“I refuse to become what you call normal” -Paranormal Quotes

Opening my eye, someone was sitting in the chair near my bed reading a book. Focusing my eyes, I knew rate away, it was not Peter nor Crystal. I knew their vibe, this was someone different. I know for a fact that my family would not come, I could be dead, and they still would not know. I shifted my body so that the individual would know I was aware of their presence. She asked me if I had been sleeping well. I recognize that voice, it was Vera, Dr. I replied “yes” and enquired to why she was here. Of all the things that she could be doing, being at the hospital in my room, that would not be on the top to do list if it were me. I brought the bed up so that I was in the sitting position and could listen to what Vera had to say. Sensing that she was having issues starting off what she had on her mind. So I told her to be frank, I prefer people to be honest yet polite when they are speaking to me. That is when Vera said ‘she had no idea how to bring the topic up. That out of all her years, she has never come across an individual like me. The surveillance camera caught an event that she could not explain and is still having issues understanding what was going on. Without using any personal information, due to the patient/ doctor confidentiality clause, she went to a friend and told her what she saw on the video’. With only a mental idea of what happened, I had asked her what really did happen?

On the video, it had shown that I left the office, clear like mist was following me. At one point, I had stopped walking, and it looked like I was talking to myself. The camera caught the mist moving down the hallway and disappearing. That was not the problem, it was the fact that soon after that, it appeared as if my body is violently pushed forwards. In a manner that it could not have been my doing. When the video was slowed down by the security guard, that is when the observers noticed a black shadow moving along the floor, attacked me, then going up into the ceiling. The motion was so fast that they had to watch it several times over again just to understand and see what is going on. It was like watching a YouTube video about paranormal events caught on camera that you had to inquire whether it was real or not. If Vera had not known that this was a real event, she probably would have summed it up to just outstanding effects. Even now, Vera still was shocked at what she had seen. It was fast as lightning, the mass was there, and then the mass was gone. Vera repeated over and over again that she could not believe that it had happened for real. That the whole event had been so mind-boggling that she had gone to a friend for advice on what had happened. I had listened to her ramble on for a minute or two. What I really wanted to say was, can I watch the video of my body being pushed forwards, I have never seen it happen in a different perspective. Which could have been a wrong question to ask Vera. Considering the position, I am in with her rate now. So I allowed her to talk some more.

I heard a lot of blah blah this and blah blah that when Vera was talking about her friend. And then I caught ‘she is a practising Wiccan who goes to Church.’ At one time Vera’s Friend was a licenced talking therapist. Now Vera had my attention. Many things I have come across in my journeys, but I had never met a Christian that is a witch. In my mind that was like saying someone was an atheist but goes to church on Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving because the parents say so. Or I am a vegetarian but only eat meat on special occasions. This was a serious WTF moment! This blew my mind away, I had a couple of questions that I needed to be answered. But I would have to put these questions on the back burner, Vera was still talking. I do not want to be rude and interrupt her at the moment. We have all at one point came across someone that starts to get overzealous or passionate about something. I am sure that even I have done this too. But I was in a hospital, and Vera was starting to get a little loud like I am sure the nurses out in the hallway could hear her perfectly. By the time I had to ask her to tone it down, Vera was pacing back and forth, and she was speaking with her arms and hands going about. It would have been hilarious if I had not been in the hospital. I had to remind Vera that people come here because they are unwell and need rest. That she had to calm herself or I was sure someone was going to ask her to leave. Vera, of course, did calm down and sat back in the chair. I had to let out a little chuck, it was amusing to me. She wanted to know what it was that I found amusing. I told Vera that she remained me of Peter when he starts to talk, and he gets a little over passionate. Vera did admit out loud that it does seem to happen from time to time. That is when she asked me how I was doing.

A question that I keep on hearing a lot. I asked her if she really wanted to know. Vera told me that she would not have asked if she did not want to know. So I told her, what the doctor had to say about my blood work and that I am still drained. Though for the most part, I was going to be fine. That is when she asked me if she should go. I said no, I brought my legs over the edge of the bed and said to her that I wanted to go for a smoke and she could be my babysitter so security does not go looking for me. Of course, Vera was concerned about me smoking and my apparent blood work issues. I told her the only way I would stop smoking, the day I die is the day I quit. There are several other things that I could be doing, this is the least of my concerns. She did not bother on the topic again, when I told the nurse of what I was going to do, one did try to speak, I would have known what she said if I stood there long enough to listen, but I did not. I asked Vera if she knew how to get out of this maze, that I had forgotten once again. She laughed and told me she knew the way around here. She told me how once her grandfather was here and she would walk around pushing him in a wheelchair. That is how she became familiar with the area. I asked her if her grandfather was doing well now. She told me that he had died just before her twenty-second birthday. I asked her if she still remembers what he looked like? Of course, she said yes. That is when I told her that he will always be with her in her heart.

In the beginning, we did not say much outside. I listened to the vehicles rushing by and the chatter of other people. That is when Vera asked me if I would meet her? I was kind of thrown off and confused, meet who? Vera wanted me to meet her friend that she had been talking about. I thought about her request to meet her friend and then recalled my dream. I round the idea around my mind for a second, A friend of hers who is an ex-talking therapist. I asked her what the difference from her friend and Dr. Reed is? It was Vera turn to laugh, the difference was big time! Vera friend dealt a lot with individuals like myself. It actually was one of the reasons Vera is doing what she is doing. There is help out there for individuals like myself, but far and in between. Not only does she help out the person or family get through their problems, but Vera’s friend also gives them a list of contacts to get at home assistance if the issues are at home. She used to, at times, do at home visits. This was her way of assisting the patients better. Dr. Reed is a great doctor for those that have mental issues when it comes to a situation like this, he will not be able to deal with anything. He could listen to the stories, that would be the extent of his assistance. Where Vera’s friend would be able to do a great deal more in helping me.

