“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” – Brainyquote.com

I saw a lady’s body lying dead in a ditch with a small stream of water. Her top blouse had so much blood on it, the original colour did not show. Her breast was fully exposed with one arm covering her black, swollen face. As her other arm placed in a position that told me, whoever disposed of her body, did it without care. The woman’s legs were covered with blood, mud, and I think leaches or wet leaves. The whole time I was observing this crime scene, not one car drove by, the location was not that active. I am going to say this is on the outer edge of a community. The land around appeared to be vacant, maybe at one time it might have been a farm, with the height of the grass, nothing has happened here for a very long time.

There was the lady looking at her dead body. There was no expression crossed her face. She was like a deer in the car headlights, kind of expression. The lady showed me what happened to her next, there was a someone on a bike riding by, they had stopped, noticed the body and made a call and said they found a dead body in a ditch blah blah blah! Cops were the first to arrive, then the ambulance. She showed me how they just threw her body into the black bag and into the back of the ambulance. As if she was a slab of meat, just like her attacker did to her. This was the first sign of emotion that I received from her. Tears of anger rolled down her face, followed by a lot of cursing.

This lady told me it was to be a dinner date, with a classmate from her school. He was to pick her up around six in the afternoon on a Friday. He drove them to the city, he suggested a restaurant that he liked. From there they went to the bar. Had a couple of drinks, danced, met up with a couple of his friends. The time was unknown, but she was starting to feel ill and said she was going to call a cab and go home. Her date had convinced her to have one more drink before getting into the cab. After the drink, she called her cab. She never got into the cab that she had called, everything when black from that point on.

She recalled that at the bar, her date was a little frisky. He was not the only one that seemed to have hands on. This not being the first time being at a bar, she had learned to push their hands away with a stern no! The only ones that did not stop were her date and his friends.

The lady had watched her parents, in the morning calling the cops. They informed the officers of everything that they knew. She was to be going on a date with the chief officer’s son. They had received a message from their daughter around nine that night saying that they were going to the bar. They were going to meet up with a couple of school friends and have a couple of drinks. That she would be home late and there was no need to worry. Over and over again, she tried to tell her parents where to find her body, but her parents could not hear her, she pleads. It would take a week later that the biker would discover her body, not even ten minutes from her farm home.

The lady told me that she was just shy of her 20th birthday. She might not have made many plans for her future. She always believed that she would inherit the family farm and raise her own family there. She will not rest until whoever did this to her, pays for the crime and the pain that was inflicted on her family.

Now she wonders from the crime scene to the family farm, in disbelieve that her attacker or attackers have gotten away with this. She screamed at me that her youth had been stripped from her, she can not rest until justice is met! I did not need her to tell me who she thought did this to her.

Revenge is an ugly thing to carry with you, but in this case, her haunting these people seem fitting. She had the energy to move items around and cause a lot of grief. Now the guy has children of his own and carries a badge that states he will uphold the law and enforce justice. This only feeds her temper! I would typically try to convince her to move on, watch over your loved ones and let this go, but this time I can not do that!

What if this had been me? What would I do? I know what I would do … I would haunt his ass until the day he dyes. In jail or not, I would make the rest of his very long life unbearable. And I sure as hell would not allow him to commit suicide! I gave the lady one bit of advice, something I knew to be true, despite the passionate feelings that are felt … she is not doing herself any justice holding onto revenge. Do I think she will just watch over her family, let go of her thoughts of revenge … highly unlikely! Someone could say the same to me, I will hear the words they speak, but there is no way with my temperament could I let go! If there is any hope at all in this universe, science will catch up and nail this bastards ass to the wall. I told the lady that she broke down and was wailing and screaming! Once she calmed down, she asked me if I would tell her story? If me telling her story helps bring her peace, I would do it!

The scene changed

The location was very dark! There had been a pentacle scratched into the soil, the top point facing South! Stones had been used to make the circle, though the rocks had poorly been placed. I witnessed two bodies being placed in the middle of the pentacle. A man and woman, I would take a guess and say both were in their late forties possible early fifties. Both individuals were wearing wedding bands on their fingers, my theory is, they were husband and wife. The markings on their faces tell me they were not willing participants of this gathering. At this location, there were three cars. Six males and one female gathered around the pentacle circle, words had been chanted. I can not remember word for word, but I did catch the word, dishonest members.

Gasoline was poured over the two bodies. The woman started to moan, rocking her head back and forth. Before she was able to fully come to full consciousness, a zippo was lite and tossed into the middle with the bodies. This ignited a flame that reached at least ten feet high. There was a bit of screaming from the woman and then silence! Once the flames were maybe two feet, the seven individuals left the location.

