“Listen to silence, it has so much to say!” – Rumi

It just felt like I just got into my room from being outside when my next meal had arrived. Vera made sure I got back to my room and before she left reminded me that she would be back tomorrow at some point with her friend. I ate my meal, which was not something I would typically eat, but I was kind of hungry, so I did not complain over the tomato soup. Vera and I chit chat a bit more while a nurse came into the room to check on me. Since I had finished my meal and thought that it would be a great idea to get a wee bit more sleep in, I asked Vera to turn off the lights when she left.

It started off with a soft whisper of my name being said. Slowly it was getting louder. I looked around, but there was no one there. I closed my eyes and started to listen clearer. Still, I could see nothing, even with looking inwards to find out who was saying my name. I opened my eyes again. The green grass and wildflowers looked as though they had burned away in a fire. Some of the blackbirds started to fall out of the sky. Why?
There did not seem to me to be a reason why. Where there were hundreds of them flying, there may have been 1/3 of the group flying. What is wrong? The birds were not as graceful, the birds seemed to be disorganized, almost as if something was messing with their brain. And again, my name was being called. I searched to see if there was anyone, again nothing! I listened to the tone of voice, trying to think if I might know who is calling me, and I could not place the voice. This was just getting to be annoying! If you can see me and say my name … present yourself or shut up!

I wondered the area to see what I could find, all I saw was death. The more I walked, the more animals I saw dead on the ground. With the snap of a finger, I was on top of a cliff looking at the water. Pretty sure this was the same cliff from before, the only difference is that the ground was not alive! Out in the water, there were carcasses of whales, sharks, many more water creatures were floating in the water.

Just like a page being flipped, I was taken to a beach type setting. Animals that I had never seen before were on the shore. I saw kids taking sticks and poking the dead animals. Water came up and rushed over my feet. I am not sure what the average water temperature is to be for the bodies of water. This, to me, was like having a bath, and the water is well above lukewarm.

Flipping the page again! I was standing on a dirt road, trees all around me. It became harder to breathe, it felt like I was being suffocated. At first sight, it looked like it was snowing. When the flakes landed on my skin, I realized it was not snowing at all! Good grief, what was that smell? I thought that the smell of burning wires was terrible, this is so much worse! I have never in my life smelled something like this! It was a revolting irritating smell that I can not get out of my nose nor my mouth. I think at this point a rotten egg would be better. And if you have ever had a rotten egg before, you understand what I mean … it is horrible! How does all of this link together? And why are there so many small creatures moving in one direction? Oh my … oh my there are snakes! Oh please get me out of here, I am so not a fan of snakes of any sizes! And who is calling my name, what do they want? I never did like looking for Waldo! And I left my magic 8 ball at home! Whoever is calling my name needs to come to me!

The Earth below me started to rumble, I fell on to my hands and knees. I closed my eyes as I felt everything shake. A surge of energy shot up my arms and filled my body. I could hear several voices. In among those voices, I could hear my name. I could feel the anger, there was so much aggression. I did not need to know what the voices were saying to know that they were very pissed off. When everything stopped shaking, opening my eyes, I got back up into my feet and.

You will not believe this but once again the flip of a page and everything changes. This time I was standing in the middle of a road, there are four lanes. I am going to take a lucky guess with the four lanes that I am standing in a city somewhere. I have yet to go to a small town and see a road that has four lanes. Making an assumption that the buildings I see on both sides of me are shops and the upper floor possible living quarters. The shops and upper level, windows are smashed in and possible out too, some windows there was just bits and pieces of glass on the frame. There was glass everywhere! The vehicles other had been abandon or something I really do not know. I can not believe that there are cars tipped to there side, partially on the sidewalk or in the middle of the road. This is like a set up for a horror movie. I am actually waiting for the zombies to come out and try to eat me. I do not know if a bomb went off or what, but the amount of debris is mind-blowing. The buildings look as if they have at one point been on fire. The smell of burning wood and plastic was still in the air. Way off in the far distance a large stream of smoke was going higher into the atmosphere. Taking an educated guess, what happened here has moved on to that location. Hmmm! I do not hear any sirens either, Ummm … what is going on here? I would love to presume this was a set up for a movie … and I could be the unexpected guess or prop!

Gunfire! I nearly spit up my heart when I heard that! I hear pop pop pop, followed by a lot of yelling. Of course, I brought my attention to the direction of the sound. I do not understand everything that was going on, I was playing catch up … but I did hear run! Like a damn fool … I ran! I do not know why I was running, but I was. There were more shots fired, different gun. Soon I stopped running, I had to know the who what where, when and whys?

One … three … seven, seven males came out of an alleyway. One turned looked at me for just a second and bellowed run they are coming. He could not have been much older than fifteen years old. What is going on … I was so confused!

