“Dreams are not what you see in sleep, it is the things which doesnt’t let you sleep.” – A.P.J Abdul Kalam

In between stage one to REM, I found myself in a location that had lots of evergreen trees. I could not tell you what species of trees just that there were many evergreen trees. There was a log cabin, just a regular type cabin nothing special to me about it. Except the foundation was off the ground, I would guess maybe a foot or so. Over the top of the door, there was suspicious writing that was carved into the wood. This writing did not look like anything that I had seen before, maybe it was a long lost language or something made up.

From the point of where I was standing, a pathway was starting to form. First, the path went to the cabin, then behind me. It began to go further into the woods or forest, whatever you wanted to call this place. I followed my intuition, I chose to walk in the direction that leads into the trees. Surprisingly I felt peaceful, I could hear birds singing, animals jabbering there was nothing to present the sense of concern. It was actually a delightful stroll! Maybe five or ten minutes of following this pathway, I could see a large stone in the middle of a clearing. Nearing this section, the atmosphere of calmness turned to uncertainty. I would say ten feet from this stone, and it felt like I wandered through a bubble, everything switched! The space was attractive to the eyesight, but the eyes were deceiving. No longer could I hear the birds nor the chattering of the small creatures. It was absolute silence. The feeling if not belonging was influential. I stood there, staring at the stone. There was something about this stone that disturbed me. If I spread my arms out, it was a wee bit wider then that. Lengthwise, I would say seven feet. How did this stone get here? Why was there a path going from the cabin to the stone?

Somehow both the cabin and the stone are connected! How? I did not understand yet! The radios around the stone were clean. If I took the section around the stone that was cleared and divided its circumference, I am sure that it would equal 3.14, a perfect circle! Walking close to the edge of the stone. I felt so uneasy being here! It is funny … any other animal would go away from the feeling of danger. Humans … we have yet to learn to walk away! I stopped proceeding forwards when the feeling of dread overcame my whole body. As much as I wanted to know why there is a stone in the middle of this location. I did not like this place one bit at all. My gut instinct told me if I insisted on staying here, to proceed with caution, but to stay away from the stone. Something inside of me told me that grave things have happened there, why? … I think I do not want to know! As I study the surroundings, this large structure was shown to me. The first thing that popped into my mind was a hobbit home but made out of stones.

There were these green vines, dangling down over the entrance. One step to the entrance and the vines moved to the side. I think that was a way to say ‘yes you are welcomed to enter!’ I had a feeling that as much as I was trying to figure things out, something was trying to figure me out! I could not believe my eyes! Here I was expecting to see a table, chairs or even stairs after walking through the entrance. By far from that, it was a cave that the vines where covering. I have to say of all the dreams that I have had … all the places that I have visited … this one I could not put the puzzle together, I was so slow at figuring things out. What was this cave doing here? Why did the stone and cabin, joined together by a path? Nothing was adding up!

Was this a trap I was walking into? And these mixed emotions that I was picking up! I like to believe that I am a rational person, able to use logic to figure things out. One side of my brain is saying ‘proceed with caution and be ready to run,’ the other side said ‘go in, fill your curiosity!’ Do I forget our primal instinct and die because of my need to know? The odds are 50-50 … At least I knew this was a message that was being told to me, so death was not going to be the end result. Further, into the cave, I go!

The cave at the beginning, it was really dark! It was the light behind me that allowed me to at least see what was around me. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed. Here I was kind of expecting something to scare the ba-jeb-ous out of me. Instead, I get an average cave that is the size of a two to four man tent, no kidding there, width and height and all! The only type of entertainment that I got out of this adventure was the strange writing on the cave walls. This time there was a lot more of it carved on the walls. With this writing, there were three figures.

One that appeared to me to be of an alien, much taller than the other two figures. The next of a native man and woman. What is the relationship here, I do not know. I believe that the writing would have explained the pictures. Out of nowhere, I could start to hear screaming. I am telling you I saw no one. This is not a type of scream of ‘Hey you what do you think you are doing, that’s my purse.’ No this was the type of scream as if someone is going through a great deal of pain. The hairs on my arms stood up, my heart started to beat rapidly. I had prepared myself for something to come and kill me. A blood-curdling scream, I did not prepare myself for that! With mourning and crying, I am telling you I ran out of that cave like a fat woman running after a Snickers bar!

Out of the cave, the first bloody thing I saw was that damn stone again, this time with a dead body on it! Blood was dripping from the body, down the sides of the stone to the ground. How long was I in the cave for? Now it is night time. In the night time sky the star’s and moon moving rapidly. The body that I first saw on the stone when I came out, now was gone. It was night than day, the season change just as fast. Summer, fall, winter and spring. Over and over this kept on going. If you have issues with motion sickness, this is something you would not be able to handle! When I thought things could not get any more disturbing, the tree root started to move towards this stone.