The man and woman that had been set on fire told me in spirit that they had tried to leave their cult. They found out that the only way to leave them was through death. The reason for their wanting to go, the leader’s behaviour had become more cynical. First, it started with the introduction of drugs … majority of the cult partook in the drug use. Then, the leader and his henchmen asked for more money donations, which then a sum of money was a mandatory monthly lump sum! They had started to make blood offering, which went past what they had first gotten themselves into. When the couple joined the group, it was only orgies, understanding of the darkness and exceptions of all living and non-living creatures. They would not stand for the sacrifice of what started off as stray cats and dogs. It escalated to goats and more. When they stopped the donations and going to the gatherings, they started to get threats. They brushed it off and kept going on with their lives. Forgetting the past was not going to happen, they were told to pay up, or they will pay with their lives. This is when they started to look for a new place to move to and started to pack their belongings. The cult kept to their threat, just as they found a new place to move into. A group of men came storming through the doors. Attacked the wife first then went after the husband.

The scene changed

I found myself standing at the peak of a cliff. There was a large body of water that I was glaring at. To each side of me and behind a massive open field of grassland, wildflowers and a sapling of some kind, here and there. The temperature was just perfect, not hot nor cold. Monitoring my surroundings very accurately, a faint whisper, in my ear, I caught the words ‘the wind will blow, the water will explode, the fire will ignite as the land shacks below. Many people will perish you have been warned!’ The atmosphere held the same feeling like the dream I had before, where there was the cabin and rock.
I swear it is them again, just modified location. Taking a temper tantrum will not resolve the matters, it will only add to the predicament. I would say that I am not without blame, there were many times that I did not use the brain that my parents gave me at conception. I try hard all the time to not be reckless and contribute back to what I have taken, but our lifestyle sometimes makes it hard. This could be just an excuse that is heard over and over, but for many, this is our lives. We do not know any other way, the government sets the stage, corporations throw out the bait, and we get hooked line and sinker all the time. We have become so numb and robotic that we do not know how to think for ourselves. And those that do try to live outside of the norm, they will be threatened or scrutinized for their life choices. For many of us, it is not a matter of not caring, we need a way to move out of the norm and into a life that we can live without corporations and governments saying, codes, this rule, blah blah blah! For a lot of us, fear is another motivator for us to walk in a straight line. Do as you are told or else!

So I tell you, show me the path, and I will make a road. But if you walk the path of hatred and revenge … you are no better then those that cause this dilemma … be the solution not apart of the problem! Not a sheep nor a leader, standing on the outside of all of this calamity, I am a spectator of hell! When it comes to this entity, that is trying to get my attention, they have it. If they have an idea, if I like it, I will take it past an idea and make it a reality. But if they are wanting something done, they will have to work with me! Or they will stand alone!
There was a light tap on my shoulder, I nearly jumped out of my skin. Along with poor behaviour, I avoid being touched. I turned around to see a sapling at my feet. There was nothing but the green grass flowing back and forth. ‘You are very opinionated for someone so young!’ Was what I heard. To myself, I was thinking, ‘you forgot stubborn.’ After that very thought, I heard ‘that too!’ I spun around a couple of times to see where this voice was coming from. There was still nothing that I could see. If I could not see with my eyes, I had to use my other senses to discover the location of this voice. I found what I was looking for, I got down on my hands and knees to be level with the sapling at my feet. It might seem strange to you, but I have always been the kind of person that likes to look someone in the eyes while chatting to them. Since this was out of the ordinary, it just felt right to get down on my knees so that I could look at the tree directly and not down at it. There is just something about looking down at someone that bothers me. I would not want someone to talk down to me, so why would I do that to anything else, I guess it is a Zita thing!

Regardless if this entity knew my name, I still introduced myself, it is a manner thing. I have never heard this voice before, and have yet to pick up on its intentions towards me. So I will be well-bred until the true colours are revealed. In return, I received the same gratitude. It was amazing to watch this little sapling grow at a rapid rate into a tree of life. By the time the tree stopped growing, it was roughly nine feet tall. The tree glowed, several different colours, swirling around is several directions. I have to confess this was the first time that I had ever seen anything like this. I was in aww! I must have had a ridiculous expression on my face with my jaw down, eye wide open, and for the first time, it felt like I was really seeing things. Everything that I thought, I knew felt like it was going to be put to the test and challenged. What I believed, who I am, and how I respond! They were going to be tested, and once I thought things could no longer go further, that too would be tested as well.

The swirling, glowing coloured light departed from the tree. It was like a blob of white light, combined in a mixture of different colours, with the colours continuously in flight. This mass moved from the tree to the edge of the cliff. Following the mass to the edge, I stopped beside it. Picking up on a great deal of sorrow mixed with frustration. I wanted to ask so many questions, yet my mind went blank. So here we stood together on top of this cliff, both of us gazing out, memorized by the movement of the water. The silence that was between us really was not quiet. My mind swirled with mixed emotions. I have learned not to trust and ask as many questions as needed. If my mind was not settled, all I had to do was listen to my gut. Yet the other side of me felt comfortable and safe. I had the feeling this energy wanted to say something. Finally, I told it to ask me what it was that was on her mind, beating around the bush was not a thing of mine, forward and honesty was my kind of thing!

‘What can you do that we have not already tried?’ I gazed at the water, searching for an answer to the question that was asked. The list of what I can not do would be a lot shorter than the list of what I can do! I will not harm myself, that is something I will not do! I will not lie to anyone to benefit myself! I will not turn a blinds eye to anything if I am capable of helping out. That is my list of what I will not do. So what is your agenda? I am not a fortune-teller! What is it that you need? What course of action is it that you have planned out that is achievable and realistic? The ultimate goal!

