ask the right questions. With me, it was like walking on eggshells! For the first time in a long time, I actually had a belly laugh! I joked around and told Brianne it must be my bubbly attituded that everyone loves. The same issue that Vera had with me was the same issue that Brianne had as well. Brianne suspected that I kept this barrier around me to keep everything out. And when threatened, it became stronger. Instead of being able to tell with a snap of her finger what was going on, Brianne had to ask questions. My meetings and what was said was private, but my personality Vera did inform Brianne about. Talking about myself was not one of my favourite things to do. Brianne wanted to know what I was able to do? I was a little unsure of what she meant since I have always done what I want when I want, or I did nothing at all. I did not have one area that I was particular too! This reply actually did not surprise Brianne at all. Rephrasing her question, she wanted me to rate myself one being not at all to ten very good at. She asked about astral projection, I said ten! Intuition, once again a ten! Telepathy, I said eight. Psychometry, I gave a one. Then there were different types of Clair-senses! Clairvoyance was a no-brainer … ten, empathy … eight, cognizance … ten, audience … ten, gustance … one, sentience … eight, tangency … one, salience … I had to give a one. If it does happen, I do not know it is happening.

Brianne looked at her cell phone to see the time and said that she would have to go in less than thirty minutes. Brianne referred to herself as a medical intuitive. The ability to profile the patients imbalance and make suggestions on how to balance things back again. For myself, she would need more meetings with me to get me on the right path. If I was true to my scores, my abilities as a psychic medium are strong. Since her friends passing, I may be the strongest that she has seen in a while. Over develope skills, that could be harnessed to help me fight against what I call the Parasites and others.

At the word ‘fight’ my forehead did the wrinkle thing, like WTF! I had no issues with protecting myself, but I did not want to go and fight anything. To my dismay, what my pretty ears did not want to hear! It was Brianne’s strong belief that I would have to fight! Protection alone was not enough! With my abilities to protect myself so well, I am a drug to them. And they will not stop, the only way that I was going to be able to help myself, was fighting back!

I told Brianne that she did not have to answer my question, but I was wondering about her friend. The one that Brianne had compared me to, what happened to her? For once, it was someone else’s turn to be hesitant to answer a question. I did find out that personality-wise, her friend and I were very similar. Are the issues the same, Brianne would have to go to a group of friends to find that out. If Brianne’s intuition is right … Brianne is scared of what could happen to me next. Brianne needed to get me out of this place, which I was totally on board for that idea! Brianne then went to say that she will have to ask the assistance of a could of friends to deal with this situation. The next thing that crossed my mind was cost. How much was this going to cost me?

She got up from her seat when she saw Vera standing at the doorway of the cafeteria, with a gentle pat on my shoulders. Brianne told me not to worry about that. Once Brianne tells her associates what is going on, they will do this for free! If Brianne was right and what I see is true, this situation is not the usual. A reading or anything like that, there would be a cost. Not something like this! With that, she was on her way and told me that she would see me soon.

It was not clear, more blurry than anything. I got a sense of what happened in the end with Brianne’s friend. After five years of continues attacks, she could not take anymore and killed herself. Brianne took the death really hard. In a small way, Brianne still has guilt that lingers in her bones. Unable to help her friend that bothered Brianne more than anything. She sees her friend once again, but it is my face that is there. I kind of wonder … if Brianne can help me out, will that help her forgive herself for not being able to save her friend? Will this give her peace of mind?

The next thing I saw was a customer of hers, I think a male, that has a major issue. He has been driving an hour and a half just to join her classes. Some of the stories that he has told her are unbelievable, and she has a hard time with this case. But after listening to me, she is starting to think that there is a connection. Everything that she has taught him works, but only for a short time. The family is falling apart. There are money issues, and so on! Every time Brianne and one of her friends go there, the house is clean. It is like nothing is going on. It is like whatever is there knows ahead of time they are coming, and clean up everything. Brianne has found this case to be frustrating and tiresome. It was like a little light went off in my head. The little rebel inside of me started to wiggle a bit.

I entered the room that I was sleeping in, on my bed was a healing crystal. With a small note, “I hope this helps!” It did not say whom it was from. I smiled, thinking it was Vera that had left this for me. I can not see how Brianne would have known where I was sleeping and so on. Behind me, I heard soft low breathing, the temperature had gotten colder. Tumping around there was a lady with long black hair, blue jeans and a sweater. “My name is Elizabeth! I was Brianne’s friend and lover!” She gave me the address to Brianne’s place and told me to go there once I get out of here. Which would be soon with Vera’s help with the paperwork. All I had to do was a few things to pass the time. And I would be leaving here in less than two weeks! I had to know, so I asked Elizabeth if Brianne was going to be able to help me? She just shook her head, no! I swear then I could have crawled into a ball and cried myself to sleep! It is what Elizabeth said. Next, that stopped me from crying, “knowledge is power … you just need to listen! … gain this to defeat your enemies!” The fear that someone was going to walk into the room and witness me talking to the air crossed my mind. I only had one more question for Elizabeth, then I needed her to go before I was labelled crazy, “did she manage to get the parasites off her back?” And she shook her head no! “It is the Fastriel that are giving her protection.” With connecting the dots, I was starting to get a better picture of what was going on. I nodded my head yes and thanked her for a visit. Then I asked her to go back to her protectors. The Bayair as far as I could tell, were not in the area. That could change at the snap of a twig for all I know. There was no need for two to be in trouble.

I sat on the bed for a while, holding this palm-size crystal before I put it under the pillow and went for a shower. I could only smell my own body odour, and it was not pleasant that is for sure. I could hear talking and laughing, it did not bother me. I just wanted to get clean, that’s all!

The water was pounding on my head as I just stood there. Maybe it is everything that I have been throw, but I started to feel furious, enraged and resentful! This was not only directed to the living but with the dead, and at myself! Spiritually I am solid especially when there is little or no training involved. Everything that I have done is by chance and dumbfound luck. Others dream of such power and connections, and they will be lucky if they will reach half my strength in three lifetimes. Is my ego on a high? No! It is just a fact!

Why have I allow such a gift/ curse to go to waste? Am I a victim or a fighter? Do I just sit here and continue to roll with the punches. Or give the universe a high five with a 2X4? Why?

Why do I allow this to happen? Why do the other entities have this need to say what you want to hear and not the full truth? Taking you for a ride just to find out it was all for nothing?

I am just so bloody tired of everything! All the rubbish, hogwash nonsense! It needs to stop! This tangled web of truths and lies! Decoding everything … what a waste of my time! What is right or left! Up and down … black and white … this is complete poppycock!

It was this moment that I cried, and I let it all out! Closet cryer here! I hate the thought of going into a fight that could end uneasy and could turn so many ways! Being the victim, moving from one place to another … is not working out for me. I thought about what Brianne had to say. I am beyond frustrated now! I am going to let the rebel fully come out! I am tired of these games!

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