Well, there is my answer! A group of soldiers come from the same direction as the group of seven, eight troops all together! What were the boys wearing again? I can not remember! I guess it was an article of everyday clothing, that was kind of dirty … maybe … I should have paid more attention to detail. The troops moved with a bit more caution than the group of seven boys. Maybe they are making sure they would not get ambushed, that would be my guess to why they are creeping around. And I am going to take an educated guess that the group of seven were rebels, terrorist or even more so lawbreakers … that need to be apprehended by soldiers! And now the troops are going down the same alleyway as the first group had done.

Looking down the path that the two groups took … Oh wow! I never thought I could see this much garbage in my life in one small alley, and yet here it is piles of garbage bags. And more shots fired, rephrase that, actually a lot of shots fired.

Here I am at a new street, of course at the end of the alleyway. Pretty much like the last location. The only difference is there were three dead soldiers on the ground, and two kids dead in close proximity. I think they probably were the end result of the gunfire! Just guessing, since I did not see what actually went on.

Where are the people? Where are the police officer and fire trucks? Hmmm … I wonder if I could find a newspaper around here? I have the hint of what is happening, I would just like a wee bit more concrete information … oh like why is this going on? That might be a great starter! Brum! The sound of a car engine. Several times I hear the sound of the car engine trying to go but was not fully working. If I have it right, there was something wrong with the starter.

Wait! What? Why are there so many collectors here? There is entirely too many of them for one location! The story about death collectors is a bit over dramatic. Though they are real! Collectors, as I like to put it, do not have a weapon or object to lop off your head. Nah! Collectors just lead you to where ever you want to go. Or help you get to where they think you need to be! If I have it right, each group of parasites has its own selected individuals to collect the dead! Depending on which collector is apart what group, I would say they are just doing what they are good at! Just for my own personal humour, sometimes I envision the collectors gathering together and making bids on which human they get. Something like an auction house, and what is being sold off is us, humans.

Okay, let us get back on track, shall we! The car that was having troubles getting started … it was a bluish colour small little thing. One death collector was standing beside the car, not doing nothing, as of yet. I could hear a desperate voice whispering ‘I just want to see my wife and child before I die.’

I went to go and help the guy get this piece of … the car going. When the entity said no! I looked at the entity for a second, I guess my facial expression gave way what I was thinking. Then it said, “if you help him, more will die.” The guy in the car was bleeding a lot from his left side. I am going to put the pieces together, soldier … gunfire, he was probably one of the seven or, and he got shot.

After several attempts to start the car, the guy started to use several colourful words that would make a nun blush, and his mama hit him over the head. That is when he noticed I was standing there. Kind of funny that he saw me, yet did not see the collector. He asked if I could help him with the car. All he wanted to do was see his wife and baby girl again before he dies. I remembered what the entity said to me. I told the guy that I had no idea how a car works, which I was not lying … The key goes in the thing-a-ma-jiggy, turn the key and car starts.

I know for a fact that for every action there are ramifications. Assisting him directly could mean that others could die, that I did not want to happen. Yet it did not settle well with me just walking away. I had to make a decision fast! I told the guy that I could look for help that I was pretty much useless. Getting to the hospital should be his top priority! And this car did not look as if it was going to start at all! It threw me off when he was telling me no he can not go to the hospital that he was ready already a died man! All he wanted to do was see his wife and little girl again.

I went to the other side of the car and opened up the door and sat in the passenger seat. He was twenty-one tops twenty-five … so young to be a parent, then again what would I know, everyone is different right! I held his hand and told him he could see his wife and child again before he dies. I saw his eyes light up! I told him to close his eyes and relax his body, he complied to my directions. I looked at all the fresh blood that was coming from his wound. I know he will not live long. Even if he had gotten the car started. If his family was not around the corner, so to say! He was not going to make it at all. I brought my tone a voice to a level that a mother would use to soothe her sick child. I told him to take his mind back to the first time he saw his wife. To remember the smell in the air, the noise around him, take in the view that was there and take everything all in. Then I told him to take his mind to the day his little girl was born. To remember every last detail there was. To make everything feel real again as it once was. There was silence for a couple of minutes. I heard him say, Octavia, watched one tear roll down his cheek and that was it … he was dead!

The entity looked at me and told me that what I did was not a part of the protocol that what I did was against the rules. Clinching my jaw until it started to ache and told him I did not care about his pro … to … calls! I was told not to help him! In my eyes, that meant getting the car to work or stopping the bleeding. A man was dying and just wanted to see his wife and child one last time. To show five minutes of compassion to a dying man is against the rules, then things are more messed up than I thought. I could not take him physically to see them, so I did it differently, so he could have his wishes granted. The death collector told me, because of my action, I could be in trouble. I shrugged my shoulders and said bring it on! I had gotten out of the car … BOOM … there was a deafening explosion, even I responded with dropping to going to the ground and covering my head. Have you ever been near a location that has been struck by lightning? If so you know what I am talking about! The distance did not matter at that point. There was a lot of smoke, and the flames were only getting higher. The wind was blowing my way, with it a lot of smoke. I stood there waiting for the sound of a fire truck, nothing! The smoke was thicker and still nothing! The flames were spreading, and there were no sounds of sirens. When the smoke became very intense, I decided to leave! Building up the smoke got thicker when I could hear coughing in the alleyway. I went to help whomever it might be. There sleeping in the middle of the garbage bags was an elderly lady.

