Everything around me was blurred out, I was slowly heading into the second stage of sleep! I was sitting at a table in this room by myself and a teddy bear with me, just colouring pages of a book and drawing on the paper that was around me. I believe I was about seven years of age. Along the side of the page was plenty of trees, while on the other half was sand. In the center of the page, there were doors with curved arches. Pathways that led to these doors. There were eight doors altogether. Each of then I put a door nob and keyhole where you usually find on a regular door. Finally, I placed me in the picture holding keys in one hand and a box in the other. For a child, this was a great drawing. It was well explained by a little child, I could hear myself as a little girl. ‘Eight doors that go to different places. Everyone has a different path that leads them to one of these doors. When someone comes here, they know which door they need to go to.’ The small version of myself was holding the keys so that I could open the doors for them. The box that I was holding, that was hope!

My eyes shot open, why did I remember that picture so clearly? I totally remember drawing that picture when I was a child. This location was a re-occurring dream of mine. Of all the things I had to dig up from the past, why did it have to be this moment in time?

They say that you remember things threw your dreams. Things that had happened that you do not remember ever doing. I have heard that it only takes five minutes to have, yet it feels like an hour or more had gone by. If that is true, then in one night we could have roughly 96 dreams. For a few that do remember their dreams how many of them do they remember? I can say for myself I remember at least one dream on average. Then there are nights like this, that I wake up several times to a vision and will remember it. The ones that are funny or amusing. I do not mind, it is the one that I wake up to a cold sweat that I wish would not happen. Some of them are caused by a wild imagination, then there is the other side of the coin. Visitors that have not moved on after their death will come and tell me their messages. For the most part, they will not repeat. A lot of the time I write it down at a journal. Most of the journals I still have locked up in a storage unit. The other way I deal with visitors is drawing the main point of the dream.

I have lost count of how many journals I have that are full of stories of things I have dreamed of. I think I have saved at least fifty of these journals, there could be more. The ones I did not keep, I ripped up and disposed of! I actually have not a clue to how many pictures I have held on to.

I lied there for a bit, the need for a smoke was strong. I got out of bed and opened the door, I saw a nurse talking to another nurse. I disrupted their conversation to let them know I was going for a smoke and not to send security after me. One of the nurses said I should not be smoking, to begin with. I looked her in the eyes and smiled if I had wanted to know her opinion I would have given her a penny for a thought. Since I did not, I told her that “others should keep their personal thoughts to themselves.” And I walked away!

I felt like I was a rat lost in a maze, I got lost several times trying to find the front door of this place. This floor … that floor, going right … going left. If I had just remembered the way when Peter and I went for a smoke together, this would have been so much easier. I was blessed with many gifts, a sense of direction was not one of the gifts I was blessed with. Thankfully I saw someone that helped me get out of this maze. He told me he got lost the first time he came here too. And if I saw his Lilly, could I tell her that he loved her very much, she was the best 45 years of his life, but he had to go. He could hear his mother calling him, And he very much wanted to see her again. Just before he disappeared I asked for his name, I heard Frank. So I asked Frank that if he saw my mom, could he tell her that I miss her and love her very much. I saw him nod his head yes and disappeared. I think he knew, there was little chance that I would come across and meet his Lilly, just like he would meet up with my mom. It was a nice thought though our message could be passed along.

It was still kind of dark out when I got to the smokers location, where we the smokers were allowed to have a cigarette. The sun was just starting to rise for the day when I saw two girls walk by talking. I normally would not have noticed nor cared about their presents if it was not for one of them making a comment about me smoking with a hospital patient outfit. It is excellent that there are fewer smokers, maybe one in five people smoke now. Fewer teenagers are picking up this dirty habit. This is most likely due to the case that we are banned from smoking at bars, restaurants, pretty much all public places. The younger generation is not seeing it as much, there are supports to help individuals quit smoking. In the end it the individuals to make the decision for themselves on whether they will smoke or not. Smokers have been given designated locations to go, our right of choice has been in tacked. So with that being said, one thank you for your observation, that I should not be out here smoking, especially since I am visiting the hospital for health issues. And good for you for knowing this choice is not suitable for me. I think we all know smoking cigarettes is unsanitary. Two the difference in our generation may seem small sometimes, and age should not matter, in many cases it does. I have been smoking more than half my life, hell I think you were still soup in your mama’s belly when I picked up my first cigarette. So keep your opinions to yourself and let the adult make their own decisions. Three the time between our generation there is a little thing called respect and common sense, lost in the sands of time, so let me say what your parents have not. “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all!”

The sound of birds filled my ears, I always wondered what they were singing about. Or what they were saying to each other. It was enjoyable to hear them in the morning. Unlike the cars driving by, vehicles are so noisy. Birds were graceful and appealing to the eyes. Cars, well they are four wheels that run off of fuel, nothing fantastic about that. Unless you are talking to Mr. MacGregor. Who viewed cars as a pet. Each one he had, he had a name for it. Mainly female names, not sure why, to be honest, I do not think I want to know. I guess we all have something we love and dislike, it is just the way we are.

I looked around before I lit another smoke. Peter’s offer drifted into my mind. Helping them pay off their mortgage was a good idea. The thought of not having to move, that was appealing! From one rat hole to another, which felt like every six months. I have never valued a lot of unnecessary possessions, moving had been so easy with little to move around! Protecting just an apartment was, at times, rough. How much work would it take to protect a plot of land? If I slip, the nightmare would not only be mine but theirs as well, would that be worth it?