There was another body on the rock again! The roots of the plant life began to move over the body and penetrating the corpse, appearing to me to be drinking the blood from the body. When the plant life was completed doing whatever it was that they were doing, they moved back to their original position, healthier than beforehand. I have never felt so sick in my whole entire life! I blinked, and the figure was off the stone. Once again the seasons, stars and moon changed rapidly, so fast I thought I was going to be sick. I closed my eyes so I would not suffer from motion sickness. When I felt like it was fine to open my eyes again, there was a figure on the stone. Same as before, this time I could hear screaming all around me. Since no words were being spoken to me, I have to let this story play itself out before I can remotely comprehend what is being shown. Two more times, the same event was shown to me before it all stopped. I got the feeling it stopped at the present date. I waited a couple of seconds until I felt a little genital nudge towards the stone. I looked behind me, and it was the vines that were moving me forwards. I had to take a double take of what was going on, veins nudging me. So what did I do … I did not move! Come on the vine did not say please! That is when the vine wrapped around me and carried me on over! Well, I guess that showed me who the boss! A sad day for me when I lose to a vine!

The vine moved across the top surface of the stone. That unidentifiable writing, the vines somehow translated it for me to understand it. I could see the original text, but underneath it, the English version translates to ‘give back what is given.’ I wondered if this is what was written over the door. I knew already that what was in the cave, it had said something completely different. Shadows became present to me. Just in front of me, six all together! This was when the vein freed me from its grasp. I was not sure what the shadows figures were saying, a language that I was not aware of. Maybe it was a native tongue or possible a dead language. I had to focus on the energy that was coming off of them to get an idea of what was going on. When I closed my eyes, I could feel the roots moving below me, the wind whispering words in my ear, the stories of the time that the trees had to tell.

The shadow figures felt like a parent talking to their child, teaching them the things that they needed to know and the importance of the lesson. With their hands, they were digging into the soil and dropping a seed, finishing off with covering the hole with the soil that had been moved. They pointed to the carcass of a dead animal. That is what they writing meant, give back what you take. A life for life! Kill life, plant a seed to give life! Makes sense to me! This is a good rule to have actually, this way they will still be plenty for the next generation. Something that we nowadays do not do. This is where our greed has overtaken everything. Generations before us had values and are now forgotten! I continued to observe, I felt like a child that was desiring more knowledge and eager to learn.

A tree started to grow, in a way that it had its own aura. I closed my eyes again so that I could really understand what the tree was trying to say. It was not words that I could hear but visions of what was and what is. There was plenty of land for all. The children of the earth learned to listen and respect the land and ways. This kept the balance and allowed plenty for the many generations to come. Selfishness, resentment and revenge started to fill their hearts. Slowly what was honoured became forgotten. Generation after generation less was given back

to what was taken. This overwhelming feeling of sadness, hopelessness and great anger came at me from all directions. I heard whispers of taking back what was theirs. If we chose not to do what they said. Though I totally understand what they were talking about, give back what you take. I have also learned from history, that in the end, revenge does not help anyone, both sides suffer, no one wins.

Betrayal! Unappreciated! Used! Forgotten! Those words danced around in my mind. The blanket of sadness covering me, I felt so helpless, not knowing what to say or do. Tears of despair roll down my face! Personally, I understood what they were feeling, for a very long time I have lost faith in humanity! The conflict that was swirling around this location was unbelievably strong. Half of it wanted revenge for the mistreatment, the other half wait and hope things will change. For me, hope is an empty word, you hope for the future. Reality is, you can only work with what you have at hand and set goals for the future. But if you hope that something will happen, I say you are delusional and setting yourself up for failure. So my understanding of this situation is this, revenge will not solve the problem and hoping for a better outcome will get you nowhere as well. You have to lead by example and gather followers to walk in your path. Only in this way will you find success. As I see it, do not be apart of the problem but a part of the solution.

I would never presume to know what the full extent of the situation is. What I do know is that threw the generations of time we have forgotten many aspects of life and our morality. Hatred has replaced respect and understanding. We have forgotten compassion and placed it with greed and self-ego. Moderation has been replaced with materialistic items and gluttony. Yes, I would wholeheartedly agree that things do need to change, but mass genocide will not help, it will result in site fear, war and possible martial law. There is a need to solve the problem. Death to many if not all, what is the alternate outcome that they would like to see? How can I assist in the change? Things were so quiet, I could hear the crickets rubbing their hind legs together. One of my weakness is the sound of crickets, it was so soothing that I found myself falling into a full slumber.

Dreams can occur during any stage of sleep. Dreams do vary in length from. Most of the time, a dream is roughly twenty to thirty minutes. Many people will have anywhere between three to seven dreams each night. I am one of the individuals that believe that dreams give insight into hidden desires and outside messages. This is a great way to problem solve, remembering childhood memories, and like I said before to communicate with entities or loved ones. Some believe that dreams can tell the possible outcome of the future. This is possible, I guess. I wake up to a growling tummy! It was my luck that there was a tray of food waiting for me. It was a simple meal! Chicken noodle soup with crackers, a cup of mixed fruit and milk. After I finished eating, I still felt exhausted, not in the sense of physical exhaustion but more as mentally exhausted. I knew for a fact that I did sleep! It just did not feel like I did. At times it is hard to explain to someone, even though I do sleep X amount of hours, I am still exhausted. This is how I felt at this very moment, if you walk in my shoes, you understand completely what I am talking about.

I knew that if I was going to have Peter or Crystal visit that it would be later on in the evening. I needed to take this opportunity with being in the hospital, to gain more rest. Finishing the meal, I emptied my bladder, and I went straight to sleep.


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