There was a rap at the door, I turned my head to see who it was. Standing there in the doorway was a female nurse, inform me that I had to go for lunch. It was not an invitation it was mandatory for everyone to be there. This blonde headed chick was scowling at me as if I was an inconvenience to her. She had to be five foot six, nothing but a twig for a dog to chew on. And the light around her was red. RED! Red to me was an indicator of anger. I could care less if she was anger or annoyance not my problem if she is having a bad day, do not frown down at me and talk to me as if I were a child. She started to tap her feet and crossed her arms and said to me hurry up that she does not have all day. This nurse and I, Oh, I can tell that we were going to get along very well! At this time, she will be forever named nurse B! Deliberately, I moved my body off the bed oh so slowly. Of course just to annoy the nurse B, even more, I knew she does not have all day … this might be a problem … I do have all day! I dragged my feet over the shiny white tiles, not letting my eyes waver away from nurse B. Her expression was what I gave back. Once we exited the bedroom, she walked in front of me. Her footsteps echoed off the walls down the hallway. All we needed was a few more people to walk behind me, and this could be a proper jail walk, and Nurse B could be our drill sargent. Entering the cafeteria, there were four chairs per table, ten tables in a row and there were six columns. The tables reminded me of the round tables that you would see at a park, the ones where the chess board is apart of the table. You only have to bring the chest pieces. You know the ones where the chairs are attached to the table post! The tables and chairs that if you sit too long your back hurts a lot. Yeah! Those are the tables I am talking about! That is what your hard earning tax paying money has given these people. Well, I guess I should not complain. The more uncomfortable we are, the faster we will do what everyone is wanting and move on. This institution is not a place to have a vacation! To my right, there were four large windows, the kind of windows you would find at a high school lunchroom. Just replace the teachers with on staff security. Way-way in the back of this large room is where everyone is lined up to get their lunch. Oh and wait for it! You will not believe this … I know the suspense is killing you. The floors are plain shine white tiles, the walls are glossy white, fancy that! The line up was along the wall where the windows were, so I am waiting there with the others. I listened to the individuals tell the lady what they wanted on their tray. From what I could hear we had a choose from chicken patty or salisbury steak, mashed potatoes or mixed vegetables, a slice of bread or small bun, plus an apple or orange and for a beverage decaf coffee, tea or milk. While I am listening to what we have for options, all I can hear out of the mouth of an ungrateful girl is well I do not like this and that. I really wanted to break the news to this girl that this is not a place where you are going to get grandma’s cooking! And as my mother would say, “there are hundreds and thousands of hungry people in Africa that would love to eat what is in front of you!” Seriously it drives me batty at how ungrateful people can be. This organization is run by the government … the taxpayer’s money is what helps this place stay open! So you can get the help that you want and need. This is not a restaurant; it is a hospital. Oh and the next thing that has gotten under my skin, the lack of manners! Where are they? You are to be an adult, not a toddler! What happened to may I and thank you? This is what I hear … give me, and I want! PARDEN me but does this lady look like your servant? I think not! What is wrong with people? After standing in line trying not to lose my mind, it was my turn. “What can I get you, my dear?” I was like “May I, please have a chicken patty with mash potatoes … no gravy please … with a small bun, as well I would like an orange and coffee please and thank you!” I replied to the lovely lady. The lady gave me my request and guess what, I got a bigger scoop of mashed potatoes! Oh yeah! I got myself more potatoes! Ah and here is the coolest thing ever my food was on a tray that had food dividers. This is great for those that can not stand their food touching other food. I really should tell Peter about this so he can tell his sister who is so uptight about everything. Then that is when I realized I had only been given a white plastic spoon. A spoon to cut my food into pieces. This is kinda funny actually when you think about it! A plastic spoon is all that you are given, out of fear that a plastic spoon may cut you and a plastic fork will stab you. Thanking the lady once again, I took my tray, and I found a spot over in the far distance that no one is sitting at. The noise here reminded me of being back at high school all over again. Here in the cafeteria, there was a lot of talking and laughing. You can not really understand what anyone is saying. There to me is just way too much commotion. I positioned myself so that the wall was to my back, the entrance was to my right side. And I had a full view of everyone. At the door there was to guards, at the wall where I was sitting there was two more guards, along with with the window another two guards, and than the two nurses that moved around throughout the room. A lady over along the window side table started to cry, where another girl started to comfort her by hugging her. Rate on cue nurse B was there to stop the ladies from embracing. You ask why, well here a simple hug to comfort someone is not permitted. You know, and I know that this situation is harmless, to the employees though it is not a safe act of kindness, and is not allowed. Jc The second nurse was over talking to the girl that had been crying. Glancing back and forth at the people’s facial expression showed how they felt. The energy was starting to build even more so, red energy, that is what I perceived as things began to heat up. Now both ladies were starting to become aggravated by Nurse B’s behaviour towards them. Once the second nurse helped calm the lady that had been crying. She brought her attention to Nurse B, whatever she had said, this only made Nurse B more irate. There appeared to me that among the red the was around Nurse B there were black dots. I wonder if Nurse B is heading into or on her rag? I do not know, this I do know, as fast at things started the show was over, and everyone went back to their meals. I would assume that some even started back up on the conversation that they had before this whole scene started. I, on the other hand, decided that I was going to eat in silence, with my plastic spoon! I remember that I had been pretty much finished my lunch. I was just sipping on the worst coffee I have ever had, I mean worse than burnt coffee from Tim Hortons. The residue on my throat will probably last until I brush my teeth. I was observing everyone in the room. Some had left while others stayed to keep their conversation going. The primary energy in the room was grey, though some did have sparks of different colours like