I have always believed that whatever religion you are … Christian, Buddhist, Muslim it does not matter! Faith to them, it is something a human needs to comfort their fears. Only children need the comfort of a mother’s breast and a teddy bear. You can hold onto a cross, even your bible, they will only laugh at you. Materials that only mean something to us. Symbols do not matter to them. Once again, it is only something to comfort a human’s worried mind.

Who are the entities?
Zeragill: Christian angels and demons, surprise they are in the same groups? Zeragill enjoys playing good cop and bad cop, in the end, they are on the same side working on the same page. This group has caused me more grief than any other group.

Fastriel: I know they are extremely ancient. I have seen them here and there, but there is no communication with them. To be honest, I just know they are around.

Akkadian: Just like the Fastriel, I know little about this group. The feeling I get is that they are more organized like a military. Somehow they are closely related to the Fastriel.

Bayair: I hate them the most, they attack me mainly from my dreams.

I have nicknamed the Zeragill and Bayair the Parasites. Like a parasite, once they have a target in site, they try to leach on and stay there. Slowly sucking the life out of you. I have yet to come across one of their groups that do not have some kind of hatred towards the humans, for the most part, they view us humans as nothing but food! Only for the Bayair’s, they hate everything that is not in their regime. Not always are humans their targets, they will attack other entities as well.

What do they all look like? Some appear translucent, or a solid black blob. Some times they have animal-like eyes, roots covering their bodies with a slight grayish brown skin tone. Then some times they are similar to us humans body shape wise, the eyes, mouth and teeth that is what makes them different from us.

On occasions, it is a vibe that I feel in my bones, that tells me one of them is nearby. It is like standing on the streets, and you feel like someone is watching you, that is the kind of vibe I get. When I search my surroundings, sometimes I will spot them and other times not! When they talk to me, I learned to question and not trust a thing that comes out of their mouths.

I get the impression that all these entities, they view us humans as having poor performance and that we are jittery. Like a child that has no direction or proper up raising. They view humans to be indecisive, destructive and disrespectful to others and the world we live in. Time may have moved forward, but we have not. We are not evolving but devolving. Always calling defeat when things are hard. Yet we have not even pushed past our abilities or fail to meet our capacity as living organisms. We do not appreciate what we have been given and take for granted everything we have. Pretty much each group wants to monopolize everything on Earth for their own purpose, and at the current moment, it seems that the Zeragill’s have the control.

As I had said before the Zeragill’s have caused me a great deal of more trouble. For a very long time, I have been one of their main targets of torment. There is the oh so famous, moving objects, making sounds like growling, and if they have the ability causing physical harm! The harder I fight them, the more of them that seem to come. I have a theory to why, but no concrete evidence! The Zeragill’s want energy, they want me to give my all to them without any questions!
I remember one time, I would say ten years back, I had the flu, and the crazy Bayair queen got to me through my dreams. Showing me images that make Hitler look like a saint. There was a list of things they were going to do to have full control over all realms. They first showed me how they would take control of every existing plain. This is something that they have been working at for centuries. Generation after generation they have been sending loyalist to selected locations throughout the realms. There, they started to reproduce, the females were expected to have many children. Then the children were expected to work in the military, government positions, and law enforcement. For here on Earth, they love to whisper in the ears of politicians, leaders of all kind. Planting the seeds that help their cause. The more support they have from the middle person, the better for the Bayair’s. In the already stable Bayair colonies, they are trying to control the supplies that go in and out, this is what they call their second phase. Population, infiltration, last thing to do is conquer all locations.

Now I am the target of both groups, Zeragill’s and the Bayair, this is very exhausting! How do they defeat someone like myself? Just use your imagination, it is not that hard to imagine. With all the violence that goes on in the world, this is not much out of the ordinary. The only difference is for someone like myself, there is no law to protect me. There are very few that will believe me. And the facts are, there is little to nothing you can do to help me. Honestly, not many people can handle what I go through. They are organized and methodical. As a singular entity, they are not that strong, but where they lack in strength, they have in numbers. When they make a physical attack, it is like a group of piranhas. They will swarm around, trapping the victim or victims in a circle. Like a leopard, they love to stalk their prey before they go for the kill. Wave after wave they just keep on coming. And Just like the Tsavo man-eaters, they prefer to hunt during the night, so that they are not seen until it is too late. The only difference is, this is not an 1898 horror scene, and no human can stop them. Sometimes they will send one of the groups to test my boundaries. By doing this, they have a better idea of when to go for the kill. I firmly believe they find great pleasure in tormenting their victim; first, this is like their placebo. It reminds me of a child trying to impress their parents by showing off their abilities and what they are capable of achieving. I just want them to leave me alone and let me live out the rest of my prison sentence if they do not, one of these days I am going to snap, and I have no idea what I will do!

I took my last inhale of my smoke and went inside. It had taken less time to get back to the room. Everyone seemed to be busy running around getting their morning routine task completed. I lied back down on the bed and tried to relax. No matter how much I tried to, I just could not seem to find my zen. The thought of the creatures lingered in my mind. Animal-like eyes! You can tell so much about someone by looking them in the eye. No different than a dog to human and these entities. Tiny pointed teeth! Whether it is natural or not, their teeth look like several small shape knives in one mouth. Some of them presented themselves only with the cartridge or outline of the bone structure.

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