“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.” – Unknown

When I woke up, the heart monitor was back on me. There as a nurse standing near me taking my blood. I asked her what time it was. She looked at her watch and told me it was 6:03 in the afternoon. That is when I noticed someone standing in the corner near the door. Peter asked me how I was feeling. It was the tone of his voice he seemed worried.

All in all, I felt great, a little tired, but I just woke up and not had the chance to wake up. The nurse had left, and that is when he moved closer to my bed with the chair. He wanted to know what had happened to me. For once I was dumbfounded! I had no idea what he was talking about. I ate and fell asleep, that is all I had done after Vera had left. I asked Peter what was going on, that I really did not know why I was connected to the heart monitor or why more blood was taken from my body. Which if I had the timing right, it was to early for the vampires to attack me.

Peter informed me, he had a phone call from the hospital, asking him questions about my health. He had thought that the questions were a little bit off and asked why they were asking the questions. That is when the person on the other line told him that it started off with one of the volunteers that collect the trays of food noticed an odd odour in the room. The volunteer informed the head nurse. The nurse noticed the smell but could not place it. They searched the room and could not find the source of the scent. So they called another person to come to inspect the room. The odour was not that strong again when someone else checked the room. They summed it up to me being a smoker, even though the smell was different. They left the room only to notice an hour later or so, that the smell was now lingering into the hallway. When the nurse opened the door to my room, all they could do is smell this overpowering odour. When they tried to wake me up, I would not respond.

I had asked Peter if they told him what the smell was. It had been the odour of smoke, that they smelled. Even though there was no sign of fire nor any logical reasoning. When the nurses checked the room for the last time, they had realized my lips were starting to turn blue, and I was unresponsive. They had to put an oxygen mask on plus several heated blankets to warm my body temperature back up.

All my life, this has never happened. For what seemed like only a couple of hours of sleep, how could this be possible? That is when Peter told me that I had been asleep for two days. Nothing the doctors did would wake me up. And the odour of smoke lasted nearly a day. I had glared at the ceiling seeing if there would be any answers instead I was speechless. Many times I have wanted to sleep several days straight. But never has anything like this occurred. Even with the flu, I would still wake up from time to time!
I shifted my whole body to find out there was an IV stuck in my arm. I would say this was the most uncomfortable way to find out that there was a needle in my arm. Even more disturbing was to find out I had a catheter attached to me as well. I would have to say this is the worst outcome of an OBE I have ever had. This situation is even past my level of weirdness. That is when I told Peter about what I saw, the animals dying, and the smell that filled my nose. The troops and the fire that I witnessed. And the how earth changing to a map that I could zoom in and out, and what I saw.

I know in the past, I experience Phantom Odours that would linger in my place, like the smell of burning wires or food. The burning of food, easy to explain, other tenets cooking! Burning wires, a little harder but maybe it is because the places were old and needed to be fixed! With all the research that I have done, there was no cause for alarm. So what made this situation different from the others. What was I missing that would link the past to the now? This whole situation just seems to be spiralling out of control. This is like taking a nosedive that has no end.

Like a scientist trying to find a logical answer to a question. Thinking in all directions that would make rational sense. Adding variables just to take them out. Was I over analyzing the situation? Had I overlooked something? At this point, I had no answer and just more questions that did not seem to have an answer. Maybe … just maybe there is no answer, and it is what it is! Perhaps there is no scientific reason, nor logical explanation. We can just add this to why my life is so weird! Both Peter and I sat there for a bit. We both came to the conclusion that this was something just talking to me, we just could not figure out the whole smell thing. We would have to do some research! What will happen next?

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