Why not! It is not like I am taking a trip anytime soon. I could be the one case Vera’s friend has never had before! Something that is out of this universe. I thought about the dream I had before waking up! I did not tell Vera about the dream, I am just going to let things play out and see where this leads me. Plus also I had to know how one could be a Christian and a Wiccan at the same time, this was like an oxymoron. Vera seemed to be pleased with my reply. And said that she will bring her by the institution tomorrow at visitors hours. That is when I had to inform Vera that I would not be able to leave until my blood test was in the positive. That is when she asked me if it would be alright to bring her here tomorrow at some point in time. I shrugged my shoulders and said why not, I think if I had tried to leave they would send the army after me. That being Peter and Crystal. That is when I asked Vera how long has she been working on her abilities as a clairsentience? At first, she presumed that I had made the assumption she was a practising witch. And I had to correct her, it was a vibe that I pick up when others around me have a gift of some sort. She told me that her gift is something that happens, and her friend is showing her how to use it to help others.

I said fair enough, and Vera wanted to know if I was a practising Wiccan. I laughed as I grabbed another smoke out of my pack. I told her I believe in no god or goddess anything like that. I do what I do just because I can! Likewise, Vera said, ‘fair enough to me.’ That is when I asked Vera when I was going to get my release papers from the institution? Vera told me that as far as the doctor and nurses are concerned, I have shown no willingness to partake in their programs and see me as a danger to myself. I will not get the papers that quickly. I thought about what she said just for a split second. I looked her in the eyes, and I told her that I will not partake in the programs. And keeping me there for an extended duration, others will start to get hurt. Vera enquired to know further information. I had to consider how much information I wanted to give. I had the WTF attitude when speaking, Vera will others believe me now or later. At least I can say I did warn her.

I mentioned the video and how she reacted. I presumed I would get most of the attacks. Welcome to my life, I am kind of used to it now. But other patients, they will not, and it will be just as vicious. Vera asked me how they will be attacked.

Attacked? The same old same old … from dreams to physical abuse! It is an open buffet for them. The grounds are open, and the patients are like chickens in a coop, cannot go anywhere! If the institution were smart, they would not let me back in. The black mass that she saw on the video will leave … I hardly dought that will happen, just being realistic. I could understand her questionnaires. Vera just did not know nor should she know what they are. Hell, I wish I did not know or have to look over my shoulders all the time. I have to worry when they were going to come after me. I only know one thing! They find me fast! They once told me I was a ball of energy, and no matter how hard I try, they will always find me. I think Vera could sense I was about to shut down from all of her questions she was asking. In truth, Vera was right, I find this to be way too personal of a conversation. It is a burden that I carry and try to keep many out!

With a half-ass grin, I told Vera it was for her own protection that we stop talking about this. I lit the smoke that was in my hand. At this point in time, I felt like I was a disk with critical information. In the wrong hands, I am deadly. So I have to hide and keep on moving. I hated feeling like this. Millions of people are around, and I am all alone. I fight a battle that no one sees. It is my energy they want. They do not care if I am dead or alive. These parasites wish to control me. They know by nature, humans are social creatures. We have this need to relate to others. I believe that they think, by keeping me away from other humans, I have become fragile.

On the contrary! I am not weak … I have found a way that suits me. It may look like I am not apart of the system if you watch closely you will see what I do. This is what I do to be a humanitarian.

The black mass on the video … what I wanted to tell Vera, is it was not a demon or Poltergeist. It was one of the parasites! Vera would need to forget everything that she has ever been told or read in books about supernatural beings. This goes further than anything that is written in books or on the internet.

I just had one request that had to be followed. Vera promised me that she would follow my instructions. She had to wash her clothing, all articles that she had on, once she got home. While her clothing was washing, she has to have a bath afterwards. I am not positive on how it works, the parasites can follow my extra energy. When someone is around me for a long period of time, my energy goes onto them. With Vera having abilities, there is a higher chance that my energy and hers has rubbed off on each other. I stressed the importance of doing so several times until I felt like she took me seriously.

Vera wanted to know if I wanted to continue to talk about my issues? I tried to tell her more about all of them. I wanted to tell her that they were older than the earth … where the parasites come from … How they are all related … The wounds on my arm … Everything! This information is something you really only talk to another gifted individual! This battle that is going on is so very tiring. This is what I wanted to say, but did not!

I could feel red hot tears swelling in my eyes, so much anger and frustration flowed through my body. Rolling down my face, I wiped the wetness off my cheeks. You will never understand what I have lived through and nor do you want to walk in my shoes. Anyone like myself though, we know what the parasite can do and how they can make every one lives unbearable. In death, we are still not safe! They will try to swallow everything about us, our mind body soul, they want to own it. I had to ask Vera, do I seem depressed? For that question, she was bang on! She mentioned how I am one angry person that seems to hate everything rate now. Caught in a battle that throws me in all different directions. Everything about me is like a washboard with a lot of things that need to be cleaned. There is no path for me. A lot of dodging, doing what I want yet I do nothing at all. This is why she wanted me to speak to her friend. If there were anyone that could get me on a path, it would be her. Vera made a comment that she thought that I could be caring, outgoing, why am I so angry? Heading back to the main entrance, I had to laugh and reminded her what she saw in the video, me kissing the floor. How long do you think an average person can deal with such attacks before they get tired of it all.

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