First thing I thought of was how could I have not noticed … Then I realized the bags must have been over the top of her. I went over to her and took the bags off of her. The smoke was irritating this elderly lady’s lungs. She was beginning to cough more as the seconds went by. I lightly nudged her, to get her to wake up, leaving her here could kill her. The smoke just continued to get thicker as the air flow brought it this way. At this point, both of us were going to suffer from smoke inhalation, if we do not move fast!

It started off as a low rumble, then the surface below started to shake. Poking my head out around the corner of the brick wall, I could see nothing clearly, visibility was poor. Not even thirty seconds, I found the cause of the noise and shaking. An army tank was coming down the street. Any cars that were in the way were pushed, moved and crushed by the tank! Troops were walking on both sides of the street with their guns in their hands. Only in the movies or documentaries have I seen scenes like this! This was kind of impressive though at the same time scary. Both the tank and troops went by me as if I were not there. Roughly two telephone poles down I could hear gunfire. It was coming from the top floor windows of the buildings on both sides of the street. Whoever it was, the soldiers were the targets. The troops that were behind the tank started to run to their comrades to support then and gain control of the situation. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw an object being thrown out of the window and hitting a group of military persons, setting them on fire. From behind me, I heard someone say in an aggressive tone asking me who’s side am I on … are you a patriot?

The officer was pointing his gun at me! My gut reaction took over me! I have never had a liking for guns, especially in the hands of stupid people. I matched his tone of voice and pointed at the elderly lady and said she needed a hospital. He pushed me into the bags of garbage and said if I am not a patriot, then I am nothing. He pointed his gun at me while I was sitting in the bag of garbage as if he was going to shoot me. I told this trigger happy fool to go ahead and shoot a harmless and disarmed woman! That is a very patriotic action. The soldier’s attention was shifted to all the screaming out on the street. He shifted his body and bolted to the road. I muttered a lot of profound words under my breath.

I heard in a soft tone, “well, he was not a polite gentleman.” The elderly lady was sitting beside me. I asked if she could walk and she nodded her head yes. I told her that we had to get out of this location before anything else happened. We went out the other end of the alleyway to avoid the explosions that as going off. I directed the lady in the same direction as the wind. As we were leaving, troops were running into the line of fire. Even behind us, there were round of ammunition being shot everywhere. A Soldier was running directly towards me.

Snap of a finger, he was on the ground! I could not believe my eyes or even comprehend what is going on. I bent down to see if I could assist the person. I was about to offer assistance when I heard, this is not protocol! The same collector from the car was standing there, looking down at me. I was starting to feel a bit of rage building up in me. The hand that was on the ground to support my crouched position started to feel wet. Dropping my attention from the death collector to my hand that was beside the body. Blood from the body was pouring out at a fast rate. Being that I am no doctor, I can only make a hypothesis! But I knew this person was not going to make it. The amount of blood loss was too significant. I looked at the collector than back to the body, lying on the pavement. A grey mist started to float from the body, then the soul of the female soldier was standing in front of me. ‘Have I died?’ was the first thing she asked me. I nodded my head, yes. That is when she started to curse down the rebels. The collector and the female spirit begun to walk away, and then they disappeared from my sight. I was so preoccupied that I had not noticed that the elderly lady had disappeared and had left me. It was not really a surprise to see the fire arising and how it had to spread so fast.

Snap of a finger and again the scene changed! I was floating over the Earth. The world was spinning faster than average. Everything around me was black, no light at all, just the world below me. Blinking my eyes for just a second and the world turned into a flat surface. How to describe what I am seeing! Well, imagine that you are in space! Okay now take Earth and flatten it out! Can you see the clouds still moving? Great you are still with me! Awesome! So that you do not have to look down, move what you see upwards, just like hanging a picture frame. Nicely done! Go ahead and touch it! Hmmm … nothing happened! Okay try it again but this time, picture yourself being able to reach the location you live at! You should be able to zoom in and out, rotate it if you want to! I hope you do not suffer from motion sickness, this kind of messes with your eyes!

This is what was on my map … I saw smoke floating up and a lot of it. Not just one location, it was sporadically coming from all areas like Canada, Africa, Australia, just all over. I do not think there was one place that was not subjected to some amount of smoke. Zooming in … what was on fire, were the trees, homes and dry grass! I am not sure how the currents of the water are to move, but it looked as though the water was going on to and covering different locations, land wise. Then in a couple of places, I saw what seemed to me as Earth falling into the water. Swirls of clouds formed! I saw tornadoes, hurricanes and water spout rising and falling everywhere. They were big ones, small ones, and some that were in between. At one point, there were several tornadoes and hurricanes at once. This was intense! I mean we hear about these events all the time! Nature is the one thing we as humans can not battle. Only prepare ourselves for the possibilities of something that could happen.

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