There was no plan! The majority have given up on everything, they did not see any other reason but destruction! I kind of started to laugh, lousy timing I know, it was just a natural reaction for me. I get it! Truly I do! But why waste your energy and time with killing, when humans are oh so good at doing that themselves. It just seems to me that now the entities and humans have the same final goal, the destruction of Earth. I guess this is something we can all relate to. I also pointed out to this energy, that when I was fifteen, I envisioned hurling a comet toward Earth. Not big enough to obliterate Earth, big enough to change things as humans know it though. If I had to be truly honest, my dislike for humans is extreme. But I will also acknowledge that there are some genuinely good people in the Earth realm.
For this reason, it is why I assist when I can. There is a saying ‘you can not judge everyone just because there are a couple of bad apples.’ Now I could not say for sure if there is actually a massive rock with a collision course with Earth, if there is, well then … this would be the time to rethink about how we are living our lives and what is it that we really need to survive. I ask one more time ‘what is it that you need? You would not be here if you wanted destruction! You would not waste your time on someone like me if you wanted nothing!’

The colour movement changed just a wee bit. Instead of smooth and steady, things started to move a notch faster. Compassion would be the first word I would say, the second emotion a start to a possible new story. ‘You are willful, defiant, and a born rebel. Of all the humans we have tried to reach, you by far are the toughest! The energy that you placed around yourself is next to impossible to get passed. I am not here to find a solution to a problem but to warn you of those that mean you harm. That comet that you saw as a child carries the souls of several million obstacles. If humans are unable to see what is going on. If they chose not to listen to the words that are being spoken, the signs that are revealed. They will be one of the billions that will die. Not by my hands, but the others.’

I only wanted one question to be answered, ‘what about the balance?’ Even though I had a feeling of what the answer will be, yet I wanted to hear it from this energy. I was informed that if the others get their wishes, the balance will be utterly ruined. They will have full leadership and to destroy them, will be very difficult. That is why they spend a lot of time trying to locate the origional fell to Earth many billion years past. There was dead silent for some time. I envisioned a hampster on a wheel, running full speed in this ancient mind. With the balance already dangling by few threads. That is when this energy asked me if I had known where the original fallen reside? I told the energy, ‘If I had cared, which I do not, I could find them! Revealing their location not only puts them in danger, but they are also hiding for their own personal reasons.’
I have a list of thing that I despise, In no particular order … Zeragill, Bayair, being touched unexpectedly, surprises and poor behaviours. I guess it was all to notice the change in my mood. The countless years of being the target boiled my blood. The timeless question of ‘why me?’ Lingered in the back of my mind. Which had been answered, this energy told me it was because I was a threat to everyone. My spiritual energy had not only made me next to impossible to touch but could slow down or even stop the plans of the Fastrial and Bayair. It, not just me, others like myself, are filled with an abundance of information and skills. The humans are politicians, healers, fighters and leaders of many different groups. If we do not conform to the Fastrial’s will, we go missing. That is what the others are trying to do with me. If at any time I choose to rebel, there is a good chance I will cause a lot of trouble.

This was when the energy told me that, she and her followers would be willing to give me refuge from the Zeragill and Bayair if I would be willing to listen and do as they ask. To remember the old ways and open up to the possibilities that are out there. To stop running and do what I have always been great at!

REALLY! I could not stop myself from laughing … what I am good at is running my mouth off and insulting ignorant people. Challenging the odds that are placed in front of me. When someone says that I can not do something, I do it because I can! And to give me refuge … stop running … but I am so good at this too! It appears to me that what I have been doing is working out great! Listening, learning, that is something I would not mind … though I have to warn this energy, I am a problematic individual to teach!

The energy informed me that they were sending someone that has walked in my path before. That I was to listen to them first before being judgemental. I do love to laugh … for them to say that to me, me judgemental … NEVER … okay, maybe a wee bit! The individual that they are sending my way can tell their story and how they started their own new journey. That they use their religious views as a foundation to stand on, but the ideas and concept can still be useful to me. Ah! Okay now that makes sense why I would be called judgemental, religion and me is a no go. For others, perfectly fine! I just do not see how I would need to worship something that is to be more powerful and all knowing to protect me. When I have been doing everything on my own and doing a damn good job. If it is the insight that they want me to listen to … okay, I will listen!

Nothing comes without a price or consequence regardless of the situation being positive or negative. Rolling in my mind, I started to play the ‘what if’ game and think of all of the possible scenarios that could happen. Now, what is the price … what are the consequences? It will be the difference between how many individuals will live and die. To get a better feeling for everything, I will have to evaluate my situation. Science, religion and money … will mean nothing when the Bayair definitely strikes. Humans will not be given any assistance, not after everything that has gone on, we are on our own! I contemplated what to say in response to what this energy told me, ‘sure I will listen … then I will figure out what I will do next. For the offer of refuge, no thanks!’

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