pink, green, orange, but most of all a lot of purple. Purple is a great colour to have, it usually means healing and cleansing. Then it happened … something I so wanted to avoid. Someone came up to the table I was at holding her tray. I guess she neglected to receive the memo. I had purposely occupied the corner away from everyone so that no one would notice me. It looks as if though I will not get what I want this time. She had presented herself as Annikki, but I could call her Ann, that everyone that knows her does so. She had wide, shimmering crystal blue eyes. Strawberry blonde hair that was pulled up into a messy bun. She was tall. I would say about 5 foot 6 athletic figure. Ann’s aura was white a sign of purity, truth and spiritual. Possible a new soul to this realm. Just reading her, I could tell that Ann’s dominant behaviour was very devoted and humane. It was not this, that maked me remember her. In ten minutes of Ann talking, I found out that her favourite type of music was the blues. Ann loved to get into the ring and have matches in boxing. Ann was Baptist and attends church every Sunday. Ann was the only child in the family as well she was raised by workaholics that like to travel to many places with her. Ann had a profound fear of bats, she had an influential dislike for deep water due to a boating accident that happened when she was eight years old. Ann lived in a detached home in a middle-class neighbourhood with her at the time boyfriend of two years, he had left her for her best friend. Ann has no children of her own, though she would not mind having one or two. And Ann has a snake, black and brown python. Oh, and she is thirty-three years old born in Helsinki Finland and migrated to Canada when she was three. And now she is a lab assistant which she has had the job for six years. All in ten minutes this is what spouted out of Ann’s mouth. I do not even think she took a breathe and if she did, I did not see it. I was not rude while she was talking. Though I would have to admit there were many times I had zoned her out. I could see her lips moving, but my brain had shut down any acknowledgement of words coming out of her mouth. I kept eye contact at all times. I had a pleasant smile to show friendliness. And when she would glance away from time to time, I would take a sip of my coffee hoping she would shut up so I could walk away. After she had given her tongue a break, she looked at me as if I was about to share my life story with her. I cleared my throat, and I said nice to meet you, but I really should get this tray back so it could be cleaned. Getting up with my tray to take it over to the proper designated area I then walked to my sleeping quarters. In my lifetime I have known many individuals some long-term some short-term. But I do not think I have ever met anybody that could tell me their life story in ten minutes. This is why Ann is someone I will not forget. I believe that is an all-time new record. After lunchtime I had lied down, I do not know precisely how long I had slept. One thing was for sure, I did not feel well rested. I actually felt more exhausted, than when I woke up this morning. The same situation as lunchtime was a repeat for dinner except the food selection was different. We had a choice between meat lasagna or veggie lasagna. Carrot and celery sticks were available as well the choose from a slice of bread or a roll. We could pick Apple juice or orange juice as a beverage. And just like before I sat in the far corner away from the 100+ people in this room. The only thing that was different. I spent little time observing the location. More on eating and getting out of the cafeteria. Just as I was exiting the dining room, a nurse that I had not seen asked me if I was Zita, and my friend Peter was here with some of my belongings. I was led to a private room where there was Peter a security guard and the nurse that brought me here. One article at a time was pulled out of the bag. Three different outfits, hairbrush, shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste and pads. All I wanted was the basic needs for my stay here. And Peter also gave me enough smokes to last until the weekend. That is when he had time to come and visit me. Before he left, I thanked him for helping me out and to take care of himself along with Crystal. The whole scene took maybe twenty to thirty minutes. But for me, it felt longer. My head was starting to pound, and my vision was starting to become blurry. I grabbed my belongings and plaster them back into the bag that Peter had brought them in and started to go back to my shared accommodations. I put my stuff under the bed, except for a pair of pants and a sweater. I needed a shower, this just might help with an upcoming headache that was brewing. I was about twelve when I started getting these dreadful headaches that would leave me bed sometimes bound for days. I was diagnosed with status migraines as at a young age. A few times I had been hospitalized due to dehydration from vomiting. As an adult, I know the first sign to one of these attacks is my vision. If I can make it in time, I can control the severity of the attacks. I drank some water from the bathroom sink, had my shower. Then I informed one of the nurses that I had a nasty headache, and I planned on sleeping it off. I did not get questioned or told that I needed to stay with the rest of the patients. I was allowed to go back to bed without any further questions. It did not take long for me to fall asleep. When I woke up, the other three ladies were in bed dead asleep, and all the lights were off except the hallway lights. The door had been left all the way open, not sure why but it was. I looked out the window to see if I could look at the stars. That was not going to happen this night. It was cloud cover. In the far distance, I could see lighting up the clouds. It took a bit, but I could tell that the movement of the clouds indicated that the storm was heading this way. A good sign for the spring flowers not so right temperature wise. It will be damp and chilly when morning when it gets here. I closed my eyes, getting ready to go back to sleep. I positioned my back to the door so that the light would not keep me up. I could hear footsteps in the hallway. They were soft and quiet. So quiet that you could almost not hear them, but I could. They took a couple of steps to stop, take a couple of steps and stop. This repeated several times until the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stood up. The footsteps stopped finally at the door entrance to the room I was in. Maybe five seconds past before I heard the steps continue down the hallway. And just as I was about to fall asleep again. I heard footsteps in the hallway again. The pace was much faster, quiet but faster. When I heard the steps stop at the door entrance this time I looked. There stood a nurse once she realizes I was awake she whispered for me to go back to sleep. It was not harsh or anything like that. It was motherly like tone with love and kindness in her voice. I closed my eyes, my curiosity had been answered. And I still wanted to get more sleep before we would have to wake up for good.

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