John Green ― “You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.”

I had woken up to a hand on my ankle. It was a nurse that was trying to get my attention. I do not know how long I had been asleep but when I opened up my eyes my tray had been gone and there was a nurse. That was informing me that she was asked to take more blood samples. You know I always thought that vampires were fictional characters, made to give a scare and thrill us. But now I am starting to think that they are real, we just have given them the wrong name, they are called nurses. They like to disrupt your sleep by stabbing you in the arm and pulling out your blood. Victims are people like myself stuck in this hospital and we are all too willing to stick on her arm and say ‘yes ma’am please take my blood!’ She had taken two small tubes of blood and was on her merry old way. I am assuming that she had a smile on her face as she left. Thinking ‘muhahahaha more blood for the master!’

Peter was walking in, the aroma of coffee filled the surrounding area. One cup of coffee in his hands. For my health, Peter made sure that I had a decaf coffee. At least it still had the regular ingredients, two milk two sugar. I place the bed in the sitting position. That is when Peter brought the chair up to the bed and started asking questions. Like how was my night?, how was I feeling?, you know the basic questions that a good friend asks. I told Peter about how good the hot cereal is here. And I did not think it would be an issue staying here if the food remained this good.

Peter pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. As he was doing so, he told me that his grandfather was going to allow him to speak for the last part of the gathering. And he wanted to run by me what he had planned on saying. A way of getting my opinion and so on! For some, this might have been a situation of ‘oh man do I really have to.’ Not me, I like to hear what others have to say. Plus Peter already knows that what I have to say is not for me but for him. He has always run his thoughts by me. Probably because I am truthful and respectful at the same time.

I listened from the beginning to the end. His speech was like a robot! The lack of energy and emotion was a huge problem for me. It was like he was reading someone else’s words and not his. I tried to bring a little humour into everything that I was relaying to Peter. If he was aiming to put everyone to sleep, he might succeed. I asked Peter if he remembered being in Mr. Gulls science class? The material that he would teach was informative, how Mr. Gull introduced the teaching was a bore. Monotone had more feelings and energy than Mr. Gull. Peter kind of chuckled and knew what I was getting at. Peter told me that he was having issues with this week’s teaching. I told him to fold the paper and tell me what is wrong, there was something on his mind that was blocking his way to perform an excellent speech. What Peter had to tell was big news, Crystal might be pregnant again. I bolted up straight and screeched “really!” Peter and Crystal have been trying to have a baby now for over five years. Two times she had lost the baby at four months. I promised Peter that I would not tell Crystal a thing nor anyone else. With their issues of having a baby, anything could happen. I made my choice not to have children, but hearing of the possibility that Peter might be a dad is great news. I sat there for a second wondering how he could take this possible happy news and use that energy towards his sermon. I looked at Peter, and I said no one has to know why you are in a good mood. If someone should ask you why just say because the sun is shining. Use the energy behind this news. Bring this energy to life and do not think of the worst scenario until it has happened. I asked Peter to read his sermon to me once more. I shut my eyes so that I could really feel Peter’s words reach my soul. This way, I could feel the emotion behind the words. The passion of what he is trying to teach. It was so good that I did not even notice a knock on the door nor did I hear the door open when I opened up my eyes there was the doctor from yesterday Dr. Aidmos standing there.

Dr. Aidmos made a comment on Peter’s speech and how much he liked it. You know the small chit-chat. Peter informed me that he had to go and if anything changes to give him a call. I told him that I would do so and to have a good day. It was a small visit, but it was long enough for being at the hospital. The door closed and Dr. Aidmos brought his attention to me. He informed me that my blood test showed that my white blood cells were still low. For now, he did not want me to leave the hospital until the white blood cells had gone up. So he was going to continue to keep me here for observation. He also told me that in twelve hours from the time I had the last blood test, a nurse will be in again to take more blood to see if the results change. Also, Dr. Aidmos had sent a request form out about the masses they found. Information for a specialist was going to be mailed to my place, once a specialist was found to take me on as a patient. I did not ask any questions just said: “okay, yep and sure.” I really did not have much to say. I wanted to work on the now and not what is to come. As the Buddhist say ‘Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment..’


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